Published on December 06, 2021 (Updated on November 24, 2022)

Elemental Swords

Elemental Swords: is a complement that adds to our world a series of 4 swords with unique abilities and from which we can create variants with special abilities that allow the bearer of these swords, to be a moderately powerful being.

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======  Changes in v4  =====

  • The textures of the old swords were changed to new and larger.
  • Particles were added when carrying the swords.
  • Particles were added destroying the ores.
  • Added 2 new swords and 2 new gems.
  • A pet detection system was added to avoid being harmed by swords when using their skill.
  • The sounds of each corresponding block were corrected and the soul sand block functions as such.
  • Some swords had changes in their attacks to vary a bit.
  • The names of the swords and gems were changed to a simpler form to avoid mistranslations.
  • Now everything is done on the crafting table.
  • The fire sword bug is fixed and now no longer causes harm to the player when using the skill. (Behavior Pack v4.1)
  • Updated pet detector, now working properly and pets are not harmed (Behavior Pack v4.1)


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I LOVE this Add-on Awesome job Chetty!
it doesnt work on 1.19.20 very well, names are missing and the blocks are gone
so uh mcaddons .net
took your mod or did you publish it there? cause i found your name still on that addon so you should maybe stop so you don't get plagiarized!
Pages of that type (poor copies) steal mcpdl content and upload it
Nice addon, does this use player.json. Because I hate merging them.
It is not necessary to use the file, but in future versions it will use GameTest to improve its operation ;).
Pretty decent addon, but currently I don't use it for survival as I don't deem it survival friendly enough..

- The ores spawn far too commonly considering how powerful their swords are, perhaps they should spawn in only veins of one, and in lower y levels
- The abilities are quite spammable, especially with multiple elemental swords, I'd recommend increasing the cooldown on each sword by a second or two
- You can tell that the water ability is the whiter effect as it does not damage wither skeletons
- The abilities use an entity, as neutral or hostile mods will target it, which looks quite weird as their heads randomly look up or down, maybe you could use a projectile so the mobs don't target it, but I'm no coder so I don't know if that would work

- The swords work as intended and don't seem to have any bugs
- Sword enchants do work on these swords

I enjoyed messing around with this addon, and I liked it's simplicity, and I may add more comments about other things I find
In terms of using entities, it is because of the damage in area, using projectiles is not very efficient in those cases, but you do what you can with the limitations in terms of creating add-ons, I am also aware of the excessive generation of minerals, in the next update it will be resolved, and as you say they should be less frequent, so it will be. But don't worry, it is still improving, but the opinions are appreciated, so they help me improve.
Glad to hear that there's updates to come!
Not working on realm
In the realms, experimental coding is not allowed and I also believe that no one uses the "player.json" file anymore, sorry ๐Ÿ˜”.
Can u make crystals spawn in specific locations like for example water ore or crystal can only be found in in oceans or treasure chests in shipwrecks or random chests in ocean, and fire ore/crystal can only spawn In the nether or in fortresses chests that will make it more challenging to get them, I've tried the addon ores or crystals spawn on surface and I can find tons of crystal in just 5 minutes of starting a world and they can be found everywhere that's my suggestion I hope I like the idea
I will take it into account, for the moment the minerals will remain, but they will be replaced by new blocks, which will be generated under certain conditions and due to the large number of crystals that there is not much problem since they repair the weapons.
Fires word doesn't give fire resistance when right clicking
All swords have a condition, to give the effects.
Sword of Fire: Only if you are burning.
Air sword: Only if you are falling.
Water sword: Only when in water or in the rain.
Earth sword: Just move, you don't need a specific condition.
plis news elements type rock,blue fire,eletrice,ice and oders.this mod is berefull,me no good in inglesh me from brasil
plis add blue fire,rock ,ice,eletric and sword with all elements,this mod is very good