Published on July 20, 2021 (Updated on April 26, 2022)


Tried of strip mining? The endless search for diamonds getting old? Well dreed no more with Don's Auto Miner! This addon adds 2 custom entities to assist you with all your block braking needs.



v 1.4.0

Auto-miner has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide a more optimized and less confusing experience.



The Auto-Miner is an autonomous robot assistant specializing in the removal and transportation of blocks.


  • Interacting with the machine will turn it on and off
  • Shift Interacting will change its rotation
  • To despawn the miner just punch it. It will also now drop all equipped items, aside from torches


You can upgrade it with different Ore Blocks

  • By default, the Miner is equipped with an Iron Drill Bit
  • By interacting with the Miner using a higher tear Ore Block the old one will be swapped back into your inventory

Iron Drill Bit default speed

Gold Drill Bit x0.5 speed

Diamond Drill Bit x1 speed

Netherite Drill Bit x2 speed


15 colors & a special rainbow skin!

  • You can now dye your Miners by using any color of dye and interacting with the machine.
  • You can also craft the default spawn egg with any color of dye to get the same result.


Multiple Pump Support!

  • You can now craft multiple pumps for transporting items back to your base
  • Pumps also now despawn by punching them
  • Miners will automatically target the nearest Pump when equipped with a hopper
  • Shift interacting with the Pump will recall all Auto-Miners
  • Pumps now include filter options to help sort the plethora of incoming blocks

Interact using

  • Blackstone, Deepslate, or Tuff to activate the Deepstone filter
  • Stone, Cobblestone, Granite, Diorite, or Andesite to activate the Stone filter
  • Clay or any color of Terracotta to activate the Clay filter
  • Dirt, Coarse Dirt, Or Rooted Dirt to activate the Dirt Filter
  • Gravel, Sand, or Red Sand to activate the Gravity Block Filter
  • Any type of Sandstone or Red Sandstone to activate the Sandstone Filter
  • Netherrack to Activate the Nether Filter
  • Any Refined ore (ingot) to activate the Riches Filter
  • Leave default to activate junk filter (This will catch any other item type)

Tick with a clock!

  • Interacting with a Miner using a Clock will turn it into a ticking-based entity like the player, This allows them to mine outside of the player's load distance

Disclaimer: Having multiple ticking miners may cause performance drops depending on your device


Titlebar UI!

  • New UI to display equipped items! "only appears within a 3 block radius of the Miner"

No more Bedrock!

  • Due to atmospheric pressure...or whatever, Miners no longer function once it hits bedrock.



Colored Auto-Miner (shapeless)

Rainbow Auto-Miner (shapeless)




That's all for now!

  • Thank you for all the downloads, support & appreciation for this addon
  • Join our discord to report bugs or vote on new features and other addons

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Select version for changelog:


Change log v 1.4.0

Fixed Auto-Miners vertical path finding

Fixed Blocks not teleporting to pumps when unloaded

Changed torch placment (Now places directly behind the Auto-miner)

Added Block filters to Auto-Pump

Removed holiday skin

Removed iron block interaction swap skin

Change log v 1.3.1

Added Auto Miner

New new movement system (no more contact conflicts)

New anti bedrock system (now works below -0)

New special Holliday skin

Added particles & sounds to recall feature

Added alert msg for recalling Miners

Updated alert msg for when Miners hit bedrock

Removed Marker

Added sub packs to toggle optional special skins


- Simplified item less interactive based control system

- Optimized animations

- Brand new codebase & added rendering system

- New cardinal based navigation system

- New crafting recipes

- Integrated light level sensor for placing torches

- Nerfed the speed of non-upgraded Auto-miners (-200%)

- Miner is now upgradable with ore blocks. (iron defspeed, gold x5speed, diamond x10speed,& netherite x15speed)

- Miner will no longer function below y level 5 (no more braking bedrock)

- Miner now drops added items (expect torches)

- Miner is now customizable with up to 16 different skins

- Miner is now a tick-based entity! no more need to follow it (activated with a clock)

- Miner now has a new dynamic UI display system to indicate it's equips

- Miners equipped with hoppers will now target the nearest pump (you can now place as many as you want)

- Pumps now despawn with a regular player attack

- Pumps now have the ability to recall all active Auto-Miners by shift-interacting with the entity

- Pumps now have smoother animations & state transitions

- Removed Auto-Wagon

- Removed Custom items


Download & install like any normal addon

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

I really do love this mod, but the only problem I really have with it is that it doesn't work with certain other types of mods with custom ore, but none the less this mod is great!
Incrível! Parabéns
Here to ask before downloading, does it work with others addon ores or nah?
HEROBRINE MC CRAFT May 01, 2022 at 9:14 pm
Nice mod BRO, help's me alot, especially when I'm finding diamonds in survival, very very nice mod
great add on but and idk if just my end but the ui that pops up is very large. Also any plans on making it require fuel?
Absolutely amazing addon. Great for addon heavy servers or realms. You should add an ability to give it a water bucket so it does not fall into lava, and will just go over it, turning it into obsidian. But fantastic addon
The miner isnot workin under - 0
That's been fixed in the recent version.
Very nice mod, can you guys add like a cart be hide it so player can sit on it and wont have to stand next to them
how can i increase the speed or i cant
Use Gold, Diamond or Netherite blocks to interact with the machine and upgrade its speed.
5 star for the addon version 1.3.1. It works flawlessly on 1.18.2. Mining diamond on y -54 never been this easier. I can also build stone factory by connecting pump, chest to furnace. no experimental setting needed.

Because of auto pump features, no block drops littered around, which mean lag free. Just beware of new cave. Those biomes are miner worst nightmare. Machine might fall off cliff or lava to the bedrock level and stopped working.
For whatever reason, when I turn it on, it doesn’t move and when i shift interact it doesn’t rotate. Is anybody else having these problems?
Really good mod, works, and vary easy to use, if u want a MPC miner, i recommend this mod, goes through lava, unless the group ant flat, and also goes through water
How do I update to the new version? I have the old one, but when I download only the old version appears in the game, I deleted the old version but when I install only the old one appears
a update for new world gen bedrock level is needed
yikes, I didn't even think of that. I'll upload an alternative version