Published on March 04, 2021

Enhanced Food Addon

Hello and welcome to the enhanced food. This addon adds 6 craftable food items that are eatable. So i also just created this addon for fun and this addon is also simple but I made the textures as mineceafty as possible because i want this addon to fit perfectly into minecraft. The addon is also multiplayer compatible (that means you can play it with your friends).

The addon is still work in progress. Thats why there are not very much items for now but there is already an update that I'm working on.

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Changed some of the description a bit

Changed the featured image to be better



  • enhanced food mcaddon
  • enhanced food zip

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realm support?
Can you make it work for 1.14
Hmm were on 1.16.210
How is it even possible for you to play that version. Exept if you play on java. I will watch out what i cam do
great , I like your complement