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Published on March 05, 2021 (Updated on March 05, 2021)

Portable Conduit Addon

This addon promises to change the lives of Minecraft adventurers and divers, just be careful you can end up becoming drowned.

CONDUIT PORTABLE is a simple add-on, but many of you always wanted to have it.

Well, this item is very simple and has a slightly peculiar recipe 

Your recipe costs 4 prismarine bricks, 4 sea lanterns and 1 conduit

After obtaining the Item it can be equipped in the Player's Left Hand, facilitating his travels

The portable conduit offers almost unlimited power time, you could spend hours and Hours using

In the Creative tab the conduit will appear in the Hoes tab

Once equipped it will give you the benefits of a conduit

Practical, Durable, Portable

This addon was made just to bring a new Gameplay in the Game, wanting to expand more and more the aquatic Update, there may be changes soon, or maybe I will add in other projects.


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Update for bugs, Texture Update, left hand slot

Release mcpedl, 1 week has passed


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Cool but why in the hoe folder ? lol
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I created it with a gun, there would have to be some weapon slot
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Made the conduit smaller when you hold it and it's perfect.
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