Published on September 07, 2022

Elfs Rings

Elfs Rings is a creative map created inside a mountain. It consists of everything you need for a survival game or even continue your expansion in creative mode.It is inspired by the world of elves and mana, giving it an ancient style and well camouflaged with the mountainous environment of the biome. It can be accessed through two entrances (The Hodor gate and the Jaco waterfall). Once inside there are different areas where we can develop our character such as the forge, agriculture, enchantment or alchemy area.At the same time we will have rest areas to be able to talk with our friends while we rest from a hard day, so we can plan the next construction (These areas are the internal and external natural pools or the lookout area above the mountains) 

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were are the cord at is in the descrption
what are the cords? i did not see it at max render distance after wandering around a bit (1.19)
Doesnt work for under 1.19 :(
Well, why are you playing on anything else? I don't even know how to do that.
someone doesnt know about education editions lack of attention
mcpe cant be installed on chromebook only education is