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Published on February 17, 2021 (Updated on February 22, 2021)

Too Much Coins Addon

Hello and welcome to the too much coins addon.

This addon adds 19 craftable coins and 1 item. This addon is mainly focused on multiplayer trading.

Well i made this addon because i thought that emeralds are not enough and then i got the idea to make a coin addon. It took me a very long time to collect ideas and making the medival styled textures look good so lets start into the addon.

So like i said this addon adds 19 coins and 1 item. We're gonna start with the items first that are used to craft the coins.

The dirt clumb:

you may ask "why does a coin addon needs a dirt clumb" well its a simple reason. The first coin is a dirty coin and why should i craft a "DIRTY" coin without dirt.

Here is an image what the dirt clumb looks like:

Crafting recipe:

4 dirt

You will get 9 dirt clumbs.

And now i will show you the coins:

I gonna show you one picture of all coins beacuse it would take too long to take screenshots of every single coin and edit it.

At first you have to craft the dirty coin like this:

2 iron nuggets

2 dirt clumbs

You will get 2 dirty coins.

Now I'm gonna show you all crafting recipes and the names of the coins:

Simple coin:

Iron coin:

Copper coin:

Bronze coin:

Tin coin:

Silver coin:

Gold coin:

Mountain crystal coin:

Ruby coin:

Raw diamond coin:

Diamond coin:

Moonstone coin:

Marsstone coin:

Sun coin:

Void coin:

Galaxy coin:

Dimension coin:

Multidimensional coin:

So that are all coins.

You have to activate holiday creator features and additional modding capacities.

I hope you like this addon. If you find bugs just write them into the comments.


You are not allowed to publish this addon on other websites.

You have to credit me if your making a video about this addon.

Select version for changelog:


I changed the crafting recipe of the dirt clumb becsuse there were some problems.


Click the download button

Wait until an open sign pops up

Click the open button

Normaly minecraft would open automaticly but if not there is a sign called open with: open it with minecraft!

Let it load

Wait for it to download

Put the recource pack and the behavior into your world


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3 / 5 (1 votes)
Yeah im having the same problem on Bedrock addition I think u are missing the Behavior pack bc when i extracted it all i got was the resource pack but overall cant wait to use it!
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Thx for your feedback i will try to change that.
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Thanks! LMK when u fixed it!
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Im sorry that this happaned. This is the first release of the addon so pls don't be mad. I will try to fix it :)
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Does this work for Windows 10? I've got both experimental modes on, but right away the crafting table doesn't seem to register that the result should be the dirty clumps.
This does seem to be a promising addon, however.
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Did you do it in a crafting table?
If yes then its a problem of the addon.
If no then try it in a crafting table in the mifddle slot.
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