Published on May 21, 2021 (Updated on June 29, 2022)

EnergyBar Addon V4.5 (Compatible With Other Addons) || 1.19.0 Compatibility!

If you ever wanted to have more difficulty when playing in your survival world then this is the addon for you, this addon adds an energy bar that will be consumed as you perform physical activity like running, walking, jumping etc. .

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Changes and fixes

-Compatibility with other addons

-Compatibility with minecraft bedrock 1.19.0

-Changes in the manifest for the gametest

-Manifest bug fix

-Changes in gametest code


Supported Minecraft versions

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The energy bar is not showing up and I have all experiments and cheats enabled! Please Fix!!
update to 1.19.40 its broken
1st of all this add-on is amazing!
From all of the other sprint bars or Stamina bar and such
This one is the only working one than any other
This is a really good add-on
2nd of all or lastly
I encountered a bug or a glitch or something that requires to be Optimized
Overall it works very well but as soon as you play on survival the stamina comes in and works
But the problem is the fact that
Everytime you have your energy bar Opened
It starts lagging the player
So can you optimize it pls?
Or just basically the addon is very good
But requires optimization because it's causing too much lag
Remember not to bend over with the sus homie😏
Random onion boi28182937 July 18, 2022 at 4:49 am
Awesome addon! And thanks for fixing the behavior pack link!
fix your mod resource packs arent mods
you sould add if not already when you sleep you recover all of your energy
Behaviour link leads to waterbar resource pack
Same here, behaviour pack link downloads the resource pack, please consider fixing it
Thanks for fixing it! But I can't install the behavior pack, it just takes me to the page that installs the resource pack.
> Not working
> Just installs a resource pack not behavior pack
> Doesn't work even with all the experimental features turned on
Works in multiplayer?
For some reason, the behavior pack is not working. It's not showing up in my behavior packs.
The hitting mobs costing energy doesn't seem to work. At least not with the water resources compatibility pack.
Will be better if you lose energy bar you can't walk and