Published on November 24, 2021

[dp] Mining Simulator

Welcome to Dreampixel's mining simulator! this is a sequel to our previous minigame map called "Skygen". This map is similar to the other one, however this map adds even more content. this map features, over 14 different mining areas, 13 private smelters, a free build area and a parkour at spawn! theres also a couple hidden Easter eggs throughout the map as well. This map is designed to be played in multiplayer, however it can be played with just one player as well.

⚒️Mining Simulator⚒️


🏅Goal of the game🏅

This map is a sequel to our pervious minigame map called "Skygen". The goal of the game is to mine and upgrade your way to the top. this map is designed to be played in multiplayer, however it can also be played in solo.


🚧The mines🚧

This map features 14 different mines, you can use the materials here to upgrade your gear

✔️Private smelters✔️

There are 13 different private smelters, you can use these to smelt your ores.

🏠Free build area🏠

The perfect area to build your home!


❓Frequently asked Questions❓

The download dosent work....

If your download dosent work, be sure to turn off your popup blocker, as this can prevent the download from starting. If your download still dosent work, feel free to join us on discord and we can give you a direct download

Can i host this map as a server?

Of course! this map is designed to be played in multiplayer.


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This map was uploaded exclusively to mcpedl! any other website that has this map without my direct approval is in an act of plagiarism.



Once downloaded it should port directly to minecraft!


  • dlDPbMining_aSimulator.mcworld (7.45 MB)

Supported Minecraft versions

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Not bad map.Just a little boring.and the shop is too empty.There is only sell all option.
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There isn’t iron..
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