Published on July 31, 2022 (Updated on December 21, 2022)

Fantasy Village

Fantasy Village is a map made up of several houses and created from scratch in creative mode. It consists of 4 main houses each with a function (Forge, Wood Warehouse, Food Warehouse and the mill to store everything we want). On the other hand we have two small identical houses to be able to have a private and quiet place. Finally we find the hobbit house, with Lord of the Rings style details.If we look at the sky we will see 3 ships flying over the town of medieval and Scy-fi style. 


With the first update, more structures were added that make up the town, of which we highlight the cultivation area with an orchard, the house with its own farm, an island with a small fort that acts as a lighthouse and 2 houses with the function of the nurseries.

With the second update, changes to the structures were added and new constructions were added: structure decorations, a hand-decorated functional mine, a large futuristic structure in the mountainous area, and the terrain was changed by changing the biome from grassland to jungle.

With the new update, gigantic structures have been added multiplying the size of the town. They have been created in a Japanese and luxurious style.

We will highlight several structures such as:

  1. Three Japanese trees side by side, the largest being the middle one with a pendulum hanging down.
  2. A quartz castle, decorated with vegetation and waterfalls, well lit and with enchantment functionality.
  3. Floating above the castle we will see a large circular structure giving the sensation of being a large mana zone.
  4. Bridges and a large house with 3 floors have been created to be able to use it as a home. We will also have decorated roads, with cars and vegetation to give more reality.
  5. Boats have been added along the river and the entire bottom has been decorated with new materials and illuminating the water, seeking a sensation of movement and commerce.

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With the new update, several mega-structures have been created with a Japanese and luxury style. We can highlight among them:

  1. Three Japanese-style trees with a reddish color. Decorated with vegetation and lighting. The middle one is the largest hanging a pendulum from it.
  2. A quartz castle and giving an appearance of magic for its decorations. It is set with vegetation and lighting and inside we will have enchantment areas and 4 moats with water. It is accessed through a door with gold touches.
  3. A bridge that crosses the river and a house with 3 decorated floors.
  4. Created trading carts with wheat and roads connecting all structures. Streetlights and vegetation have been added.
  5. Now we can see boats along the river, and the bottom of the rivers has been modified, giving a more natural appearance with a greater number of fish.
  6. In the sky floating above the castle we can detect a large round structure giving the sensation of a large area of ​​mana.



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Installation Guides

pls tell me how to use Sildur's Vibrant v1.32 by the way your map is great
1. To use shildur vibrant you only have to download it from a page like Zonacraft or another similar one.
2. With the file downloaded, we go into .minecraft and add the file to the shaders folder.
3. We enter the game in any of our maps, open the options menu, graphics and apply the shader.
4. A loading screen will appear. Wait for it to finish and you will see your world with the shader textures you have downloaded.

Thank you very much and I'm glad you like it. I'm working on maps creating the terrain from scratch. For example Fantasy Island (I'm not asking you to download it but I would like honest opinions).
Sorry for the delay in answering
I think you should add more structures like what other people would expect from fantasy, like clouds and rainbow, and stuff like that :)
We will take it into account, we will work on them for the next update. Thank you for your input and your time.
yes whats the shader?
can i use the map for an addon
In agreement. Just indicate that it has been created from this map and creator name if possible.

Would you help me a little.
The truth is that I was a mod for golems or new varieties of golems and I decided to include it in a map
I cant get it on linkvertise for some reason can you get a direct media fire link pls
Linkvertise is only enabled 1 ads (if not upgraded to 2 ads max) and a 5 second wait. Once you have seen and waited for the time, you should get the direct link to mega for the download or the download will be done automatically. Tell me where you have the problem to solve it please. If you do not get the link, I can provide it to you through a twitter account since we will open an account to facilitate the download for users who have problems (In 24-48 hours you will have the twitter in my profile so you can request it)

Sorry for the inconvenience and I will solve your problem as soon as possible.
Can I use your creation in a youtube video? We will put your name in the top right and the link in the description.
Okey, no problem. you can use it