Published on February 15, 2021 (Updated on February 15, 2021)

Duplication Ores

Minecraft addon - New duplication Ores

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Are you tired of mining? Tired of always getting few resources

With this addon you can now duplicate the ores, using only the stone cutter, Ores can now be destroyed and transformed into powders

ores that can be duplicated

Use a pickaxe to get the ore block, sometimes you will need enchantments

Use the stone cutter to turn your blocks into dust

Each type of ore generates an amount of powders

Heat your powder to achieve duplication of ores

See it's easy

After getting the dust and it will only burn in the furnace and the duplication will work, remember it only works with the ore block. Only employee for Blocks Ore, in some circumstances requires a soft touch pick, to collect the Blocks,

Redstone cannot be duplicated.

Netherite, copper and amethyst cannot be duplicated, for now

This is an official Addon for Version 1.16.210, not working in 210.58 beta.

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Added nether and gilded gold ore dust, netherite Cannot be duplicated


Access the link via drive, download the Mcaddon file, and click when it is downloaded, install it immediately.

Any questions, tips or criticism, twitter: @ hirodesigner2k


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Can you update for 1.17?
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Could you tell me how to do the dust because it is not letting me make it in the stone cutter
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Wow! Great idea
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