Published on January 12, 2019 (Updated on April 22, 2021)

Endcreased Addon (NEW V3 UPDATE)

The End Dimension has been long overdue for a new update for a while, I decided to change that! This addon improves the End Dimension by adding new blocks, mobs, items, and even structures.

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Endcreased V3 Changes

New Blocks

Added chorus plank slab 

Added finaleslate slab

Added cobbled finaleslate slab

Added Endowus plank slab

Added end brick tiles slab

Added obsidian brick slab

Added obsidian brick Tiles slab

Added polished Smooth endstone slab

Added purpur Tile slab 

Added smooth endstone slab

Added smooth obsidian blocks slab

Added smooth purpur blocks slab

Added obsidian slab

Added mossy polished Smooth Endstone slab

Added mossy polished Endstone slab

Added mossy Smooth Endstone slab


Added chorus plank fence 

Added finaleslate fence

Added cobbled finaleslate fence

Added Endowus plank fence

Added end brick tiles fence

Added obsidian brick fence

Added obsidian brick Tiles fence

Added polished Smooth endstone fence

Added purpur Tile fence 

Added smooth endstone fence

Added smooth obsidian blocks fence

Added smooth purpur blocks fence

Added obsidian fence


Added stonebrick tiles

Added finaleslate

Added polished finaleslate 

Added Endowus plank

Added Endowus bark

Added Endowus stem

Added Stripped Endowus bark

Added Stripped Endowus stem

Added end brick tiles 

Added obsidian brick 

Added obsidian brick Tiles 

Added polished Smooth endstone 

Added purpur Tiles

Added smooth obsidian blocks 

Added smooth purpur blocks

Added Chiseled purpur blocks

Added chorus grass

Added chorus orchid

Added chorus leaves

Added chorus trapdoors 

Added chorus doors

Added Crystal block 

Added chorus Vines

Added Endrot Bush

Added End rocks

Added endowbulb flower

New Items

Added Raw enderloc meat 

Added Enderloc hide

Added Chorus Sapling

Added Endowus Sapling

Added gleaming chorus berries

Added endrot berries

Added Endmethyst armor

Added Endmethyst tools

Added new music disc (replaces Disc 11)

All items can now be found in the creative inventory.

World Generation

Added Ender caves (caves & cliffs only)

Added End lakes

Added Big End Rocks

Added Crystal Spikes

Added Endrot Bushes

Added Endowus Trees

Updated Chorus Trees


Installation Guides

Add End Biomes from DeadVoxelx's End Update Addon
Hey if the both ender merchant and endruid
Will not spawn in their structures then where they will spawn if u are doing in survival ;-;
Please remove the fog in the end, it ruins the addon
Can You Update the nether like that.
See nether plus
Can you also update ghastus please?
Hey Forge!!! I have a Suggrstion, maybe try please adding More tools, armor. Or new Overworld and Nether mobs based off of Quark, Cuz Quark Is a really good Addon(No Offense Forge😅
Fnaf dude using tynker December 11, 2020 at 4:11 pm
I have a idea how about a end mob called the Enderling it is a floating head sized robot with a claw found in a new biome called the reverse lake Is a biome with purple grass and in the center purple water that only end mobs go inside if anything else goes in the water it will die these enderlings have command blocks inside of them they only contain a skeleton skull sized head with a screen with a happy face and a claw enderlings can be tamed by buckets of reverse water and when tamed will follow you until they run out of battery or you tell them to stay. They work like the npc mob you can tell them what to say and all players can see what you tell him to say when he runs out of battery’s he will drop to the ground (not die) and can be recharged using lava buckets or battery’s. If you can make a least the new biome and enderlings then I will make a part 2 including structures and mini bosses I am aware you can’t make all of this but it would be nice if I can see the thing I always wanted in game.
99% of the things you asked for are impossible with current bedrock add-ons.
I could make an attempt if you'd like?
This is a nice addon, but I think we need something to help get across floating islands more effectively. Like a tameable smaller ender dragon or some kind of weird end plant that grows a bridge across islands.
I've been working on an End Update addon myself and I am planning on adding a raisable dragon feature if you're interested
great mod, works very well, but not on realms. please try to update it so it might work on my realm?
Make this like the “end mod”, With new biomes and dungeons, more ores and such. Different from the nether update features.
Excuse me Forgelogical, I am Andrew Luiz and I just wanted to tell you to update it. Add new structures like the “Ender castle,” and the “Ender Village.” Add new Mobs like the “Ender Villager” You can trade with these Ender creatures And They will give you amazing stuff and their currency is Endmethyst. “Ender Piglins” And “Ender Hoglins” use Different behavior. The Ender Hoglins Give you Ender Pork Upon death (Even Leather.) Cook The Ender Pork To make Cooked Ender Pork. The Ender Piglins barter Ender Ingots. To Find Ender Ingots You need to find an Ender cave. Ender Caves are Uncommon. You Will Find Them Below Y=48 to Y=30 Smelt The Ender Ore To Make Ender Ingots. To Find Ender Debris, You need to go Below The Ender caves. You will find them Below Y=30 Smelt Them To make Enderite Scrap. Combine The Four Enderite Scraps With the Four Ender Ingots To Create The Enderite Ingot. By Combining You diamond Tools, Weapons, And Armor With your Enderite Ingot In A Smithing Table, You Can Create New Tools, Weapons, And Armor. By Combining Nine Enderite Ingots, You Will create An Enderite Block. The Enderite Block And Enderite Ingots Would Be good For Beacons. With One Ender Ingot You can make Nine Ender Nuggets. You Could Make One Ender Ingot With Nine Ender Nuggets. With Nine Ender Ingots You Will Make A Ender Block. Ender Blocks And Enderite Ingots Would Be Also Good For Beacons.
No, not diamond tools diamond tools are for netherite it should use smithing table with enderite ingots and upgrading NETHERITE tools and armor
I’m Sorry, I have to Replace Enderite to Ender ingots!
I've tried out the addon and I think its great and has a lot of potential. I would like the endruid to be a boss and have more of a purpose. Make it stronger and drop something thats worth killing it for because as of now I don't see a point in making the totem and summoning it. I would also like to see the shulk be stronger than an iron golem because as of now I don't see why I would turn an iron golem into a shulk. You should also be able to turn the chorus wood into crafting tables, wooden tool, and just anything you can use any other wood to make. There were also some bugs I encountered such as not being able to trade with the merchant and not being able to turn the ore into the gem. If you could fix those bugs and add the things I listed I think this addon would be perfect.
Update the blocks to the 1.16 format, because they don't appear in creative inventory or via commands, plz is one of my favorite addons :)
This won’t work, it’s a problem in 1.16 and nothing to do with the addon creator.