Published on August 26, 2019 (Updated on August 26, 2019)

Endless Biomes: Forests, Winter, Mycelium

This addon pack gives three biome world generators: Endless Forests, Endless Winter, and Endless Mycelium.  Endless Forests creates a world mostly filled with dark oak forests and jungles.  Snowy plains and forests dominate Endless Winter.  Endless Mycelium generates mushroom plains and hills.


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Does not work Download to difficult.
Can we have over a fixed version of the behavior pack itself? Cause when I activate that behaviore pack, my world has a stone terrain on it.
Yeah, this addon should be deserve for a bug fixed issues like this.
so ur addons only spawn the biome where it would normaly be and every other biome is stone
Can you update it? Right now it just makes a whole stone world
Can you make a world that have Extreme Hills but a huge castle is fit in
I was thinking about the addition of the endless jungle biome. May you add it?
Jungles are holy haha
I Love Itsssss
But Me Was Wonderings If There Was A Way To Make Only Dirt Biomes With No Grass Or Ocean Or Rives Basiclly No Water And Trees Have Nu Leaves Please Email Me If This Is Possible?
i love it but i wish i had done this erlyer
Next please Endless jungle biome :)
I love this so much, it allows you to create really interesting worlds and survival challenges, a def 10/10 addon, thanks AGAPE!
This add-on supports 1.12 only.
I actually switch to Alpha recently
what shader did you use?
ESBE found on this site, works wonderfully for me!
Can you combine them all in one pack?