Published on July 12, 2022 (Updated on September 13, 2022)

The Paradise Of Light

Crazyland world is a gigantic world created in survival with 1 year of work behind it. 

It has many structures all created in the world from scratch, of which stands out: Hodor's gate (one of the entrances to the city). The underwater city. The pyramid of tutankhamun with a town at its feet. The metro (composed of stops each with different themes). A lighthouse where you will find a large warehouse where you can store all your materials. A merchant ship. House of KND. A giant UFO. And farms to get food and materials. 

The rest of the structures you will have to solve on your own. You will have hours of fun and exploration without getting bored as everything is decorated and furnished. Not counting the cultivation areas. There is no need to leave the city except to explore or continue to expand. I hope you have fun and enjoy it. We will continue working in the world as there are several projects still underway.


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New structures have been added giving rise to:

  • 4 metro stops with different themes.
  • Enlargement of the boat and decoration.
  • A village with villagers has been created to improve the crafting of the players.
  • A panda temple and a semi-underground pool have been built.
  • An area with a snow biome and a beach area with small decorated shops have been added.
  • A rest area with bowling alleys, bars and toilets.

Correction of errors in the map giving rise to a new conversion to mcworld.



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when i downloaded it there was bunch of ? blocks everywhere
PLEASEEplease, make a mediafire link
Since it said 'gigantic world' so ofc i would be heavier
Lo descargue hoy, y se siguen viendo muchísimos bloques flotando ): son millones podrías decirme que mood usaron? Para que no se vea feo, por qué en verdad es un mundo increíble.
Se usaron varios mods ya que es un servidor privado de amigos. Los mas importantes son: Securitycraft, Alexmob, Blockus, nekoration y aquaculture2.

Tambien decir que es un mapa bedrock, pero que fue convertido originariamente de java (Puede producir errores al reconocer bloques). Si no soluciona el problema hagamelo saber para realizar una nueva conversión mas en profundidad. Muchas gracias por dedicarnos tu tiempo.
Amazing map!!! There are a bunch of update blocks just floating around in the sky near some of the builds. Could you fix this please?
Muchas gracias XD.
Podrias indicarme las zonas donde se encuentras los bloques flotando o enviarme una captura por twitter a @minecreator_666?

Nos pondremos a ello para tenerlo arreglado en la proxima actualización.
Which version do you use for playing iam use 1.19.20 and have update block all where game broken can you fix it pls if want say i can send screenshots
A mod was used to create certain types of blocks, it is probably the problem. Thank you for commenting on the bugs you have seen, if you can tell me in which areas the bug exists and we will fix it for the next update and expansion of the world. we would be grateful
It is already updated to download
This comment has been removed
Where is the MC word...
1 pls???
thx for that thing when will it come in this week
This week we will convert to .MCworld.
We hope to have the map converted early next week.
Sorry for the inconvenience and the wait.
cucumber_so_fresh July 25, 2022 at 7:33 pm
pls remove zip
Fantastic map. Very large, all decorated and with details everywhere. I loved.