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Published on January 20, 2020 (Updated on May 14, 2020)

Security Be Craft (Addon)

This addon adds elements to add security to the game.

+ Add:

- Padlock

- Remove block

- Universal block eliminator

- Turret

- Protected chest

- Security table

- Rotator

- Mines

- Block enhancer


Twitter: @pammsitoh

Team Cubitos MC

Security table:

-This will be essential when creating our objects in survival.

It is manufactured with 3 iron and 4 sticks

to place it you need to use the table with the armor support, done that and you could start making things.

Items that have a yellow box are below to be created using them on the security table.

Block remover:

- This item will help you to remove turrets and chests that are your property, also if you use it on the security table it will give you the "Universal Block Remover" that will serve to remove any type of block instantly.

It is manufactured with scissors and 2 iron.


- This will serve to block turrets and protected chests using them.

It is made with a gold ingot and an iron nugget above.

Block Booster:

- As this element will obviously serve for block blocks, these blocks cannot be broken in any way in survival unless it uses rare tricks.

to reinforce you have to place the block reinforcer next to the block you want in the crafting area.


- This will explode when someone approaches, hits or interacts.

What's New 1.1 ————————————— !!!

Mine deactivator:

when interacting with mines these will be deactivated thus avoiding an explosion.

you don't need to own the mines to remove them


This is only used to create the missile launcher.

Tampra of iron rods:

This is a trap that when passing over generates a cage leaving it trapped to victory.

cannot be remover.

Missile launcher:

a new turret that fires missiles that occasionally explode.

is removed with the "blocker"

Reinforced Door:

This door works so that no one else can open more than you and only you.

padlock is required to lock it.

"block remover" is needed to remove it.

the door also opens when knocked on.

Fire alarm:

activated by padlock.

detecting fire on a 10-block radio reproduces an irritating sound.

it is removed with pike of any type.


Select version for changelog:


rocket launcher

land mine deactivator

rocket , fire alarm

protected door.


How to install the plugin in our worlds?

• Download and install McAddon

• Activate the behavior and resource package that you installed, in your worldwide configuration and you're done.

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3.93 / 5 (46 votes)
It takes me to get security be craft not this addon
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Como lo descargo, no me sale para descargarlo
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Por favor 1,6 ou um 1.16.201
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Add some camera and laser pls and if you want player alarm
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We need a update of this addon for 1.16 please
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Please add camera
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We need a update of this addon for 1.16 please
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¿qué es ese bloque gris utilizado para fabricar las partes protegidas de las puertas?
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P.S. The mod is great and works fine but what is that gray block used to craft the protected door parts??
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I guess some kids are too ignorant to realize “descargar” means download in spanish
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This Just Takes Me To A Spanish Page, AND THERE IS NO DOWNLOAD LINK WT
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This addon is awesome, they have a big potential
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The addon is the best in minecraft bedrock but I have a problem when I try to remove the security chest with the block remove only disappears does not give me the item and I ask please that I :)
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Dam, I was really tempted to get NOTHING YOU MOTHERFUCKER
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good job on wasting my time
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Why wont the block reinforcer work?
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