Published on September 16, 2019

Dodos Add-on

This add-on adds the dodos that can be tamed, painted and fought between players.

the dodos have space to store things but do not support the weight of the players

This addon was created by:

Alex587 and CopperLord

if you liked this complement go to our twitter to give us ideas about creatures that would be good in Minecraft


  • Dodos.mcaddon

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Podría arreglar el enlace de descarga y arreglar la textura del Dodo blanco, debería tener cabeza naranja
Tip: Don't make spawn egg crafting recipes. It will always be broken and instead give you a random spawn egg from any active addon. Instead you should make the recipe give you a block that when mined, drops the specific spawn egg.
Yo the download link don’t work
2x larger than chicken