Super Drills Add-on

This is a little add-on that adds super drills to minecraft Which help you to chop blocks (as any stone, tree leaves, ores...) more comfortably and faster (just as fast as a ravager when breaking leaves)

Now Support For 1.16 (Thank you all for your waiting)

(It is necessary to activate the experimental mode for the operation of this add-on, otherwise it will not work) if your device is windows 10 it may not work either, this add-on was made on an android device

For starters, how can you make a drill?

Well the drill is an incredibly fast tool for mining

there are now 4 types, iron, diamond, gold and netherite

The first drill is the iron drill:

Does 10 attack damage (Gives slowness 1 and haste 1 while in use) activates when held in hand, Not can break obsidian

is unbreakable if used to mine properly

(if you use it for combat or mine manually it only has 85 uses)

It is manufactured as follows:

the second is the diamond drill (a reinforced version of the iron drill):

Does 20 Attack Damage (Gives slowness 1 and haste 5 while in use) activates when held in hand, Can break obsidian

is unbreakable if used to mine properly

(if you use it for combat or mine manually it only has 340 uses)

It is manufactured as follows:

The third is the gold drill (Cheapest of all)

Deals 10 damage

perfect to get the materials quickly (but only mine materials of lower hardness such as stones, carbon and gold, it does not work with reinforced blocks, iron, obsidian, diamond and others ...)

is unbreakable if used to mine properly

(if you use it for combat or mine manually it only has 32 uses, it has a higher probability of breaking compared to the others)

It is manufactured as follows:

The fourth is the gold drill (The strongest And expensive of all)

Deals 30 damage

perfect to get the materials quickly (but if you use it manually it is a bit slower than gold)

Absolutely mine all existing materials (except the unbreakable ones like the bedrock and the end portal)

is unbreakable if used to mine properly

(If you use it for combat or mine manually it only has 630 uses, it is the most durable drill is made by the union of the diamond drill, the gold one and a lot of netherite)

It is manufactured as follows:

To get the peaks in creative you just have to put the command

(For iron drill) / da: iron_drill

(For diamond drill) / da: diamond_drill

(For golden drill) / da: golden_drill

(For netherite drill) / da: netherite_drill

How to chop with the drill without damaging it?

You just have to get very close to the stone blocks (works with all types of stone, sand, earth, tree leaves and netherrack)

Basically it gives you the ability of a ravager, but you can recover almost all the blocks that you break (and the minerals give you their loot plus the normal exp that they would give when being chopped with any pickaxe) Keep in mind that these drills are super destructive so you can get materials 10 times faster than with any pickaxe

(Example images of how to chop with the iron and diamond drill, I recommend doing it crouched, To avoid skipping the chopping block)

I repeat, Keep in mind that these drills are super destructive so you can get materials 10 times faster than with any pickaxe (Be careful with your houses or stone constructions, the drill can smash them if you use it in or you these very near some)

Important when using the netherite drill, use it with care since it basically dusts everything (even destroys any material other than stone)

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Select version for changelog:



Aggregate the gold drill

Aggregate the netherite drill 

New texture for the diamond drill (now it's beautiful)

New add-on logo (Thanks to TheHouse027, for the new add-on thumbnail)

support for 1.16

Adjusted blocks breaking drills and added the ability to break new nether blocks

and other minor adjustments


If you download it in .zip you only have to extract the .zip and take each folder to the corresponding one in the games folder (the one of behaviors where the behaviors and the one of textures where the textures)

If you download it in .mcaddon you only have to open it with the minecraft application so that it is installed manually (and if you already have it configured to open it with minecraft you only have to click on the file and it will install automatically)

I await your comments of your experience with the add-on

join my discord, in case you are interested in knowing more about my projects and possible betas of this add-on and others...


  • SuperDrillsAdd-on.mcaddon
  • Super Drills addon.mcaddon V.2
  • Super Drills V.2
  • Drills_addon.mcaddon (old versión)
  • Drills (old versión)

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3.9 / 5 (20 votes)
I'm excited to use this drill and i even use nether star for my hard work to kill this boss. I have enough materials to jump into diamond drill but after i use it, it won't drill like those pictures and, the speed is like punching. I can't believe i downloaded this fake.
you don't get any more stars until you fix the new version 2 to work on windows 10 because windows 10 players can only use the old version!!
Sirve para la beta 1.16? Porque no me deja poner el addon al mainkra
No no sirve para ninguna versión beta, y no lo hará hasta que lo actualice para cuando salga la versión 1.16 oficial, por ahora solo sirve para la 1.14 (oficial), saludos
All the window 10 users! The old version works for windows 10!
Guest-5912424219 May 24, 2020 at 7:26 pm
I have installed it, I can do the drill but when approaching the wall does not break the block, I set on the experimental mode, am using version of Minecraft 1.14.60, i install the New version first, after install the old but nothing results
make sure mob griefing is on
CalvinGameing_YouTube May 24, 2020 at 12:44 am
Can you make it so the iron drill is crafted with iron tools not diamond makes no sense if it can't break obsidian
Shutupandtakemymoneys May 20, 2020 at 5:32 am
The link doesnt work
Guest-6322401770 May 15, 2020 at 4:28 am
Can i use this addon in my yt video
Yes of course, as long as you leave the link of the add-on in the video description
Guest-4433253610 May 14, 2020 at 7:26 am
Random comment complimenting you
Hey, great addon, however would you be willing to make it so that it can create a gap bigger then just two blocks wide and two blocks tall? Surely it would be a matter of adjusting some settings.
Guest-1907380974 May 14, 2020 at 4:50 pm
That's not actually possible as of yet.

This runs off of a "break blocks" entity component, which is completely dependent on the size of the entity running it.

Simply put, the mining size will always match the player's size.
It's possible, but you're too bad for it
Again, they explained exactly how it is done. Making the mining area larger than the current one would require you to increase the player's size.

The only way to make it "mine" materials in an area larger than that without changing the player size would be to use animation controllers and functions along with a custom "food" of sorts.

I should know, since I used this exact trick in my Tinkers Legacy addon.
Hell alex PLEASE see this comment, I'd rlly think it be a nice match for my other mod, I will defently credit you in my youtube video i share about it, it will have the drills, I am on windows 10 No beg bbut PLEASE add it to i have it on I cant cant craft Thank you so much :)
Guest-9420799477 May 13, 2020 at 5:20 pm
Wait is that he did not let me finish writing the case is that I will leave a creator link (that is, you) so that they come and download it from here since that works for you and I know it would be for you to confirm me
There is something wrong it doesn't work.
Guest-8409893796 May 13, 2020 at 5:18 pm
Hi Bro I like your addons I was seeing if you can tell me before you upload it I am a content creator in Spanish but that is not the case the case is that I am interested in your work
Ok, but how could I tell you, do you have dicord or something?
I also speak Spanish, Saludos
Guest-6133628109 May 13, 2020 at 4:38 pm
i turned on exparamental and edu but its not working. no offence this is new ;D