Dynamic Trees Addon

Amazing trees with realistic animations !! when cutting them they will be seen to fall and when they finish they will give you the wood. also coconuts that will serve as food in the desert!

Dynamic Trees !!! This Addon allows you to have trees with realistic physics!

Ever wanted the trees to be seen falling?!? THIS IS YOUR ADDON!

This addon adds 3 new types of trees but these are dynamic and with a more realistic model.

– Oak

– Birch

– Palm tree

Coconuts? You get these by cutting down a palm tree, they fall 3 for each palm tree that you cut.

You can create coconut water which fills you 100% of the hunger bar. its manufacture below:


Supported Minecraft versions


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68 Responses

4.82 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. IndicoMCPE says:

    Please Fix This Addon It Generate Too Much My Island That I Make Is Full Of Trees Even Inside My House Is Full Of Trees Please Fix It I Will Rate This 1.

  2. Wordcraft8036 says:

    Przeprszam kiedy aktualizacja bo to dziwnie wyglonda jak nie kture drzewa są dynamiczne a połowa nie.

  3. Roxtro says:

    It doesn’t seem like the posters you show in the examples and the addon is broken :/

  4. Guest-1490885149 says:

    Wtf is ur problem

  5. Guest-5939404979 says:

    I was in the savana and THERE WAS TO MUCH TREES!

  6. joe847802 says:

    it works and doesnt work in realms. The problem is the trees are fence post

  7. Guest-8323397953 says:

    Is it compatible with 1.14?

  8. Guest-9465699823 says:

    You should make iron chests from java

  9. Guest-6609793706 says:

    the addon gives incompatibility with the dynamic light and realigth addon
    what makes those two mods not work if the dynamic tree is

  10. Guest-2712531120 says:

    How am i supposed to download this shiet

  11. Guest-3282596404 says:


  12. MrToast says:

    Amazing. I cant wait for more great addons 😉

  13. Guest-2982166904 says:

    That is because you haven’t installed the resources, the entities are there, but not their models

  14. Guest-8679113426 says:

    It’s really cool, but the resource pack isn’t working for me. It all just appears as fences. Can you fix this?

  15. Guest-3435117227 says:

    No lo he descargado

  16. Roxtro says:

    Can you just pls ****** calm down!
    If you can’t learn or understand Spanish, let me tell you: That’s stupid 😂😂😂

    If you want to make problems, go another way, here we don’t want stupid people like you!
    I speak Spanish any problem with that???!! and I also can understand English, so fu** you! 🙂

  17. Guest-5763600913 says:

    Hola, está muy bueno el addon estaría más bueno que sean más grandes, gruesos y así y otra cosa que me gustaría sería que también estén los normales y los del addon osea que se puedan respawnear los 2 en el mundo

  18. Liam TDP says:

    Wow I realy loved it its like in RL Craft

  19. Guest-1822770494 says:

    oye bro buen complemento bas a poner mas texturas de arboles de roble mas frondosos y tambien q sean chiquitos q crescan y faltan mas arboles no?

  20. Guest-1690241465 says:

    Please Make It So That It Drops Apples And The Chance For It 15-25%

  21. Guest-4090754274 says:


  22. Guest-7033694360 says:

    How is there fudoeksksjjednckieodkdnggg dynamic trees but but no foliage nsjsjs

  23. FLARXXS says:

    Cool addon! But it is not compatible with shaders, please fix it.

  24. M.M.16 player says:

    Add more trees please I need it for my map

  25. Anonymous says:

    Awesome addon dude i like that it also spawns in flat world which is pretty cool in my opinion also its awesome like how the animation of the tree falling it makes me crack but seriously its amazing just did an addon review goodluck dude!!!

  26. Guest-5979462492 says:

    Delete it gave me a malware virus just give us straight to mediafire…

    • Guest-5308798650 says:

      Idk how you got malware on adfly, you literally just have to wait 5 seconds and click skip ad. He didn’t used linkvertise at least. The reason he uses adfly is so he can get a little bit of money from his addons, if he just put a direct link then he wouldn’t get anything for this addon, nothing.

  27. Guest-4519999058 says:

    Can you make that the dynamic trees also drop saplings and sticks?

  28. CubeMaster says:

    I thought this affects normal trees, very good btw

  29. Guest-9093637786 says:

    nevermind. it worked. but didnt work on realms to an extent. trees spawned and such, but the texture was just fence post and trees didnt look different much or matched the image

  30. Anonymous says:

    its not installing on minecaft for some reason

  31. Roxtro says:

    RLCRAFT xd
    It’s awesome!

  32. FoxFocus says:

    Love it!

  33. Guest-8879103390 says:

    Finnaly an addon that we need. Thank you! I hope you make other cool addons too 🙂

  34. Danplayz52 says:

    The trees Spawn too frequently

  35. Guest-1132137095 says:

    Can you remake dymantic sourronding mod

  36. Guest-5777981334 says:

    I been waiting for this addon
    It was a mod but no addon
    Now i find one
    I am so happy

  37. Guest-7797342263 says:

    Add more tree pls🙏

  38. Guest-8418885860 says:

    Omg creator guy ur a gamer😂

  39. Guest-2541512547 says:

    Good Stuff right here

  40. Guest-4096795375 says:

    The leaves on the palm tree are glitchy.

  41. Guest-9473729175 says:

    Could you make another download link?
    I can’t use adfly it doesn’t let me download the files.

  42. Guest-9049337400 says:

    Wow! This is spectacular! I haven’t tried it but It looks amazing! 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜
    I hope too see more wonderful things added to make this a bit realistic. :3

  43. Guest-3352013851 says:

    Yeah similar to RLCraft Tree. I love this so much

  44. Guest-1561686473 says:

    i cant download it can you make it easyier otherwise this looks awesome

  45. Konstantin40k says:

    GREAT. But please add sounds and make sure that all the trees are like this. Some trees remain the same.

  46. megagamer gokuYT says:

    Also by any chance can you do stalagmites
    For cave generation?

  47. Guest-7027449654 says:

    any idea of why when i join the world the trees get replaced with fences?

  48. Guest-7009048812 says:


  49. megagamer gokuYT says:

    My guy is a epic gamer for this

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