Published on August 11, 2022 (Updated on April 30, 2023)

City Roman Style

City Roman Style is a map created in the Roman style. It consists of a small garden surrounded by a deck where you can walk.

Behind these gardens we find a building similar to a dome. Inside you will find the public baths, adorned with a large sacred tree inside. (It has a fantasy style inside).

On the opposite side to the central garden, we have a small house that serves as a home (equipped with everything necessary to survive), a small crop and a farm next door.

After the update, new structures have been created:

  • The first is the great Roman temple, a large and decorative structure, with a glass floor and giving an optical illusion as if there was another temple under our feet.
  • On the other hand we will have a huge Roman coliseum, decorated in which we can include the combat arena.
  • Finally, small accessories have been added, such as the Roman ship or the two floating islands in the sky.



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With the update many changes have been added:

1. A great Roman temple, with an optical illusion inside, simulating the same temple upside down.

2. A giant Roman coliseum, with details and an arena inside.

3. A large Roman ship, decorated and fit for use.

4. Two similar wolf sculptures with different orientation have been created, located in the corners of the temple.

5. A floating island with a working mill and farm.

6. Another floating island with a ruined castle.




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