Published on November 17, 2019 (Updated on December 28, 2020)

Savanna World Resort (Theme Park)

Hello everyone and welcome to Savanna World Resort. Where dreams become reality. This theme park is +2 year completed project and was awesome to build . Come along and explore this magnificent theme park. From an Enchanted Kingdom  to Central America. From Wild Africa to a Live-Action film. You will be immersed with this absolutely amazing park. 

These are the 5 amazing parks:

-Enchanted Kingdom


-Animal Quarter.

-London Studios

-Clown Land (We do not affiliate ourselves with this park, thank you)

This is Savanna World Resort

Want to go through space. Well Enchanted Kingdom is your place.

Want to explore the world. Come over to Earthpodium.

Never been to Africa but want to go. Come over to Animal Quarter.

Experience your deepest fears in The Nightmare Zone. London Studios is your place.

This theme park is massive and has finished its completion stage and waiting for more guests to explore. So come on down to Savanna World Resort.

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Stuck in the airport no planes only cliffs helpp
Ok you spawn in the airport and you have cars outside to get to the parks.
Hey the but don't explore it yet it ain't finished
you spent 11/2 years on this?! OML im sooo checking this out!!!!
Amazing map well done
Thanks have you checked out my YT channel yet