Dracomalum (Formerly known as Dm2Refurbished)

Once known as Dragon Mounts 2 Refurbished, Dracomalum is a Minecraft add-on that adds not only new entities, and structures, but also adds a story! From the Overworld where huge Skysailors soar, to the depths of the Nether where the Magma Dripper lurks, and to the high sky of the Aether where the Aether Dragon resides, your adventures will take you everywhere! So go on, befriend a dragon, and take to the skies!

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-added Ig, The Adamant Warlord

-added Blizzarion

-added Village Towers

-added Skyroot Stairs, Doors, Trapdoors

-added frozen variants of blocks

-added Ice Dragons

-added Ice Dragon Sword and Armor

-remodeled Magma Dripper

-revamped Magma Dripper animations

-heavily improved Magma Dripper AI

-revamped Magma Dripper volcano 

-revamped Magma Dripper player armor

-redid Nether Structure spawning

-remodeled Skysailor

-revamped Skysailor animations

-changed where Skysailors spawn

-revamped Skysailor player armor

-remodeled Minotaur

-revamped Minotaur animations

-revamped Minotaur AI

-Aether blocks asset update

-changed Skyroot leaves color from lime to gold

-improved Skyroot slab - now more like vanilla slabs

-tons of item asset changes

-removed Wither Dragon

-removed wandering untamed Skysailors

-changed Magma Dripper taming

-changed Skysailor taming

-tamed Magma Dripper can now use more attacks

-fixed Aether Portal not being able to be placed

-fixed tamed baby skysailors not being able to move

-fixed Fire Dragon nests not spawning

-fixed Dragons sliding


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Interesting Add-om, fun but still have a lot to explore; only issue I have is I can't craft the Aether Portal: I did follow the instructions but using 8 Glowstone Blocks and a Water Bucket in the center in the Crafting Table doesn't work; it also doesn't show up in the Crafting Table: anyone else with this issue? Anyone found a solution? Is it just Minecraft's recent 1.19.30 update that broke it? Looking for forward to a reply to solve this issue: keep up the great work!
This addon is the best dragon addon I've seen so far, but I do have one suggestion...
Please add a new dragon made of iron called the D-Machine, obviously you won't find it in the wild, you have to craft the
D-Machine's egg, the clockwork egg, after you craft it you can't just interact with it to make it hatch, you need to craft a clockwork key, then you can just interact with the egg with the key in your hand and it will hatch instantly, now you have a D-Machine MK1 it doesn't just grow like normal dragon, you have to feed it cogs, a new item made out of iron BLOCKS... There's a very good reason for that... The reason is because when the D-Machine grows to MK2 then it will unlock a new attack, Devour, dealing 30 HEARTS OF DAMAGE!!! And when it reaches its final form, MK3 then Devour will deal 50 HEARTS OF DAMAGE!!! Oh yeah and you have to feed it lots of cogs to grow and you also need iron blocks for the clockwork egg... Plz add this.
it crashes my game every time i load my world
I cant see skysailer, it's invisible
WOOOOOOO SO PHENOMENAL! I had never seen and tried such good bosses with such good models and designs, MAN YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. Now I'm going to help you improve it. When I kill a Skysailor it doesn't give me any eggs, the Egg spawner only spawns the red variant, I can't find a way to get the blue, black and yellow ones even in creative. BUT WHAT A FANTASTIC ADDON. Please put out a standalone addon that only adds the Skysailor armor, Skysailor dragons, Magma driper, minotaur, and piglim boss. Since the only thing that fascinated me about the addon, since the other content does not interest my community. You should also improve a little the animations of the Sky when walking and the Magma driper, since the magma dripper does not stop hitting the ground when it is standing and the Sky does not even let me sit it
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This mod was so good even before this update my favourite mod in all of mcpedl tho for some reason and idk if anyone else is have this problem but i have all the stuff dowloaded my air bubbles are permently on undery food bar and i cant even die by drowning myself in water, and it crashing when i add to many other mods or addons
I can't see any of the textures, so was there another file I was supposed to download? (I got the BlockGeoFixer and all of the experimental features are enabled)
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your modules to Netease My World?
GaveTheIdeasSuggester September 25, 2022 at 12:59 am
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This mod was so good even before this update my favourite mod in all of mcpedl
This addon is such a good dragon addon! Would rate higher if i could.
Looking forward to more amazing content from you, i have a suggestion.
Please add some kind of alternative to the aether. Whenever I load the aether up, my game crashes and I can't do anything. I really want to play this addon properly! Please consider
Make the magma dripper bigger
one of the best addons ever!
Pls fix this my game is crashing when im using this addon