Don's Better Mounts!

Have you ever felt like the vanilla horses are a bit lacking? Frustrated by their inability to swim, or perhaps unsatisfied with the lack of rare breeds? Well if so this addon is for you! 

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Added 8 Deer Variants

Added 4 Mythic Deer Variants

Added 4 Wild Cat Variants

Fixed Unicorns Not Spawning

Fixed Pegasus Not Flying



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Hello! Would it be possible to release a separate addon that just includes the dyable saddles? I love your addon and the dye feature, but I like to keep things simple and just have regular horses. Much love & take care. ♡
Your addon is incredible, it would be great if you update it to a more recent version, and as a suggestion, in the mythical deer, add a white one, in the cherry blossom antlers, Add a ram, I could also a war boar both, something mythical as a dwarven mount, keep up the good work
Please update to the latest version :) We don't have mods for the horses in version 1.19 Bedrock unfortunately yours looks like a lot of fun.
Hi!! I love this addon but since its not updated for 1.19, i cant use it.
I think you should add a few things though.

Maybe more color variants of horses? Or even breeds of horses? Like A clydesdale or friesian!
Just wondering when this will work for 1.19.50 My horses haven't worked since the update
Quick Question, Is One Pack Supposed To Be Updated And One Not?

could you make some kind of flying mount?
dude, this addon looks amazing, would you make an addon with more wolves too?
can you add more horses
Great addon! Do you think you could try adding ponies/draft horses or roans? 10/10 overall. That horse candy must be gourmet! 🤣
Oh wait it didn’t work. :( Welp, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
OH it doesn’t show up on the comment anymore:0 okay nevermind 😅
I LOVE this!! Needed a nice horse addon, thank you for your work!! :)
Does this addon work in 1.19? Really want to try this in my horse racing world
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?