Dragon Mounts Addon

If you loved my aether dragon addon, then you will love this one! Dragon Mounts adds 4 new dragons, 3 new armor, and 3 new swords! Now you can have more fun in Minecraft!

I have permission to use the fire dragon texture, made by NazzyDragon. Here is the link to the forum: Link

All the dragons in Dragon Mounts except the ghost dragon have their own custom armor, sword, and scale.To equip the armor, long press on the screen, or right click. You can also equip a saddle, chest, and horse armor on the dragons. All dragons have a hostile and tameable version. The tameable versions are not flying. All dragons drop scales.
Crafting Recipes:

The first dragon is the Aether Dragon, a fierce dragon that spawns in the mountains. It is powerful and fires balls of ice.

Health: 300

Attack: fires balls of ice

Tamable with: golden apple

The second mob is the fire dragon who spawns in mountains with aether dragons. As you guessed, the fire dragon breathes fireballs, and can be tamed with a blaze rod.

Health: 275

Attack: blasts burning balls of fire

tameable with: blaze rod

The third mob is the ender dragon. It spawns in the end, but make sure to tame the ones on the ground, not the big boss. 

Health: 200

Attack: breathes dragon fireballs

Tameable with: dragon egg

The fourth mob is the ghost dragon. The ghost dragon is probably my favorite mob in my addon. He glows in the dark and can be tamed with bones.

Health: 300

Attack: breathes explosive projectiles

Tamable with: bone

The first new mob is the water dragon. It is a very friendly dragon that only attacks monsters. UNLESS you punch it. So don’t PUNCH it. You can tame it with fish.

Health: 200

Attack: uses melee attacks

Tameable with: fish

The second new mob is the Lightning Dragon. The Lightning Dragon is one of the strongest dragons. With a large 900 health and breathing large balls of lightning.

Health: 900

Attack: breathes lightning

Tamable with: beacon

Undead mobs!

(none of these dragons have armor)

The skeleton dragon is a variant of the ghost dragon. BUT it looks cool nonetheless. It also spawns underground in large cave systems.

Health 300

Attack: breaths explosive projectiles

Tameable with: bone

The wither dragon spawns near the skeleton and ghost dragons BUT it is way rarer, and is much stronger. Sporting three heads, this beast has 1000 health. It also has an awesome boss bar.

Health: 1000

Attack: Breaths thunderous lightning

Tamable: with beacon

Zombie dragon!!! This dragon only has a tamable variant, because it is your dead dragon given another chance at life. 

Health 300

Attack: uses melee attacks

Tamable with: rotten flesh

New Fly Function!!! 

To use the fly function look up to fly up and look down to fly down. Its all in the addon now! 

I have permission from Dex and Dad to use there fly function. Thanks! 

Link to there video. I asked for permission in the comments


Changelog View more

Updated fly function!!!! Thanks Dex and Dad for letting me use it!! 

Added the undead mobs (zombie, wither, skeleton dragons) Also i updated the fly function now works

Added the new fly function that was requested!!! 

Hope you enjoy! 

Added the lightning dragon and the new water dragon, Added what not to do with my addon.

I want it on mcpedl plz. Plz,  I worked hard on this. 

Changed fire dragon texture and added permissions for the texture

Added that I have permission to use the fire dragon texture and that I made the models. 


Enable Experimental Gameplay


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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233 Responses

4.44 / 5 (126 votes)
  1. Guest-4182081182 says:

    how do you equip armor on windows ten/bedrock

  2. Guest-2265834920 says:

    Please add daylight dragon has 1,500 health, shoots poisonous fireballs and can be tamed with potion of harming.

  3. Guest-2778156007 says:

    Hello creator. Can I use this Addon in my videos? It would be great if you allowed me to use it to recommend on my youtube channel. You can visit my channel “ultimatecraft”. I will put your link in the description. I look forward to the response from you. Thank you

  4. Guest-6701335002 says:

    Please can you change the file to an mcaddon fille

  5. Guest-2983789870 says:

    How would you use the the aether dragons attack??

  6. Guest-8153104415 says:

    Great addon, can you add shenron from Dragon Ball, and make his spawn egg a dragon ball.
    PS: its only a suggestion. 🙂
    Great addon tho.

  7. Guest-8153104415 says:

    Great addon, can you add shenron from Dragon Ball, and make his spawn egg a dragon ball.
    PS: its only a suggestion. 🙂
    Great addon tho.

  8. Guest-2326821551 says:

    Please make the dragons have the models in
    Your mountains++ addon

  9. Guest-9459104489 says:

    When will you remodel the dragons?

  10. Guest-2014535962 says:

    I don’t really know how to extract the folder to Minecraft because when I download the mod it opens file explorer and then all it does is say all the things that are in the mod like the pictures and stuff then I don’t know what to do after that so pls tell me because everyone seems to know how to…

  11. User-5347299531 says:

    You dont even have to get a command block to fly they fly without a command block or experimental gameplay on

  12. User-8391863777 says:

    How do you tame a dragon

  13. User-6012457980 says:

    I LOVE IT. Just don’t know how to attack with dragon.

  14. User-5444080443 says:

    My dragons are not flying and I can’t get the scale dragon armors and swords

  15. User-5105677023 says:

    I can’t find the armor, scales, and weapons anymore

  16. User-5444080443 says:

    My dragons are not flying

  17. Justin says:

    LegitDragonboy can I have permission to all of your addons?

  18. CloudJumper says:

    Legit dragon i love the mod but can you fix the armor and swords because the durability is very low and the armor only changes your look and when i try attacking the non tamable wither dragon it crashes but i also have a few suggestions you should add baby dragons and eggs and add snow dragons and forest dragons and make it so they all use fish to tame and can you update the mountains++ mod anyways i love the mod hope you see this 🙂

  19. Stevan_Turtle says:

    Very good add on but the flying mechanics are really slow, please make it faster and smoother, and the ability to attack with certain types of power depending on dragon 🙂 overall nice add on

  20. someguy says:

    they move at a painfully snails pace when mounted and don’t move at all upon spawn. tch* tch* (◡︿◡✿)

  21. Anonymous says:

    This is pretty sick dude, Love it all the way, I would suggest to make the dragons fater thou, but if you dont, I’ll still love it

  22. Jack Watch says:

    Hey LegitDragonb0y, can i use your mod in my youtube video? I will mention you inside my video.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Não funciona a armadura

  24. Hugo Fang says:

    There’s no armor or solid

  25. Greg says:

    The new fly mechanic does not work for me

  26. Solomon says:

    Is this some kind of joke? The lightning dragon still crashes the game when it attacks and the tamable dragons do not move from their spot when spawned. This is in a brand new world world with no other mods loaded with experimental gameplay. I’m pretty sure the former issue was mentioned in these comments before. Do you not test your mods before you post them on MCPEDL? What were you thinking?

  27. Tiny Dragon says:

    the armor for us doesn’t work you cant put it on and the swords dont work. And the ghost dragon doesn’t work right. Sorry for being so critical I’m just telling you so you can fix it. But I really like the wither dragon how it has three heads and I use this addon with the other dragon addon on my dragon castle so I have more different kinds of dragons.

  28. rolandlee20 says:

    Dear Owner of this add-on I’m gonna use your add-on to make a modpack/add-on called Mega Craft. But I’m not sure I can create it

  29. Sse says:

    Great Addon! Though I have a suggestion. Please buff the Enderdragon dragon in this Addon so it has 300 health and please make it so that the dragons fly faster. There kind of slow when there flying.

  30. Xx_Darknite055 says:

    forgot to put my rate

  31. Xx_Darknite055 says:

    this doesnt work all the dragons do is sit in place and start wiggling i cant even tame them

  32. Amazong says:

    Ok wow this is an amazing update just wow amazing work yes I have been killed by a fire dragon a few times and when is swamp++ released

  33. Loboxy says:

    the complement is really good, mistakes I found

    the wither dragon gives error in the minecraft (closes)

    and sometimes dragons when they stand still start to move in an absurd way

  34. Fireball10326 says:

    how do u attack?

  35. Leo says:

    Legitdragonboy this comment is IMPORTANT, do not ignore. I have detected issues in 1.14 and I activated experimental gameplay

    1. The fire scales are called end scales and the fire armor is called “endarmor”
    2. Some item descriptions are not correct. For example, the fire sword is named: sword name. Also use underscores, they are “space” in coding, some other items like “waterarmor” is displayed like that, use underscores(_) in your coding to space the words out
    3. The armor works at one point, then they all don’t work. The function has issues. (They equip with health boost or its “food.” I’m eating it) I loaded my world with it, but I had to restart it for the armor to work, it’s annoying
    4. All swords have too low durability (you can hit/break something with them only like 3 times each)
    5. Lightning dragon, skeleton dragon, and wither dragon all crash my game when they shoot their projectile. I can spawn them and see them fine, but when they shoot, it crashes my iOS device.
    6. NERF THE DRAGONS , they are all super hard to kill.

    And btw do not make fun of
    other peoples addons/maps you monster! Deal with your own problems here. All these issues make YOUR addon bad, fix them!

    • LiamTheDiamondPlayer14 says:

      Cool love the new update like it👍🙂 Tha textures are so sick

    • fade says:

      well said, I’ve seen more than one occasion where this kid’s been toxic

    • Someone apparently smarter than you says:

      Ignore this comment if you will, Mr. Toxic, but this add-on is still in development and updates for Minecraft often break add-ons.
      I’m not saying there are no problems with this add-on, there are some things to improve.

      Critisism is always welcome, but not your personal problems like finding something annoying or thinking something is too hard to kill.
      And the last part, about making fun of people’s add-ons, SHUT UP.

      He is not making fun of RAFATAR32DA, that guy actually stole his model and coding for some of his own add-ons, he deserves to be called out.

  36. Caleb Is cool an you re to says:

    Plz make a an update wire you can have genders hatch from eggs make the ghost dragons start to work again forest dragon ice dragon sunlight dragon monlight dragon nether dragon plz add

  37. Joziel says:

    Como faz as armaduras de escama de dragrão?

  38. Ridho says:

    Why you not try this fuction /execute @p ~ ~ ~ effect @e[name=fly] levitation 1 2 false

  39. Joker897 says:

    How Can I use saddle in dragons ??

  40. Calebiscool says:

    Plz add genders and how do you install plz tell

  41. Calebiscool says:

    Plz add genders and how do you install

  42. HJ ender VN says:

    5 star

  43. Gaming Boss says:

    My friend cant see the new dragons in my world only the other ones.

  44. Gaming Boss says:

    Alot of undead dragons are spawning im starting to lag a bit……

  45. Gaming Boss says:

    The fly function dont work for the wither skeleton dragon and two of them have spawned

  46. Pop says:

    I cant get this addon to work!! Can someone please tell me why it wont work when I load into a world?

  47. Add differnt staged dragons says:

    Can you update this to also support 1.14? I would like to play this on 1.14 because i play with mods on xbox.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Can u pls update it

  49. Lost soul says:

    My favority dragon the “ghost dragon” because I like skeletons,death and others things like this, but I can’t ride in the “ghost dragon” you can fix this please?

  50. Anonymous says:

    the world of which u added the behavior and resource packs to. i suggest naming the worl Aa or something easy to see

  51. Anonymous user says:

    Hi ligitDragonbOy nice job on the addon but I have a few suggestions could you add the sand, jungle, storm and ice dragon also could you add different stages and eggs

  52. Gaming Boss says:

    i cant equip the lightning dragon armor and there is no lightning sword and the fly function doesnt work well

  53. Abyss says:

    I’m a monster hunter fan too so I would love if you made a monster hunter add on at least add Tigrex. Rathalos and Deviljho and there armory too thanks also love if you make Zinogre he’s my favorite.

  54. Abyss says:

    I’m a monster hunter fan too so I would love if you made a monster hunter add on at least add Tigrex. Rathalos and Deviljho and there armory too thanks also love if you make Zinogre he’s my favorite.

  55. rei says:

    wha file am I supposed to move them to? 🙁

  56. SirSean says:

    When are you planning to create an update for this addon? When you do, mind telling me asap? Really excited to make a v2 of my Dragon Mounts Addon video with the 2 new dragons and hopefully, more.

  57. Does it matter? says:

    Zip? New ios update removed the ability to just copy this stuff to minecraft 😒

    • Elias says:

      Just rename the extension file name (.mcaddon, .mcpack, etc.) to zip using some third party website, then after, you copy those files into Minecraft, using some file explorer, in their corresponding folder (BP – Behavior pack & RP – Recourse pack)
      Hope this helps

    • Stevan_Turtle says:

      I’m on IOS but can still download it rip

  58. DragonMCVK says:

    Can you make the start from the egg until the egg Hatch baby dragon

  59. Kai says:

    What is the document called and what dies it look like to download

  60. Ukls says:

    Can’t get it to work can’t find behavior pack or resourse pack

  61. LittleMoisesG says:

    Ok this addon looks cool but is this addon will get more dragons and maybe some dragon eggs depending on their types? And maybe this addon is kinda similar to the minecraft java mod you know what I mean. I want this addon looks kinda similar to the Minecraft Java Mod.

  62. Pclover says:

    Can you make start from egg into the dragon Hatch
    Like PC version

  63. Nobody says:

    How do u get dragons to appear? I am confused. 🤔🤔🤔

  64. Zak says:

    Did u fix the bug with items disappearing from your hot bar when mod is active?

  65. Nobody says:

    Can’t seem to see any dragons. Can you give pointers?🤔

  66. Leo says:

    Bugs in 1.14:
    1. Most Item id’s are not correct (item:name)
    2.some items are invisible
    3. Lightning armor does not work when clicking and holding, instead it’s eating animation
    4. All swords have too low durability
    P.S. I turned on experimental gameplay and I may have missed some bugs in the addon for 1.14

  67. Anonymous says:

    Plz give a mediafire link

  68. Pillow says:

    How do you make the other two swords

  69. Anyone like the new fly function?

  70. Shadow978 says:

    Can i make a video about this in youtube

  71. !oN Fade says:

    hello, it has come to my attention you are VERY rude to other content creators. I have observed you commenting rude things on the Peppa Pig add-on and many others. Please consider stopping or I may have to alert an admin of your behavior. Have a nice day, and I hope you do the right thing here.

  72. Salam says:

    Hey dragon boy, lightning dragons attack crashes the game. May have something to do with the current game version or the llama spit mapping

  73. Scratch says:

    How do you tame dragon?

  74. Caleb Is cool says:

    Add boy and girl genders

  75. CjGamingYT says:

    Its a good addon but can i suggest a new feature for this couz some particles are not included
    1.The Dragon Noises – it needs dragon noise for realistic gameplay
    2.Walking through the water – can you observe if you spawn any dragons it instantly wakl through the water(also in the flat world but theres no water)so thats what i want to see in the next update btw thanks for this mod ilove dragons btw

  76. Anonymous says:

    How do you get the scales?

  77. Anonymous says:

    How do you get the scales I killed them but nothing happened

  78. Lizard says:

    Can you fly on mobile

  79. I Don't Know says:

    I really want to tame the lightning dragon, but it won’t take the beacon. Everything else works fine. Love the dragons that I can tame!

  80. KoalaMeow6 says:

    I tried every dragon but the taming did not work. I ended up either killing the dragon, eating the fish, burning houses down, having the dragon run away, or having to search up a guide. PLEASE MAKE A TAMING GUIDE.

  81. Nico says:

    How do i make it breath fire

  82. Random vids says:

    Legit dragon boy can you put these dragons in a separate addon and call it the lightning and water dragon addon then post it in the Addons app so that other people can download it pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssse

  83. Liam TDP says:

    I really love it pls add more addons also could you make the tamable dragons fly

  84. Anonymous says:

    Could you just do where it tamable with fish since when dragon eat dragon egg? To be tame or dragon eat beacon

  85. Bambanko says:

    Can you add to 1.14 version?

  86. RafatAR32DA says:

    Hi LEGITDRAGONB0Y about my last add-on (Day of Dragons Add-on) I want to change your fire dragon model with the animations it’s now completed but I will update him after my new add-on and please (I so so sorry for use your Dragon model I hope you understand me and again I sorry!) 😢😢

  87. marantogiu83 says:


    • Random vids says:

      I can’t download it can you send me the link on my YouTube channel like you did for the first one through the reply’s

  88. Beam says:

    Water dragon should be aquatic dragon.

    • You are amazing says:

      Legitdragon can u put this on the addons app so I can download please do this as iOS 13.3 broke it thanks for reading you legendary creator

  89. Anonymous says:

    The add-on ia really good but how you tame the water ,and lightning dragon

  90. Xeno says:

    How do you make them sit

  91. Garbage says:


  92. Sihayqueserminero says:

    Your mod is very good and I loved it but you should add details such as wild dragons drop a dragon egg, that dragons fly as creative but without jumping and that mobs attack you to defend yourself, apart from that 5 stars is very good

  93. a Minecraft player says:

    Your mod is very good and I loved it but you should add details such as wild dragons drop a dragon egg, that dragons fly as creative but without jumping and that mobs attack you to defend yourself, apart from that 5 stars is very good

  94. Guys, I’m just testing my first flying without jumping function!!!

  95. Danplayz says:

    Zombie Dragon pls

  96. Anonymous says:

    Still dont know how to get the scales cud you help me plz

  97. Javi says:

    La armadura aether te ace parecer thanos xd. Quiero decir que te vuelves morado y negro por lo demás es genial 😇

  98. Modded Survival Lover says:

    Hey legit you should make Swamps++ Or Mesa++ since they both lost to mountains

    Btw Great addon I really enjoy the dragon

  99. Sherlyn says:

    Can u make more dragons

  100. amazing addon says:

    amazing addon plz make them fly

  101. Steven says:

    Amazing can you make a skeleton dragon and some other dragons😀please answer this.

  102. Unknown says:

    It won’t let me redownload the mod.

  103. Angelo says:


  104. Anonymous says:

    Addon hay

  105. akbarIndo47 says:

    Change texture of fire dragon

  106. Coolgamerkid 999 says:

    Dis add-on rulez

  107. todd says:

    One of the best dragon addons i have seen.
    Only one suggestion though.
    The dragons dont exactly fly they glide a bit more making it a tad bit of a annoyance to fly around.
    Other then that its pretty good.

  108. Austin says:

    The tamed dragons seem to have an issue flying can I get any help on this?

  109. Unknown says:

    Didnt try yet but i think its a perfect mod if the dragons can fly
    They can fly, right ?

  110. FoxFocus says:

    It doesn’t work… And the texture needs to be reworked cuz the textures are too bland… I can help with the texture if you’ll let me access your dragon model file… I use blockbench for modeling and texturing.

  111. Mincrafter says:

    I love the mod but the ather armor is gliched

  112. PikassVN says:

    Very good

  113. Sherlyn says:

    The saddles need to show.

  114. Meyer says:

    When will the saddles show? And can you change them to show when I log onto my world will just be showing or will I have to re-download the mod

  115. Meyer says:

    When will the saddles show? And can you change them to show when I log onto my world will just be showing or will I have to re-download the mod?

  116. Veandrei Jacob Reyes says:

    This is sooooooo cool

  117. loverfella says:

    i love it plz make the tamable dragon fly plz

  118. Liam TDP says:

    pls add some poison dragon hydra the three headed dragon and some ice dragon plss add it also I love this addon the models is so awsome keep it up

    • The Wither Dragon will have three heads and will breath wither skulls. The forest dragon will breath poison, and the ice dragon is still being textured

      • Liam TDP says:

        Nice Thanks fir gearing my suggestion I realy love dragons and also I eill make video about this addon I will put the mcpedl link and I will credit you in the description

  119. Anonymous says:

    Is this for Xbox too ?

  120. MinhVN says:

    Please dragon fly nice

  121. Please says:

    Please make them fly otherwise this is great if you want to know how to fly ask zahf22 he has made it without scripts

  122. Ricky says:

    Awesome addon

  123. Anonymous says:

    Where does the ghost Dragon spawn?

  124. anonymous says:

    finally!!!! I wanted this for so long!!!

  125. Quadsumo711 says:


  126. Dragolosse says:

    “I want it on mcpedl plz. Plz, I worked hard on this.”
    What do it mean?

  127. Anna Fronia says:

    Best game ever
    better than enything

  128. Lidrew says:

    Your add-on is very good

  129. Amorox says:

    Very good add-on but in a next update you could add some that fly.

  130. leland says:

    how do u ride em

  131. HoodedDiamond72 says:

    How do I craft the armor

  132. Mr hydra fantasy says:

    WOW COOL FOR A SEC I WAS THINKING THAT someone stole ur model and I am sorry for u cuz people keep steal ur models and send it on other website but can u update this to have dragon hunters that spawn in camps

  133. Feed Nutz says:

    How to craft armor

  134. Javi says:

    Perdón quise decir que lo dragones domados deberían usar ataque a distancia no que ya lo sepan usar xd😇

  135. Godzillasays23 says:

    also, the fireballs don`t work in education edtion
    i tried for curiosity

  136. Javi says:

    Es genial pero los dragones domados sí que vuelan y eso los hace lentos para atacar, el material que deja el dragón de fuego no se ve, el dragón fantasma deja aetherscales, los dragones normales deberían usar ataque a distancia sí vuelan. Por ahora esos son todos los fallos encontrados por lo demás eres brillante sigue así 😇

  137. How to craft armour says:

    How to craft armour

  138. Godzillasays23 says:

    Your addon is amazing!!!!!
    the spawning works and they can spawn with their egg
    they look beautiful
    keep on doing the good work

  139. Strange says:


  140. Beam says:

    And plz add elder dragon

    • Ya Mean nergigante, kushala daora, vaal hazak, teostra, velkhana?
      Yeah, I’m a monster hunter fan. Are u?

    • Done and dusted says:

      1) flying mechanic is useless, the dragon just keeps flying up and does not go down whje holding other items.
      2) Armour cannot be equipped when long press.
      3) half the textures are invisible.
      4) armour doesn’t even have a design on the dragon it’s just invisible.
      5) swords break in less than 5 hits.
      If you want help in flying mechanics JEBR gaming has made a Star Wars add-on with flying x wings so you can ask him about how he does it.

  141. Beam says:

    Add aquatic dragon​ plz

  142. Jancarlo says:

    Hey man if you made them have scripts it will made it better not hate comment its just suggesting on it

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