Published on February 01, 2021 (Updated on December 07, 2021)

Dünen der Toten: A CoD Zombies Inspired Minigame

You are an ex-soldier for the Kingdom of Odaca, who fled during a sudden outbreak of the undead two years ago. Out of the thousands of people in the Kingdom at the time, you are among only a few dozen who escaped that day. Now, you have returned to Odaca in search of the truth behind the outbreak…

Disclaimer: This map doesn’t actually use any assets from CoD Zombies, but rather, the gameplay mechanics and map design philosophy are inspired by it, and adapted for Minecraft. All copyright information related to music is available in the map, and is licensed under creative commons attribution.



Your objective is simple, survive for 25 rounds. Parts of the map will open up after every round automatically (yes, you don’t buy doors on this map). For every rotten flesh, emerald, and other trash drop you get, they will automatically convert into money. Use your money to purchase better materials, perks, and items. While you are surviving, be on the lookout for the bits and pieces of lore that can be found all around the map.




As you advance in rounds, shops will start to open. They can grant you resources that can be used to craft better gear. You will first have access to the basics: sticks, cobblestone, and leather. Later in the game, you will also be able to purchase iron and diamonds… but at a higher price of course.




This map supports 3 perks that will give you an edge in battle. Acceleraid will make you move slightly faster. Hearty-Cider will grant you 4 additional hearts. Brawny Brew will slightly increase the amount of damage you do.




Yes, this map has a working mystery box, featuring 27 possible rolls of differing rarities. Unlike CoD Zombies, you can find a variety of loot in the mystery box, such as materials, xp bottles, enchantments, and potions. There also may or may not be some wonder weapons in it…




If you survive long enough, you will be granted access to the enchantment tower. This place features 3 enchanting tables, each with a different number of bookcases powering it, allowing you to get access to either cheap or powerful enchantments. The place will also grant you free lapis, but you still need levels to enchant.




If you die, not all hope is lost. You have a pool of 4 revives available to you that will immediately teleport you back to the map. This means that you effectively have 5 lives in solo. However, there is a catch in multiplayer: All 4 revives are shared by everyone. So, if one person dies and revives 4 times, then everyone will be out of revives. Of course, you don’t have to revive. You could just wait for the remaining players to win the round, and then escape for free. I would recommend using your revives strategically to ensure that your team can survive.




Scattered around the map and in the mystery box, you will find bits and pieces of journals, written by those who were alive during the downfall of the Kingdom. If you find enough of these journals, perhaps you can piece together what happened to Odaca…

Of course, this would hardly be a zombies map without some secrets. After all, I have yet to mention netherite… What I will tell you is that there are 2 easter egg songs on this map, one that is relatively easy, and one that is much more challenging. I will only give you 2 hints. For the harder one, you are looking for crimson buttons. For the easier one, well, maybe you should interact with the map in more ways than just pressing buttons…




While I am not a coder by any means, I have learned enough to make mobs more aggressive. Most notably, almost every mob in the map will start to track you from 64 blocks away, and they will track you through walls. In other words, no matter where you are on the map, mobs will hunt you down.

The resource pack doesn’t change textures, but rather, changes the soundtrack. It features 12 ambient tracks that will play at random to give you a more appropriate Zombies vibe. It also features a few other tracks that play for special occasions. Most of the tracks are composed by Kevin Macleod, and copyright information for them can be found in the map.

Besides these exceptions, the map is running purely vanilla to ensure compatibility in future versions of Minecraft.




As host, you should spawn inside the control room right next to spawn. In here, you have a few options. This is where you can start and reset the game (which reminds me, make a backup of the world: The reset option cannot repair map damage). You also have dedicated buttons for switching between easy, normal, and hard. If you want to gain an unnatural advantage, you also have access to a few cheats. There are other options as well, which are detailed in the host book once you open the world.




This map has been tested on several devices, and I can confirm that it works on Windows 10 and multiple varieties of the Xbox One (though older Xboxes may experience framerate drops on higher rounds, but it should still be playable). I am unable to test the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile device versions. If you or a friend happen to play this map on these devices, let me know how it performs. If there is enough demand, I might release a special version of the map that has less mobs for low-performing devices.






Before playing this map, please make a copy of it if you wish to play it multiple times. While there is a map reset option, it cannot fix map damage or replace the tutorial/lore books once lost.


Select version for changelog:


1.18 broke how the behavior pack handled ranged mobs. They will often sit in 1 spot attempting to shoot players within 64 blocks of them through walls. This update stops the round counter from tracking them, so the round will be able to advance without requiring you to kill them. I intend to fix this bug, but I am unsure how to at this time. 

Known issues: Newly added songs to Minecraft ambient music can play. Planning to either add new songs or duplicate existing songs to cover them in the future. 

If there's any other issues you found, message Zeezel on Xbox. 


I didn’t want to run this map through Media Fire, but it is too large to upload straight to the site. Just click out of the pop-up that appears when you click download on media fire, and it should work. Once downloaded, clicking the .mcworld file should open Minecraft and install it without hassle. If it fails on Windows 10, use the Zip download instead. Once it is downloaded, right click it and select extract all. Then navigate to this folder:

C:\Users\YOUR DEVICE USERNAME HERE \AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds\

IF YOU CANNOT FIND THIS FOLDER, make sure you can see hidden files by going to the view tab in file explorer, and making sure the hidden items checkbox is checked. If it is not, click it so it is.

Once you find this destination, extract it.


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Nice map ngl, Just a little complicated the first time I played and is a very nice concept. I'm actually making zombies maps, just released my first one, but I have a question... How did you make it so that zombies never lose track of you? Or mobs in general? Thank you.
Sorry for late reply. I don't check back very often right now as I just graduated college and am trying to start my career. I created a simple behavior pack that makes it so mobs can spot you within 64 blocks, and then changed the property of them being able to see through walls to true. I don't really remember how to do it anymore as I haven't messed with coding in months (I'm a video editor, not a programmer). I was able to figure it out with research and experimentation, so hopefully you'll be able to do the same. I have also considered release the behavior pack as a stand alone pack, so maybe I can look into doing that as well.
Me: looks at Images.

Also Me: I gaze up into bounded Skylight, note blocks quire playing in the sunshine. Turn around- I can't remember the Lyrics.

End Log
I just realized that I totally missed an opportunity to use that as the Easter Egg Song. Lol. Oh well.
Amazing map. Loved every little detail of it, this is real dedication and I wish there was more maps like this out there
Puedo utilizar esto para hacer un video mio??
Usando el traductor de Google. Puede usar este mapa para videos siempre que vincule esta página.
When I press start nothing happens I tried deleting and importing map again but it doesn’t work
Hm, it seems to be working for me. What platform are you playing on, and what is the simulation distance set to?
I’m playing on IOS device and my simulation distance is 12 chunks
This map wasn't tested for iOS, but I believe a friend of mine has that version. I'll get him to try it out to see what is causing this issue.
Good but small question do you actually know what Dünen der Toten means in english