Published on May 28, 2021

Minecraft, But… I am TNT

It's time to be a tnt ... every hit will make you explode. Try to survive in a world where any kind of blow can make you [email protected]##. be very careful friend :O

This add-on is to hang out with friends, or to challenge yourself to survive without receiving a hit, otherwise there will be an EXPLOSION from which you cannot save yourself because you are the EXPLOSION. Anything that hurts you will make you explode! like what? well: cactus -> will make you explode falling four blocks high -> will make you explode ... pass near some berries and hit you with the thorns by mistake… -> IT WILL MAKE YOU EXPLODE ANYWAY !!

If you are playing with friends: Use a lighter and use it on your partner… IT WILL EXPLODE !!!!!

It includes some particles that will follow you at all times reminding you that you are in great danger ...

This video shows how it works in the game ...

NOTE: If you have trouble seeing the tnt skin, just put on the steve skin.



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I saw this mod on an mobile addons app for mcpe, with many other addons like pokemon, or food sorters (i have the food sorters from the app)
So... It's like minecraft with 1 HP, but you blow up when you take said 1 HP?
Very nice challenge
can you not have the edmentum thinggy?