Published on May 26, 2022 (Updated on June 19, 2022)

Quest Book

This addon adds a new quest book using custom UI. This quest book works with many of my addons and you can claim rewards by completing quests. The book is translated into 6 different languages.

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+ updated addon to work in 1.19

* bug fixes


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Please update the addon for the new 1.19 release. The menu does not show up anymore when you right-click or use the questbook. Otherwise, this is a great addon, and it Makes Minecraft more fun with the implementation of quests.
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Question, do you have to install every addon for the quests to work? Or can I just install the ones that I want and have only those quests work?
You can just install the one you want
Can you add Dany and Frogdog's demon slayer addon?
That is a rly good idea, im working on a map for demon slayer and im using frogdogs demon slayer addon and yes i have his permission but i wanted to make a quest system and this would help cutdown work if he made it for the demon slayer addon and just in general be cool
Hi, I'm not able to add the addon in minecraft, I put it in the correct folders, but the game only reads the texture, could you help me to solve it?
I what to use other mods too
plz add it thank you
I need this mod in my server
¿I can use you mod in my server?
And i can translate this to Spanish?