Published on November 06, 2021 (Updated on November 13, 2021)

EAT | Food Addon

"ME HUNGRY. ME WANT FOOD."EAT adds a few new foods (with more to be added as time goes on) and food related mechanics. This includes the Glow Berry Pie, and Gingerbread!

EAT, which must be typed in bold, otherwise you are spelling it very incorrectly, is an addon that, on a surface level, adds new foods.

The foods which EAT adds are meant to fill gaps in gameplay, or just give you a fun new way to make food.


I'm glad you let me put words in your mouth. Feast your eyes:

Glow Berry Pie, crafted with eggs, sugar, and glow berries 

EAT also adds Gingerbread, which is best explained in the video above.

The latest update changes some textures and adds the Gingerbread Lantern, which can switch between multiple modes. Right clicking changes the color, shift right clicking removes the top cap. Right clicking on it with sugar will make it blink like Christmas lights. It also adds a Giant Gingerbread Golem, which you can spawn by right clicking a Gingerbread Golem with a totem of undying.

And that's it for now. Bone Apple Teeth!

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Changes multiple textures, namely changing the frosting colors to look warmer. Also adds the Gingerbread Lantern, Giant Gingerbread Golem, and some new particles.


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5 / 5 (3 votes)
That' s it? Well cool addon... YUMMY, keep it up! Hoping for future updates
I have a new update in the works right now, should make stuff look a lot nicer and more exciting.
The texture work on this addon is very nice! Great job!
Thanks! I put a lot of effort into textures.
Sick addon! Excited for future updates :)