Published on May 25, 2021 (Updated on May 24, 2021)

Dungeons Hunter

This addon adds various small underground dungeons into the game that will improve your survival exploration experience in Minecraft. The Dungeons are fully decorated and also you can get various items from the dungeons including weapons, foods, items, and also enchantment books.


There are 6 variants of the dungeon in this addon that you can found randomly in your world. And if you have any suggestions about what dungeon I should add for the next update, please tell me in the comment.

By the way, I recommend you use a new world map when you playing with this addon. Because the Dungeons will be generated only on the new chunk. It means you need to explore more chunks if you play with your old world map.


Mossy Dungeon

Sand Dungeon

Mushroom Dungeon

Ice Dungeon

Stone Dungeon

Blackstone Dungeon

Maybe some of you will think that you only can find some dungeon in the specific biome. for example, you only can find Ice Dungeon in Frozen / Cold Biome or Sand Dungeon in Desert Biome.

The answer is: NO!

In this version, you can find any dungeon in any biome.

And also, you can find the Dungeons easily in this version.


You're not allowed to share and distribute this addon to another website without Team Tolol owner Permissions.


You're allowed to share this addon on your Website & Video Platform with Backlink & Credits to this website!

You're not allowed to Modify and Use any Components in this addon like the Models, Skins & Animations.

You need to Enable / Activate Experiments Options in Map & Game Settings

Select version for changelog:


Link with ads removed.. enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy


  • Once you did download the mcpack, click or tap download notification.

or, open your file manager, find the mcpack file then open it.

  • The Minecraft logo will appear when you tap or open the mcpack file.
  • you will be directed to Minecraft then wait for a couple seconds till the mcpack is installed.
  • when you are done, create a new world and activate the "Experimental Gameplay" option and you have done.


Supported Minecraft versions

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4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
I do not recommend downloading this mod, for whatever reason, mosquitos spawn EVERYWHERE in mass. Its playable, but INCREDIBLY annoying!
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Like in real life, If you dont know
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You have a great mod except one huge problem and is why I uninstalled whoever thought it was a good idea to put in those mosquitoes that are everywhere and completely pointless and annoying I don’t get it if they were removed would be awesome
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continuation of my previous comment (I don't know is it editable) you can also add "bee dungeon" with aggressive bees
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Does this properly work with the beta?
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This addon is great and I love the idea of it, a couple of dungeons I’d like to see added is a nether dungeon(in the nether of course) and a bone dungeon that generates under deserts
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Amazing Addon! In the next version could you add more bosses, ench. books, and make bigger dungeons? It would be cool to see a huge dungeon, like a little smaller than a stronghold. Thanks!
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Really nice addon. I think you could add a dungeon made of blocks that is an underwater temple. Some rooms might be full of water and secured with iron push-button doors. (sorry for typing errors, actually I'm writing this with a google translator)
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Good addon can you plz add some custom mobs,mini boss fights and artifacts to this dungeon. Can you also make a dungeon trader which is a villager who buys all the items you get from mobs in the dungeons. he will trade the items for coins wich you can use to buy materials from a horder who will gives you loot for some coins like food,weapons, and armore nothing op or to nice. This could make the addom better
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I really liked the complement congratulations, in a next update you could add a dungeon of the forest
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