Published on August 31, 2023


My take on the classic mods Lumberjack/Treecapitator & Veinminer, now with exciting new features. Effortlessly knock down entire trees using specialized axes or mine extensive ore veins with pickaxes. Streamline your gameplay by quickly shearing large quantities of leaves,  Activate effects by sneaking and using the appropriate tools. Designed for seamless compatibility with other mods, this add-on ensures smooth integration without altering player.json. Compatible with custom trees and axe tools for a versatile experience. Upgrade your game today with these advanced functionalities.


Supported Minecraft versions

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I think it is better if the hoe can replant the seed. However, I'm happy with this addons it's very convenient.
Hello, the concept really looks very interesting, I consider it the best in its category, however, it does not work in servers / realms, could you fix it?
My server has all the experiments and other addons. Thanks in advance for the prompt update
the Farming will be much easier thanks to this! (villager automatic farm is efficient)