Published on July 11, 2021 (Updated on May 13, 2022)

Don's Hardcore Mode

Hardcore with a twist. You can get more lives?

D.H.C is a unique take on the hardcore mode adding Heart Jars & Revive Jars that allow players to accumulate extra lives by looting dungeons hidden around the Minecraft world, Driving players towards an adventurous quest in search of immortality.

This add-on contains altered vanilla mechanics and four(4) new special items, allowing for new and unique experiences for all kinds of players.

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  • Fully rewritten codebase 
  • Added new internalization system
  • Added new multiplayer system 
  • Added new thirst system
  • Replaced scoreboard display with title UI


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Suggestion from me : There should be timer when someone down for 10 mins before became dead so someone could save the person and made the person became back again, to easier the game little bit, also what I meant with down is the person that should actually be dead became not dead but in mode of can't do anything either to wait someone to help the person back up again.
Also I'm sorry if my English is bad.
What version does this support? im using 1.18.10 and it seems to not work whatever i do. i hope this gets fixed
It works on the latest version, low end devices may struggle to properly initalize the pack though.
Its overall a great mod but i want to use it with other mods but it doesnt work since the other mod i am using requires experimental gameplay and active cheats to work. Pls fix this problem so the mod can be compatible with any other mods
Hardcore works with all addons that don't edit the player json
Great addon however there are a few issues, firstly, you cant drown and secondly, if you die, when respawning, you're not able to move, but besides that, its a great mod and adds a greater challenge to the game
Day counter on multiplayer is error. It is x2 x3
Notice how me and the image have alike names, it's like we were meant to be".
Great addon! Adds a little amount of realism to minecraft