Published on January 11, 2022 (Updated on January 11, 2022)

Element Exchange

This addon adds 3 new machines which convert items into elements. These elements can then be turned into items which adds more ways to obtain items. This is very useful in a skyblock or normal survival.

The element extractor can convert many of the normal minecraft items into elements. These elements can be transformed into other items in the element former. you can also possible to convert some elements into other elements using the element exchanger.

This addon is basically the V2 of my item exchange addon, it is currently in the skyfactory v4 modpack if you want to check that out


Element Former Recipes

You can turn elements into all of these items

Element Extractor Recipes

You can craft these elements by putting items into the extractor


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didnt get accepted so i had to make it cooler :(


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4.33 / 5 (6 votes)
Is it realms ready?
I like this addon very much
This addon is so cooll!!!
Great idea but when I try using the crafting tables I don’t get a GUI
Basically this is item shop. Sell item you don't need to collect money. And buy item you need. Items divided into parts. Like water element coins is fish, kelp, everything water based. i think someone need to make trade list table for this.
mejora las texturas
Could I suggest you make either another version or change this version to use education editions elements
This brings back memories from the elemental exchange skyblock mod pack on Java
What's the element's for?
You can turn tools to elements, then elements into different tools