Published on August 22, 2019 (Updated on August 22, 2019)

Endless Mesa Biome Pack

This addon creates a world dominated by mesa biomes.  Rivers and towns can sometimes be found scattered among the wastes, and these may be your only chance to find trees and other resources.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Bad addon. I did all of the installation instructions and it just gave me a stone biome. But, I put it to use. I enabled the Earthrise texture pack and made it night forever, and gave myself jump boost and slow falling effects and I built a little rocket and now it's like I am on the Moon!
Can you make the snow land one? with always snow fall weather? I would like to make a new map but can't find any of these item just yet
Can't download
Is it possible to create an addon that will generate java terrains or large biomes?
Can you make a endless mushroom biome pack?
Can you make a endless villages pack?
Nice agree.. ?? make a endless villages
It would be cool, if you make a behavior pack of this, but as an infinite snow biome!
Can you make a endless coral reef if it is possible
It makes an endless cobblestone mountain for me.
Its just stone pls help I turned on experimental gameplay and turned off other addons made a new world still stones
I've seen that reported before, what edition is your Minecraft?
In the 1.13 beta, its all stone everywhere, so you'll need to update the biome adddons when 1.13 releases.
It makes the biome Stone and shipwrecks spawn everywhere
What if it was plains and with the possibility of tons of villages? Does it generate structures?
This is your best on yet! How about Endless Jungle next?
I just released a forest/jungle one, that is the closest I was able to get full jungle