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Published on April 11, 2021

Ender Portal Guardian Addon

So after you descover that the nether Portal has a GUARDIAN.But the Ender king also noticed that the nether king send a Portal Guardian to Protect there portal so the Ender king also decided to create a Portal Guardian.Now the Creature is now in the earth!.

Created by inwardwolf61415

Youtube Inwardwolf addon Creator

How Does it Works?

You can find the spawn egg in your inventory in creative mode

This monster is combination of enderman and ender dragon wings the result is this

This monster is hard to Fight if your gonna fight him use the bow to kill him

This Creature had an own ability it will shoot purple bullets but these bullets will follow the target(this are Shurlker bullets) This Bullets it will also explode.

If you don't want your world ugly (many holes)

Just turn off mob spawning in settings

And also turn off tile drops in settings

This is a boss mob


  • Health 4000 stronger than THE Nether Portal Guardian
  • It doesn't replace anything
  • Has an own spawn egg
  • Damage high (explosion)
  • The bullets will follow you
  • Boss mob
  • Can fly
  • Can kill you fast
  • Can see far 
  • Hostile mob
  • Uses range attack and shoots many purple bullets
  • Just type summon endercreature:enderportalguardian

If your gonna use the add-on or you make a video in YouTube please credit me and don't use your own link use the MCPEDL link or else I will report you

If your gonna use the texture or the model please ask my permission okay or else I will report you

Just UNDERSTAND okay because I still work hard on the model and the texture

 😀   Thanks for Understanding 😀


Click Here to download

Go to your Minecraft

And wait until the successfully imported Show

Creat a new map

Apply both resources and behaviors

Then play


  • Ender_Portal_Guardian_Addon_1617886996002.mcaddon

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Wow, I love the direct link! Keep on adding them to some awesome new projects and I'll keep on downloading them! Thanks!
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