Published on September 16, 2019 (Updated on September 16, 2019)

Enchanting Language Pack

You may have came across packs that translate the enchanting language (also known as Standard Galactic Alphabet) into English. This pack does more than that, also changing English into the enchanting language! This renders anyone not fluent in SGA unable to read text. At least you have images to understand the world around you!

This pack works in education edition, as most packs do.

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  • SGA pack.mcpack

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The notification says "Download error" and the file doesn't exist. IT ONLY SHOWS 0.00 BYTES!!

Fix the link please??
outdated pack, it's not going to .work.
@Sekurai can you fix the file, it doesn't exist and shows as 0 bytes
Guest-9527469445 May 12, 2020 at 4:36 am
Does NOT Work
Guest-6533982564 May 03, 2020 at 1:32 am
This Did not download
This resource pack is speaking the language of god
Haven't bothered using it to learn SGA yet lmao, glad you like it!
Oh thanks, I couldn't understand the other language! I am using a really good translator for this right now. But thank you!!!!!
Somebody help me! I can't stop using this resource pack!
I ended up learning the entire galactic alphabet in 30 minutes thanks to this. Very cool nonetheless!