Published on July 12, 2022 (Updated on July 25, 2022)

Farm World All Versions

World composed of 5 farms to obtain some materials automatically or semi-automatically. Designed in a way to be able to see the components for its manufacture. The materials you can get are: basalt, flowers and seeds, bamboo, vines, eggs and chicken meat for cooking, honey and beehives, and algae. There are more farms to do, but the map will be updated over time. They are simple and necessary farms to start in a world of survival or adventure and they do not cost too many materials. They are easy to manufacture and very useful to avoid wasting time having to look for these farming materials.They have a not very striking design, so it depends on the taste of each person to modify them and use the construction materials that they prefer.

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Added .MCworld link for pocket editions including IOS. 

For minecraft bedrock.


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