ESBE 2G Shader

ESBE_2G is a shader pack for Bedrock platforms makes your world more beautiful works on both mobile and pc.

You don’t have to preparation powerful device (iPhone 5s is enough to).

Enjoy your beautiful world!




  • Lightweight depiction
  • Tone map using NTSC weighted average method
  • waving leaves & water reflection depiction
  • Sparkling stars, Enhanced dusk
  • Beautiful clouds & aurora
  • Brightness varies depending on the direction
  • Compatible with both Mobile and PC(Win10)
  • No useless code

    brightness 50 is recommended

Supported Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android(doesn’t work on some devices idkY)
  • Windows10

tested on iPadAir3, win10(bootcamp MacBookPro 13inch 2017 TouchBar), win10(corei3-8100 RAM8GB GTX1050Ti)

⚠️Nintendo Switch, PS4 & XBOX 1.13~ Unsupported⚠️

if you apply this shader, Nintendo Switch users and PS4 users will not be able to join the multi play.

RenderDragon is added to XBOX, but I couldn’t open Xbox minecraft shader file…

so, I’m sorry XBOX 1.13 is unsupported.

I’ll try to support after RenderDragon is added to Win10 or mobile.

You are allowed to modify this shader in your personal use.

You are prohibited to distribute it with or without any modification.

see LICENSE.txt for more.

Changelog View more


some bug fixes

  • Sun & moon are no longer shown in the rain
  • Remaded the moon
  • Reduced lag
  • prepared for future updates

Thanks to ASOwnerYT for proofreading English :)


New sun&moon, Bug fixes

snow biome leaves will /time set noon longer be detected as water

(more compatibility with other resource packs

code rendered sun&moon

(you can switch to texture render in pack setting

now leaves waves does not depend on the field of view

no more cursed leaves in structure block

image of description ui is now correct

adjusted water of nether, the_end & swamp

clean up some codes


remade water!

    cloud reflection improvement

    underwater ripples improvement

    now cloud magnification is more natural

reduce file size



bug fixes

  • waves are no more chase you
  • under water view is no more disturbed
  • improved performance of leaves
  • made water waves correct
  • some improvements of flat shading
  • works on some devices that has not been worked…may be…


・added support to ((XBOX 1.13 unsupported

・added LICENSE.txt

・renewed changeling screen ((English supported!

・some bug fixes

・shifted to GitHub


  • remade water. now the water is affected by sky color.
  • Adjusted day and sunset color.


  • added ambient occlusion
  • reduced light source effect
  • changed water color darker


android: win10: old iOS (auto install)

  1. double-click the .mcpack after download

iOS 13.0&13.2~ (manual install)

  1. install file manage app(something like Documents)
  2. download .mcpack and move to file manage app
  3. renane .mcpack to .zip and unzip.
  4. copy the folder named "ESBE_2G" to "games>com.mojang>resource_packs"


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.8 1.9



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Installation Guides

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549 Responses

4.21 / 5 (325 votes)
  1. Guest-1888284069 says:

    It Works

  2. Guest-1256286827 says:

    Update pls.. Minecraft pe 1.16

  3. Guest-3685511111 says:

    really good but to bright kinda hurt eyes, maybe dampen light a bit???????

  4. Guest-4886074232 says:

    In my opinion, everything looks way too bright, though, this shader is great at night!

  5. Guest-9633828836 says:

    i will rate it 5 starts but i wanted the wate look better

  6. Guest-5961817010 says:

    I will rate this 5 stars. It is the best shader I have ever found. However, it’ll work the first time after I download it. Then I open a world and find nothing! I can’t see anything. It works if I download it again. But I don’t want to do that! Please help!

  7. Atten007 says:

    Can I PLEASE use this shader in my happy family world?

  8. Guest-7557657815 says:

    Hello! I use an IOS and have followed the instructions above on how to download the shader for IOS devices to avoid the “invisible bug” thing. Although, I’m stuck. I have downloaded the shader, zipped it, and have unzipped it to a folder. The problem is, I CAN’T move the folder from the file manager app to the gaming files/resource_pack gaming folder. PLEASE HELP ME, my God this shader is so good. I want it. I’ve also tried moving the untouched file from the file manager app to the downloads app and do the zip-unzip process there. but it won’t allow me, it says “Operation not permitted.” help me. is there a particular file manager app you use or have in mind? other ways of downloading the shader? Thanks.

  9. Guest-7167766099 says:

    Anyway to turn off bloom? It is a bit too bright and shiny.

  10. Guest-3623995544 says:

    Will it be able to be used on xbox in the future?

  11. Guest-5828975902 says:

    How to install this pack , i use this pack in before the ios update in Iphone 6s its work great but now i doesn’t know how to do it , i renane it to .zip and then unrenane it back , its giving the weird blue looking file , I thought its done but in the game still white out , even the character get white out too , mob also …. can anyone help me please this is so pain 🙁

    • Guest-4438032205 says:

      Nevemind it work 😀 ( im the 6s guy , and the thing im describe above is the way to use it , i forgot to restart the game duh ?)

  12. Guest-4563887436 says:

    Is there any way to have Sea Lanterns display a cool light instead of a warm light like torches and glowstone do?

  13. Guest-1598808732 says:

    Wow! What a very ultra nice shader! This is the my most favorite shader through years playing lf Minecraft made by simplicity! And for High or Low end devices! I also love the enhanced vibrant color of the textures! So keep it up!

    That’s all! sorry for my English, I really love yourr shader! God Bless! <3

  14. Guest-6347976306 says:

    Can i edit the cloud and aurora for my shaders?

  15. Guest-9852124209 says:

    Ok I hope this works because this is about the tenth shader I downloaded today

  16. I absolutely LOVE this shader! I have tried several shaders, and this shader is by far the best in my opinion. I would definitely recommend this shader!

  17. Guest-6618817789 says:

    Wow this is an amazing texture pack, I hope it’s okay but I am sharing this with my friends because of how amazing this is!

  18. AgusDDYT says:

    Only sky/Cubemap Version or Lite! Good Job.

  19. Guest-7932246811 says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for not putting it through adfly!!!!!!!

  20. Guest-4714489164 says:

    Can you find a way to make a shader for PS4 that would be amazing!!

  21. Guest-1617438828 says:

    When underwater even the surface blocks are dark but when on surface you can see what’s on ocean floor without it being dark.

  22. Guest-4212607411 says:

    gaa 4.2 broke ground textures in VR and its all invisible. Please fix if you can! Love this pack!

    • Guest-1080669271 says:

      check the description, it’s not vr supported only on win10, Android,ios

      • Guest-7311654442 says:

        ah my bad. Ill just stick with 4.1 it works fine and looks just as good. Thank you for the response!

        • Guest-8326257678 says:

          I take that back. I am on Windows 10 Bedrock, which has VR built in, and it has worked fine until this version. It does not say anywhere the description.

          God I hate numbnuts like you who dont know s**t but respond. Moron.

  23. Guest-3544285732 says:

    thanks for your work. love it.

  24. Guest-7686312841 says:

    For some reason when I try to download the shader Minecraft just gives me a msg saying “failed to download” every time. I’m on an newer IOS and Minecraft is up to date but for some reason it can not download. Can someone help me?

  25. Guest-2911984415 says:

    The only thing that worked in Windows 10 is this pack

  26. Guest-2639788610 says:

    Amazing!!! Best shader I have used!!!

  27. Maat says:

    Best Shader for WIN10!

  28. Guest-7800615966 says:

    really awesome texture pack
    good it works on bedrock

  29. DASHEDM says:

    Best shader for Bedrock Edition there is!

  30. User-8588959386 says:

    How do you fix the invisible block bug because I always get it I have a good device please help.

  31. User-4093410415 says:

    THANK YOUUUU! It’s amazing! ;D 5 star and i WISH i could rate more

  32. User-9642632629 says:

    Every time I try and add it to my realm nothing changes. It looks great on my personal worlds but iI just can’t get it to work on my realm, can anyone help?

  33. Đỗ Tuấn Dũng says:

    Can you make it that the beacon light is more vibrant (especially at night) and can be seen from far away? Anyway best Bedrock shader I’ve seen so far.


    Not many people know about this and nobody will care about this but it works on Education Edition! Normally these kinds of shader packs will crash Education Edition.


    Not many people know about this and nobody will care about this but it works on Education Edition! Normally these kinds of shader packs will crash Education Edition.

  36. Josh says:

    The sand is way to bright

  37. Mr.Spongey onesie says:

    Sadly the game keeps crashing and I have good gaming laptop? from the pictures I can tell it looks good. can someone tell me why it’s crashing??

  38. Oxo says:

    ABSOLUTE BEAUTIFUL, Everything tha expected but a little disappointed that the player doesn’t cast a shadow, is it for removing the lag, if not, please add the player it’s own shadow and a tone down the brightness a bit lower

  39. CherokeeNative says:

    need the lighting down just a little not much but other was it a real good .

  40. Justin Le says:

    Rename the file to “.zip”, “.zip_and_unzip” or “.zip and unzip” ?
    Also, is it compatible with IOS 13.3?
    Instructions are unclear.

    • Justin Le says:

      Actually, I was able to get it work after some time. I appreciate the amount of hard work that went into this. Nice shader!

  41. Error 404 - Page Not Found says:

    Can you make a texture pack that only has the waving leaves.
    Thanks! 🙂

  42. Anonymous says:

    The best shaders yet, but i think there is a bug with the manifest: It changes the whole menu and makes it unusable!!

  43. Shrek says:

    So I try and loading it on my pixel 3 and it’s not working. Every time I open a Minecraft world it’s just blank textures with particle effects. Help please

  44. logan says:

    can you update the shaders so the player has a shadow please and thank you

  45. AerioC says:

    So, I have an iPhone, and I had to reinstall Minecraft bcz I downloaded a pack that crashed MC Everytime I logged on, I downloaded the updated version of the pack, and when I logged onto the realm I played on, the whole world was void, everything was there, but block textures did not load. And were invisible. The pack does not work on my Iphone XR. My dissapointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  46. Twisted Bonnie4 says:

    So are the shaders still unsupported for xbox 1.14?

    Also i have a bug from when the shaders still worked there would be these lines in the water which I am guessing had spme thing to do with chunk boarders its my only real issue so tyo speek with the shaders but its not going to make me hate them just a bug report is all.

    Also thank younfor making really good shaders ive done a bit of coding before so I kow its is hard work thank you and have a good life sir or madam.

    Sincerely Twisted Bonnie.

    • Twisted Bonnie says:

      Also what Xbox compatible texture packs would be okay to use with this once its patched and what ones look good with it?

      • Guest-3090844984 says:

        when renderdragon was added on xbox this will not work,
        1.12 below that’s the version this can handle

  47. Miggle says:

    I’m on iOS and I’m trying to download it through my iMac but every time I download iFunbox and open it, my iMac says it isn’t safe. Can someone help me out with this?

    • Anonymous says:

      I can guarantee that it’s safe. But if it’s your laptop problem, use other devices to download and transfer them to your mac.

  48. Toxic says:

    This is one of the best Shaders I’ve ever used… There’s just one problem, I’m using a Texture that changes the Birch Leaves into a more Autumn Color, but for some reason when I use that Texture it stops the Birch Leaves from being wavy. Yes I could just not use that texture or just use another shader, but this Shader is one of the best I have and the Texture makes it more pretty and less bland. So can you please fix this bug 🙁

  49. Not an idiot says:

    Just to let you know unless you have a patent for the shader it is legal to modify it and distribute it so your warning is useless

  50. chinaklp says:

    Can I move this resource to the Chinese website

  51. Administrator says:

    Doesn’t work whatsoever. Spent 5 minutes copying a file into the game and certain textures work but the shader aspect is garbage

  52. Xbox Player says:

    You need to update the shader to accommodate the new graphics engine, Renderdragon

  53. Mr.MrIncognito says:

    I loved this shader when it worked for Xbox one. Well it still kinda workes because the sun and moons texture is still The Esbe 2g’s texture but i still think its good nonetheless 5/5 stars

  54. Anonymous says:

    One of the best shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. And also it is very lightweight and gives me almost no lag. Oh, and does anyone know how to remove the clouds??

    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn’t work. Someone help plz for ios

      • Anonymous says:

        Same person: but yeah I downloaded it. But each world is just blank. Nothing shows up. Help?

        • Claire1593 says:

          I seem to have the same problem, I downloaded it twice and both times my worlds are blank with only a few items like signs and banners showing up. I play iOS, btw.

          • Anonymous says:

            second same person: The whole world is a blackout. Only the glittering of Ender stick shows. The author wrote some of the android devices won’t work with this shader on. Maybe working the same with ios too. But why me…

  55. TamanduaGirl says:

    First time that I’m using shaders and not hating it. I have bedrock and Java and have not liked shaders on java. They either look really bad or lag horribly and freeze or both, so I don’t use them.

    This wasn’t too hard to install after finding the right folder for windows 10 BR. It doesn’t lag at all. The sky and water look great. The shadows are a little harsh(I’ve read same of all bedrock shaders though). Over All, I think it actually looks good. I’m using it with Chroma hills, which makes it even better.

  56. PugsLife says:

    I figured out how to make it work on PE. It’s not because a weak gpu or something, it’s because for what ever reason it doesn’t read zip of mcpack files correctly, only folders. So you have un zip it to a folder and use that instead and it’ll work when going in to a new world or just copy your old one. P.S This shader looks amazing, for PE.

  57. Hummer93 says:

    The light is amazing during evening, night and at the dawn. During the nuon everything is white.
    The animation of leaves and water laggs.

    • Patrick Lopes dos says:

      yes!!! the night and the rain is beaultiful, afternoon too! but in day is all too much bright, all white and no colorful. i allready try to change it on archives, but i dont have sucess 🙁

  58. Mattia says:

    Add Shadows on leaves and this Will Be the best shader ever

  59. eoaga says:

    Amazing pack, just wanted to let you know that you put remaded when you meant to put remade.

  60. trfeaqiworrsrntegrthgegf says:

    looks like alpha, ugly af

  61. Fire says:

    I’m playing on PE and it doesn’t work for me, nothing loads in I just see an empty void

  62. Leonardo says:

    Like all bedrock shaders, its a nice shader not gonna lie but its the shadows. Unlike basically all java shaders, the shadows are to straight and unreal like. Yes the shader is really nice, its just disappointing that i still cant find flowly smooth undefined shadows like java’s.

  63. TheDarkTubby1234 says:

    Not the best in comparation with some Java shaders, but it’s the only one that works with Bedrock Edition and it’s not a download for phones.

  64. Cucumber Suprise says:

    The shader is great but there’s a problem with entities and certain blocks they keep shaking and the textures keep lapping on each other please fix it

  65. Anonymous says:

    uhm hi, can i ask you something? can you add orange ish glow to the light please cuz i love everything about the shader specially underwater but a nice yellowy/orangy glow for the light would make it perfect thank you and keep it up (:

  66. Cuppy says:

    Did Render dragon come out on windows 10 ?

  67. Erongiloo says:

    Amazing. Everytime it gets updated I get the update. I’ve been using it since it came out, BECAUSE IT’S SO GOOD.

  68. joning says:

    please fix lag texture pack

  69. Ronaldo Perez says:

    How do I install

  70. Anonymous says:

    Favorite shader, would recommend

  71. Beep Beep says:

    This is the new Minecraft shader standart. 10/10 would recommend

  72. Ian Burton says:

    There is a shadow glitch with path blocks that make them super dark, other than that the shader is very well done.

  73. dfff says:

    I tried to activate this to my realm on Win10 but it doesn’t work. Although I have see others who are using this shader on their realms. Can any one help please?

    • Ender says:

      Same thing, it doesn’t work on my realm, but in private world it’s very beautiful, good work!! But how can I put it on my realm?

  74. Mingan says:

    So far, I have loved It. My issue stems from the fact that the reflection of the sun or moon light in the water can display a pretty notable cut whenever you reach the end of the repeating water tile. I was just wondering if you could make a version that keeps the same wave effects but just removes this issue. Pretty good tho.

  75. Jugo987 says:

    So now that there is a new method to downloading mods on xbox. Will there be an update so xbox players can access this again.

  76. NotMacro says:

    Can you release the custom clouds on this pack only cause the clouds are good for pvping!

    • NoJoTo says:

      You could modify this pack for yourself to remove everything but the clouds. Also, how are clouds good for pvp? I mean, sure, they look nice, but that has nothing to do with pvp; it simply has to do with the graphics. Sure, graphics can make gameplay nicer, but in this instance the graphical enhancement (clouds) applies to all forms of gameplay, not just pvp. Sorry for that ramble.

  77. Anon says:

    How do you switch to texture render? I couldn’t find anything of the sort

  78. Patrick says:

    I have been using this for 2 months. It is very good but it looks very bright to me I would like to change the lighting and coloration … could you tell me how? Already tried but did not understand the files.

  79. AlfarihaFasya26 says:

    Please provide support on several Androids for the sky!

  80. ThatOneMaggew says:

    CREATOR!!! How can i make it so that the sun and moon be a different texture from another texture pack, if you cant do it, can you at least tell me where the files are so that i can delete them

  81. Candy says:

    Hey, just wanted to say that the shader doenst lag. However it looks like it its glitching

  82. dylan says:

    whenever i apply this shader all my blocks textures disappear and they appear invisible?

  83. Anonymous says:

    Some blocks are having glitch issues. So far ive noticed, granite, composters and red stone torches.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Excellent shader although I would like more wave in vegetation and in more crop plants

  85. Anonymous says:

    could u fix the seam on the water reflection? where water reflection textures meet.

  86. xrolando25 says:

    This crashes my game once my world starts loading up. Im on Windows 10. Any fixes?

  87. Thomas says:

    This is awesome and that’s all I have to say. 👍🏻 ❤️😍

  88. Anonymous says:

    (Hopefully this comment wasn’t left twice but)
    Good pack, however, I noticed chests and signs aren’t affected by the shader, not sure if this is a flaw on my part or not.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Love the shader, however, I’m not sure if this is a mistake on my part or not, but I noticed that chests and signs aren’t affected by the shaders at all and look really weird and jarring as a comparison to the things around them.

  90. BrustachioYT says:

    I just wanted to let you know you are doing a great job with updating and improving this shader! I’ve been using this shader for 3 months and it’s great!

  91. AlfarihaFasya26 says:

    can you add android support for sky?

  92. Lucas says:

    Hi, how can I fix the leaves and water animations to be rendered consistently at the maximum frame rate on Android? The game runs perfectly but it’s only those custom shader animations that get slow over time to a point where it renders at 1fps. Also on PC it just don’t happen.

    But thanks 🙂

    • REEEEEEEE says:

      This happens to me as well, it’s very annoying to see how smooth your game runs but watch the water flow at 1 fps. Still a good shader though

  93. okboomer says:

    pls help after i activate this shader my skin is invisible 😔😔

  94. Anonymous says:

    This is a great shader but I was wondering if you could also make it compatible with resource packs that change the leaves? I have a resource pack that changes birch leaves to cherry blossom leaves for example but that means that they no longer sway with the shader. Would it be possible to fix this? Thanks

  95. Sasha golodnuk says:

    Lighting foggy make it realistic without foggy lighting !!!

  96. AlfarihaFasya26 says:

    please for the sky is updated specifically for Android !!!

  97. Josh says:

    Please Xbox 1.13

  98. ucup says:

    please make this shader support mali GPU :'(

  99. Been using this shader in my worlds for awhile and it’s really, really good. I absolutely love the tweaks you’ve made! (:

  100. Anonymous says:

    One quick problem popped up, the shaders made my iOS mcpe blocks invisible. Is there anything I could do or could be fixed ?

  101. Maxil89 says:

    El mejor shader de win 10!! Corre exelente y con Addons 11/10

  102. You don't need that says:

    Upgraded from 3 to 4.1 and the improvement is AMAZING!

  103. Sankalp says:

    Thank you for making this awesome Shader Pack!! I luv the Shaders

  104. kyrot1c says:

    i have a problem wherever i use the shaders any painting and itemframe glitches out

    • Frank says:

      Yes all entities beds and some black are glitches out
      Plsss its the perfect shader for everyone but the glitch is so annoying plssss remove the glitch effects

  105. euphoriqx says:

    This shader is really cool! I reccomend mixing it with AeroStar Modern and MizunoCraft 16×16.

  106. Leo says:

    Can we see it working on xbox in the future? I really loved playing it on xbox… :/

  107. Anonymous says:

    The clouds never work on any of them idk why…

  108. Ahemad says:

    very good shaders really impressed!

  109. CreativeMines says:

    I have been looking for a good shader for a long time, and this shader is amazing! The whole world seems more colorful and vibrant with the shader on. Daylight lights up the world, sunsets look even better than before, and the night sky looks beautiful. I love how the water looks, from above and under, and how the leaves and plants sway in the wind. I would definitely recommend this shader!

  110. Chris says:

    Weird bug that makes entities look as if under a shadow

  111. captainrobots says:

    In the beta and everything is invisible except a banner.

  112. hijino0507 says:

    고맙습니다. 1.13.1 정상 작동 됩니다. 잘쓸게요.

  113. JanGames says:

    Nice Shader!

  114. Alust says:

    This shader is better than CSPE and is free.
    That shader need to improve.
    I have to see how i can send you donation from my country.
    I live in Panama so you know..
    Keep up you work works fine in samsung devices. I don’t know why the others guys say that they have problems.

  115. Boy2239 says:

    我的ROG phone1手機能完美運行,流暢60fps。這個著色器越來越真實了,太棒了!Minecraft 是1.12版本。

  116. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work for 1.13

  117. Alust says:

    Working good in Galaxy A50.
    Can you make a lite version of this shader?.
    Because the brigness water underwater make my minecraft down to30fps
    Is only that.
    The other features is nice

  118. Fasya says:

    perbaiki langit untuk android!

  119. EnderPro303 says:

    Can you make this compatible for IPad Air 2 plz?

  120. EnderPro303 says:

    Can you make this compatible with iPad Air 2?

  121. hamsterdude says:

    This is a great resource pack, but please tone down the effect of torches (and glowstone). The torches give a pale colour to everything and the saturation is not enough.

  122. TheCaptain102 says:

    Great Shaders. Having trouble having download on mobile though! For pc, great graphics! one thing you could add is more shadows. If I build something decently tall, the shadows dont apply.

  123. Imnever says:

    Are you ever going to fix it for Xbox? I miss my shaders already.

  124. Lynx says:

    Why is the animation of tree leaves and water slowdown after a while?

    • Alust says:

      You need to search a file called ” renderperframeconstant” others shaders have it. So you can get that file and copy in the file shaders of esbe

  125. Random Guy says:

    can it work on iphone6?

  126. Toby :() says:

    This shader makes it so I can’t see anything

  127. ItalianMiner92 says:

    I like this shader! Please, add some light physics for light sources

  128. (Da best shaders ever created!) says:

    very good shader, people that says this is a bad shader, no it is not, well thats what you think.
    anyways, i have suggestions for this shader —
    1. please add player shadow 🙂
    2. make realistic rain or sounds

  129. Anonymous says:

    In version 4.0 iOS, the leaves do not wave like they are in wind like previous versions. Also, the leaves texture are changed

  130. mumdad says:

    please fix it for xbox!

  131. CODEX! says:

    Bad poopy shaders… Use Parallax Shaders its better then this bad shader!

  132. Josh says:

    Pls make this work on x-box. It looks really good on the iPad and with another texture pack it makes it look even better. So please x-box 1.13

  133. Wolfy says:

    It isn’t working on the IPad now if this is a bug plz fix it fast because this shader is really good

  134. Wolfy says:

    It isn’t working on the IPad now if this is a bug plz fix it fast

  135. Brian Perez says:

    The pack is VERY VERY GOOD! It runs very smoothly on my device. (Samsung Galaxy A30)
    The only problem that i have is that after some time, the animations of leaves, the waves, the underwater ripples, and the aurora borealis seems to be choppy/get very slow. If this is fixed this is probbably the best shader i have ever seen. Please fix it.

  136. Heifetz says:

    The pack isnt working on ipad now
    Plz fix that
    Love your pack soooooooo much

  137. Revan_XVII says:

    When the changelog says “under water view is no more disturbed” please tell me that means there was just a bug fix and the underwater ripple effect is still there. It’s such a good part of the pack, adds a little more realism to the water.

  138. Will says:

    Used this on 1.12. It’s a really great shader. However, now does not work on

  139. Hirumi says:

    :c hey something was happening to mobs when you apply this shader you can see whats inside the mob, and they turn black pls fix this also it works but i wanted a water realistic the water is mixed with a vannila texture of water and to this shader water

  140. kai says:

    so i downloaded it and tried to import it into my game but it just keeps saying “level import failed” Is there anyway i can fix this? 🙁 im on windows 10 version

  141. Sasha golodnuk says:


  142. Millie Carter says:

    Hi I was wondering what apps you used to download and convert the file. I did this in Documents and it said it couldn’t download.

  143. Van says:

    Really good shader but the new IOS 13 is making things a lot more difficult 😒

  144. Joshua Pryor says:

    could you create a way to use it for x-box 1.13

  145. . says:

    How to Download This On Android???

  146. Personne says:

    Renderdragon 👌👌👌

  147. Uh oh stinky says:

    Renderdragon 😘😊

  148. Smurf says:

    Any news about 1.13 shaders for xbox? All other shaders suck. My realm is really missing your shaders since the 1.13 update.

  149. Anonymous says:

    This really needs 1.13 support big time this was my main mod on xbox now its gone because the games finally updated to 1.13

  150. Francisco says:

    You should make a planet Namek shaders pack from DragonBall Z.

  151. CrypticDawson says:

    Can confirm that this DOESN’T work on Xbox. My game crashed repeatedly and my world I attempted to use this on was corrupted. Luckily, I test every pack I install on a new blank world to see if it’s safe or not. I DO NOT recommend testing this pack on a world you hold dear on the Xbox One because it’s not stable and you will lose everything. I tried this pack on my phone, however, and it was beautiful. No hate towards to the pack or the creator, I’m just warning you guys. Love the pack

  152. Kibz says:

    Update for mcbe 1.14 please

  153. Tsto says:

    Its just wonderful. Everything looks awsome
    Wow 5⭐

  154. Justneedtweaks says:

    Everything is all good with samsung a10, But the problem i have is that chunks generate really weird. But good shader!

  155. Anonymous says:

    I like how you try to not exclude nintendo switch edition. That’s all I really have to say but I could try it on that version if you really wanted me to.

  156. Anonymous says:

    Too bright in the daylight

  157. Mr.CrayFish says:

    Suggestion: Make the lava and fire torches and all light (Not the daylight light but just from the lava fire torches and etc.) A bit more orange and add a bit more graphic

  158. Henry says:

    Amazing Shader. Only Problem Is That going up and down my water elevator is quite laggy. But that’s probably my iPad. I give it 5 stars. I love the swaying trees and the lights are so pretty!!

  159. caleb says:

    whats the gpu recommended for this and what problems would i need to check before download on ios

  160. Homeless Man says:

    This pack is 95% perfect, but can anyone with experience in how shaders work tell me: 1. How to adjust the brightness of lights, or remove the light shader completely? Lights are just too bright for the world I want to use it on. 2. Alter the distant block rendering or revert it to vanilla? There’s this really weird “melting” effect on tall structures in the distance, they smoothly disappear from top down as you get far away from them well within the 64 chunk render distance. It kid of ruins my skylines and is distracting. Would it be easier just to extract the water, shadow/sun, and cloud effects from the pack and use only them?

  161. Mikaaa says:

    This shaders is so pretty!! But can i please make a request? I dont really have a powerful device to run this smoothly sadly 🙁 but if you could please make a version with the same color pallete non moving clouds and shadows that would be so cool for low end devices! I dont really need all the good stuff since its making me lag. Also sorrg if this may sound rude but in my opinion the dark shadows on the grass block looks really weird on the terrain xD sorry just my opinion, thats my only criticism other wise this shader is rlly pretty!🤠🤠

  162. Caidem says:

    Can you make this shader not so laggy on low end devices like the amazon tablet hd10 also love your texture pack 1000/10

  163. Gabriel / ZOCKERRABBIT says:

    – The Shader at all
    – Water Glitch between Chunks

  164. suhone says:

    omg! Thanks! Sout Korea 40 old daddy. my sons very happy!

  165. Anonymous says:

    Please, remove northern lights for the sky – it’s the very laggy. And do optimisation for devices.

  166. Anonymous says:

    These are the best shaders I ever used. It doesn’t modify any of the messages you see, such as the splash text and the messages in the “generating world” box. When the messages are modified, it annoys me. It runs great on my first-generation iPad Air and only lags when swimming in water. Great job! 🙂

  167. Anonymous says:

    it didnt let me download the texture pack for some reason, it didnt giv eme the option to;-;

  168. Kirito SAMA says:

    Movement of leaves Nice
    Water Nice
    Sky Nice

    the shadow Very very bad
    Is there a way to remove (shadow) please help me

  169. Anonymous says:

    For god sake don’t add 1.13 (beta) tags to this mod if it doesn’t work on 1.13.

  170. blank says:

    hOly heck I’ve spent ages trying to find a shader that would work on Xbox one! (I make the world on Mcpe then join on Xbox) THANK YOU I found this from a map someone made on here

  171. 7joelink7 says:

    Amazing I tested it out on Xbox One and it works perfectly I’m just wondering why they didn’t show case the underwater shading it’s amazing.

  172. C-Loz says:

    Is there anyway I can stop the grass and leaves from moving? Everything else is awesome. If I play for long the leaves moving on trees are kind of trippy for me. I’ve tried editing myself but I have no clue what I’m looking for.

  173. Name says:

    Why do I load the shader and the world turns white+_+

  174. 3DsChu says:

    Is unsupported on iPhone

  175. Recklesss says:

    the sun, clouds, and moon won’t show up for me. I’m playing on a pc that has 16 gigs ram 2080ti and an AMD ryzen 3900x. I’m pretty sure I have the specs for it 100 percent. is the download corrupt or something.

  176. Anonymous says:


  177. minecraft is better than fortnite says:

    this is so cool

  178. el3ctro1507 says:

    for the love of god, please fix that cut in the light of the water, for some reason it bothers me an absurd amount, everything else is fine though

  179. Weiss Schnee says:

    How would you go about editing the texture pack? It says we have permission to, but I don’t know how to go about that. I’m a CS major and I could probably learn from it.

  180. ann says:

    It’s really good, but a bit laggy

  181. SeranaXx says:

    CREATOR, I love this shader! Just a suggestion, it would be cool to have clear water like IRL 😀 As well as more lighting, hard to explain but some sort of brightness to the environment, I always see it in shaders where the environment is bright, just the look of that looks nice.

  182. Sergio says:

    Shaders looks good but how can I solve my problem? When I try to download it on mediafire it downloads but it keeps saying repair your download, I press it but nothing happens, any suggestions on what I should do?

  183. i have none idea says:

    Every Block is invisible for me, I am on Windows 10. This should work everyone is saying that it works perfectly but I have problems with any block loading. I just see banners and the sun

  184. DarkestEnder says:

    Hey, This Shader is Awesome! Every now and then the movement of the Water and the plants are very broken. So i have to keep re-installing it. but now it wont ever work! TBH i want this shader to be in default minecraft!

  185. Unknow says:

    A Very realistic shader 👌 I look forward to having this shader updated. 😀

  186. HumphreyGamingYT says:

    Update request for the render engine (RenderDragon), update was on September 14. Shadows still work but everything else is the default minecraft texture.

  187. Anonymous says:

    ok so its an absolutly great shader the only one on this website that actually worked and was easy to install because the file type was MCPACK. the only problem is that the water and plant animations seem to go in a loop as normal but the loop repeats very suddenly. like it lags a lot not effecting my framerate or anything, just the animations are laggy

  188. Big_Man_kev says:

    do a zip. because it works on my xbox

  189. Minecraft fan says:

    It Works very good on minecraft pocket edition thanks

  190. UwU ♡ says:

    I love this shader so much! It works perfectly on Xbox to <3

  191. Lamarplayz says:

    the new beta introduce render dragon and on xbox your shader dosen’t work so can you make the shader work with render dragon?

  192. Anonymous says:

    Wow!It is vary,vary beutiful shader!Thank You!

  193. Rose XBL says:

    doesn’t work on xbox, just makes the game crash.

  194. Alex says:

    Do pistons still work when the shaders are turned on?

  195. realstreetcrafter says:

    i play on xbox one and this is the best thing thats ever happened to me 10/10 i luv u

  196. ùwú says:

    Works nicely on iOS (I have an 8 plus) and doesn’t lag at all, even with other mod packs.

  197. DisputedRelic87 says:

    I tried it on mcpe Android and it looked very cool but IT WAS SO LAGGY Plz Fix

  198. Ryan Broadwater says:

    Every Block is invisible all i can see is the moon and sun, why?

    • Idk what to call myself says:

      hello i would like to infirm you
      ITS YOUR DEVICE that’s why it’s invisible
      I had this on a different shaders but this one works so I recommend getting another shader 🙂

  199. Julian says:

    I’m on (MCPE) 1.12.1 and on iOS 13 beta and whenever I download it all my blocks are invisible 🙁

  200. Jay says:

    This works great on a samsung s8, I’m able to run it alongside chroma hills 64x for a pretty nice experience. One problem I’m having is ,even without chroma hills, the wavey water & leaves seems to slow down after a few minutes. It looks like the water has 2fps while the rest of the game runs smoothly but when I first load a world the water transitions smoothly.

  201. Anonymous says:

    This is no doubt the best and smoothest shader for xbox and the water is the most realistic you will get for console pc has ultra realistic been after a ultra realistic but none work on xbox but this is my go to for shaders the water would be better if you get rid of the blue and try and make it as close as an ultra textures that it will allow

    By the way I love the new under water effects by seeing the ripples on the sand love it

  202. Spicydisco says:

    Never worked, just made everything in game white

  203. Anonymous says:

    This shader is amazing, but there are a few fixes and additions I would love. First with the water, I love the way you made the waves and reflections, but underneath that you can still see the original water texture and it’s kinda weird, could you also add a reflection of the player too, that would be amazing. 2nd the plant movement, I love it but could you make food plants, and bamboo leaves move, also make all leave types move. Pls read this I love your mod, thx

  204. dhruv says:

    really nice shader. love it, but the only problem is that the lighting in the day is way to bright and you should add shadows to some of the stuff in the day

  205. M.sumo says:

    I tried and its just the regualar texture plz fix

  206. Fellipe Dasilva says:

    The Water in mushroom biomes Doesn’t have the texture at the top, but otherwise great shader!

  207. bingbing says:

    I installed v3.0 and i dont see any blocks at all. Windows 10 btw

  208. Angious2004 says:

    This is my favourite non-vanilla shadder, I just love how the water flows and how it interacts with the light.

  209. Fellipe Dasilva says:

    There’s a bug where the inland Mushroom biome water is not animated at the top, but other wise amazing shaders!

  210. kadvaru says:

    even after a bunch of adjustments i still feel like really bright blocks such as sand are hard to look at. however, i’ll give credit where its due. definitely one of the better shaders as its not as bright as the others, and not oversaturated. i very much like the water as well

    • homeless man says:

      How did you make adjustments? I’m trying to figure out how to fine tune things but I have no clue where in the file to do it.

  211. justZitt_ says:

    its too cool to be real

  212. Samuel G. says:

    How come that theoretically an iPhone 5s shluld be strong enough with 61k Antutu benchmark to run the shadders but my Redmi Note 4 with 86k Antutu score lags heavily with the shadders turned on?

  213. T Craft says:

    Support Broadcom? Please Reply

  214. Anonymous says:

    2.1 works on W10, but 3.0 does not.

  215. No Name says:

    A huge request, remove the effect of the northern lights from the shaders, because of it lags strongly.

  216. Virus is Here says:

    All i see is black please fix 🙂

    • Anon says:

      I had the same problem, just turn off fancy graphics, should work! But do keep smooth lighting on if you still wanna see the shader’s quality xD

  217. tyler says:

    While the lighting in the day time needs to be changed as its wayyy to washed out in its current state this is still a really good shader and im excited to see where it goes. Keep up the good work!

  218. SS1kingcreepa says:

    Very good addon! its epic, but the new update made leaves, grass, and underwater blocks “sway” too fast…

  219. Anonymous says:

    Haha, running shaders pack on my Xbox One S with no lag!
    Gorgeous shader pack. I just love it. I can barely even play the game without it!

  220. Bow says:

    The line feed code is wrong

  221. OmnipotentHD says:

    V 3.0 Works on Xbox. Can confirm, looks great!

  222. Vanguard says:

    Fantastic shader overall, and I absolutely love the water, but the lighting makes the terrain very difficult to look at, it’s flat and lighting is static. if dynamic lighting and smoother design could be implemented this would be perfect

  223. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic shader overall, and I absolutely love the water, but the lighting makes the terrain very difficult to look at, it’s flat and lighting is static. if dynamic lighting and smoother design could be implemented this would be perfect

  224. Bum says:

    needs to be updated, thanks!

  225. TheLDiamond says:

    Thank you for this. I’ve been looking for a good shader that I like and this is perfect. The lighting is great, water is great and I can see at night without needing other light sources, which was a problem I had with other shaders.

  226. Unknown says:

    The clouds don’t work

  227. Austen says:

    It won’t work on mine. The world loads and the shader shows up in resources but it isn’t showing anything just the standard minecraft. Any ideas?

    • IAlwaysHelp says:

      This also happened to me on only one world though. I am currently on xbox running this smoothly. Have any more questions message me on xbox “MasterChief564x.”

  228. DelTaco24 says:

    This shaders promises a beautiful and realistic looking world and it gives you that but, the oceans are a bit laggy.

  229. Carlagrana08 says:

    Really why the terrain is so dark but the sun is fine fix this – android 7.1.1

  230. WolfyGaming says:

    This is absolutely amazing
    It’s so beautiful the only problem I have is a chunk line in the water but other then that It’s better them the other shader I have

  231. Sobolev says:

    Everything work on Xbox one S! BUT can we please have dynamic light??? Pleeeease)

  232. A guy says:

    Its really dark only places with sun light are bright plz help im on android 8.0.0

  233. Xboxone tester says:

    Works on xbox one, water looks great minus chunk line, night, day and overcast skys great as well. Added a “better shadows and lighting” to the shaders folder it and use it with “CHROMA HILLS” texture pack for best effect on console because I am to lazy to find an hd texture pack or keep it updated. lol. Great work!!!

    HOW DO YOU UPLOAD ON XBOX? LMAO!!! [USB STICK & UFO.TRANSFER]. If you dont understand how to mod you most likely should not be modding. Do research you’ve been given too much info as it is….

    Its a shame because at one point you could replace the city texture pack with your own so the system would let you set it and make it your default pack. would have been great to have this with it but they patched it so I guess ill just use this on my realm.

  234. Samuel says:

    The shader does not work for me on iOS 13

  235. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this shader, the best one for bedrock at this moment if someone asked me, but theres a pretty annoying bug right now that makes a side of the chest (and other blocks like the chest) darker, and not just a bit, its way too dark. I think is something related to orientation because it always happens to the same side, no matter where i put the chest and the light source. It would be great if you could fix it, thanks again 🙂

  236. Oran says:

    Great shader although it’s very bright on xbox.

  237. Yax-Kin says:

    Please!!!! 🙂 Updated!!!

  238. Netasu says:

    Can i use your shaders in my video?
    I like so much this shaders.

  239. David says:

    Please a “.ZIP” versión bro, to export a xbox one

  240. Captain_Elingo says:

    I love this shader it looks so cool.

  241. Anonymous says:

    Cool shaders, really makes Minecraft look great!

  242. Rage says:

    It says it supports 1.12 windows but it doesn’t work

  243. jammster10 says:

    I saw this pack and thought it looked great. I downloaded it and saw it was a .mcpac, so I was excited. But when I used it, every block was invisible. This happens with other packs that I have tried before, is there something else I am supposed to do other than downloading and moving the file? I am using Windows 10.

    • F5ix says:

      That’s because you need to change the .mcpack into a .zip, then extract it into a folder, then install it

    • heysoulsisteraintthatmistermister says:

      that happened to me. before i installed mcpacks by moving them to the actual resource pack folder. when i just clicked on the mcpack, it installed it for me. and then the shaders started to work.

  244. Anonymous says:

    Please make a .zip file. I’m on iOS 13 and .mcpack does not work.

  245. 1BitElectricWolf says:

    I played on Xbox One. It is possible and it works. All the features are there.

  246. Retr0 says:

    It works very well on Xbox, IOS, and Win10. This pack is beautiful.

  247. zLava_ says:

    best shaders for windows 10 , but water’s texture does not sync

  248. gayboy69 says:

    very smooth on my computer 🙂 love it for my first shaders pack! 😀

  249. T Craft says:

    Support ram 1gb?

  250. Dae says:

    This works strangely for me… Sky works fine. Water has no effect. The shader itself works but only at a distance. Freshly rendered chunks are able to be seen with the shader, but once it loads, the shaders stop working. I’m on windows 10. Also, it works for xbox, but it does the same thing to them that it does to me.

  251. Lina Duhh says:

    Is there any other way I can download instead of media file my computer blocked it :p

  252. Leokalan8 says:

    Works on Xbox perfectly!

  253. Aritra Mukherjee says:

    Everything is very well done. I noticed a problem with chests. No matter which light source is placed in front, the chest is always rendered dark.

  254. Lee Webster says:

    im sorry but WHAT it dont work on low end ive tested nor xbox so stop saying it does it crashes minecraft fix it >:(

  255. braulio garcia says:

    great looking shader that actually works

  256. HyprenYT says:

    Can u remove that constant line In the water it would be 100% Perfect but that line glitch is bugging me and it does work on xbox good job

  257. Alust says:

    Still the waves have lag or freeze.
    You have to check the style of DMPE, CSPE or TSPE
    They have a file that keep the waves moving.

  258. Danielle says:

    beautiful shaders man! no issues except lag but thats my problem not yours 🙂

  259. ananamas says:

    This is the closest thing to ray tracing fore mcpe

  260. Anonymous says:


  261. nimon says:

    everything looks invisible to me on ip6s. How do i make it work? please help

  262. cardinalcaesar4 says:

    AWW MAN this is probably the best shader for windows 10

  263. Dan says:

    Most shaders I’ve used on Xbox haven’t looked too good, or didn’t work at all, with crashes all over, but this one looks great, and I haven’t had any crashes or slowdowns at all. Keep up the good work!

  264. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work on iOS 🙁

  265. Duan says:

    NICE! It´s works perfectly in Windows 10!

  266. disomocan7 says:

    Please make the sand less bright

  267. Anonymous says:

    It crashes my game everytime and when im on someone elses world it does the same thing

    • Anonymous says:

      Get a new phone

    • Leo Benyo says:

      I believe this is because you do not have permissions to windows store game folders. There is a way of unlocking this permission, but it is complicated and will take some time. Every texture pack did this for me as well, until I unlocked the permissions. I consulted youtube and everything turned out okay. If your game keeps crashing, it will likely stop in exactly 24 hours.

  268. Timingplanet says:

    I can confirm this does work on xbox one

    • IAmZoomi says:

      I have a question I downloaded it but it’s a MCPACK so you can’t use it? Is there a zip file and if there is can you tell me we’re?

  269. Patches33001 says:

    Crashes the game when used with certain texture packs.

  270. Secret says:

    It’s good but PLEASE, PLEASE.. The shadows are COMPLETELY BLACK for me! How do i fix it?

  271. Anonymous says:

    Does not work on my xbox 1.
    Y it crash ;(

  272. revvguy says:

    Works well on windows 10. no fps drop (For me), underwater effects are cool af ngl. totally recommended.

  273. BO0_D0O says:

    Its So Beutiful :O

  274. Tack says:

    Works on Xbox

  275. Xen0HunT says:

    Tested on both Android an XboxOne. On my Android phone works fine but at cost of low framerate, lowered chunks distance at minimum (6) helps a little. On XboxOne it’s working fine, a bit brighter but its great. Thanks for share it..! I like it..!!

  276. William Jones says:

    All blocks are invisible for me 🙁

  277. Ashy says:

    This is a really beautiful shader but when it rains, the water effects go away.

  278. Anonymous says:

    Watch and understand bruddah

  279. Max says:

    Really nice but to much light when day. Is there a possibility to make it slightly darker?

  280. Anonymous says:

    You should and a zip file for xbox

  281. SmartMCKid2012 says:

    Can you combine it with Faithul?

  282. Anonymous says:

    I play on Xbox One S and i can’t use it because i need a .zip file .mcpack dosent work on console

  283. Zombie Slayer says:

    The underwater effects look beautiful and the leaves/grass moves smoothly. Awesome job!

  284. LeBron says:

    It works on xbox^o^

  285. WishLOLZ says:

    Good but you should make the water effect on water when you are not in it, but other than that it’s nice.

  286. Tiny Dragon says:

    it is wonderful and works well and I like the brightness

  287. Jack says:

    When downloading, just change .mcpack to .zip

  288. tyler says:

    Like most shaders it looks great when its NOT morning. Also the blocks all have this washed-out, almost dead look to them. I think its cause a lot of the colors get washed out. Aside from that i think this is the best shaders for MC Bedrock yet. I just need the above issues fixed. Keep up the good work!

  289. Endermenking09 says:

    So cooool I love it so much it works great plus awsome graphics and it’s not laggy I love this shader I’m keeping it FOREVER i LOVE IT thank u so much 🙃

  290. gengHAr15 says:

    I am seriously impressed by how this shader, despite being fairly simple, yet very beautiful and pleasant… This shader pack has officially envied UltraMax Shader.

  291. anon says:

    ryzen 5 2600 + rx 580 win 10 edition, shader works fine up to max chunk distance, mc crashes when i go fullscreen though

  292. BlockbusterUA says:

    Everything is just black. None of the textures load. I don’t know how to fix it. I am using the right version.

  293. lol says:

    Hey I Really Like This Shader, But I don’t like the Glow Effect :/ Can You Please Fix It

  294. Goldie says:

    Every couple of updates, they patch a certain code and most shaders stop working. But right now, I’d say this is the best working one.

  295. Goonmize says:

    Test on day one edition xbox with render distance turned up to 60 chunks. Works perfect!!

  296. HirwrC says:

    This is the best realistic shader I’ve ever used in my entire life! Beauty of the effects can’t be described by words. And all of that without lag! (even on my potato!) I can’t say a bad word about this shader. Only thing I can do is to recommend this thing to every minecraft player!

  297. Annoki says:

    Outstanding shader, best I’ve seen but, the saturation is far too high during the morning. For example, Natural Mystic has the best look during the morning. Other small problem, paintings and other items appear dark when placed. You can fix it by turning off fancy graphics but, you cannot see underwater with it off. Fixing these problems will leave you with a perfect shader to share with everyone.

  298. Anonymous says:

    Works on Xbox one. Only problems is that it’s too bright even with my brighteners down

  299. Anonymous says:

    Almost perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of the lights, sky, water, and night. I’m only complaining about how it looks in the morning. The saturation is to too high. For example, “Natural Mystic Shaders”has a great example of what a good morning looks like.
    Now, there’s one more problem I’d like to put out there. Paintings and other items (like bells) appear dark. You can fix this by turning off fancy graphics, but, if you go underwater you cannot see anything.
    Please fix these few things and you will have yourself a perfect shader to share with everyone.

  300. Jacob says:

    In the update it said don’t use shaders it will destroy your game…

  301. Evie says:

    Please can someone tell me how to upload it onto Xbox one S !!!!

  302. Anderson says:

    Absolutely beautiful. The signs and stuff are a little dark. People are saying the lighting is a little too high and I agree but it still looks good. The best shader I’ve used on MC Bedrock.

  303. Just a guy says:

    As of now, the shader from my experience doesn’t work on Xbox with or without mods. But I bet this is a great shader, and I hope everyone has a great day.

  304. Jogrewai says:

    Wow, im impressed. Thank you. 😀

  305. john says:

    I like it but the brightness needs to be turned down alot

  306. neko says:

    why my moon and sun still square and not circle as shown on screenshot above ?

  307. Firexxe says:

    From 5 Shaders i’ve downloaded on this site. Simply this one is the best, my only problem is when i look at the sky in night, it lags a lot. Otherwise everything is perfect. Device : Xiaomi Mi A2 4/64

  308. Anonymous says:

    Does anybody know how to upload a texture pack to a Xbox one S

  309. Dew says:

    Is it normal for the trees and water waving to look laggy

  310. Kim says:

    In My ipad in bedrock edition, it makes me crash but it was the most Beautiful thing ive ever seen

  311. EthanTGE says:

    I love this Shader, probably one of the best ones so far, my only issue is that, when i look at the sky whether is day or night, it kind of lags. Maybe its something to do with the pack, but if you find out if this is an issue, then fix it, I would rate it 5 stars 😉

  312. John Doe says:

    plants and leaves waving are a little glitchy on windows 10

  313. Anonymous says:

    Its beautiful because it has aurora in the sky. But sad thing, I experienced 3-5 frame rate so not recommended for low end. I thought at first it can run on my device since it is only 100 kb but I was wrong, it crash my game😂😂😂. Please optimized or make a lite version where only sky effects is available for users like me.

  314. Bro says:

    I love this!!!! But the you should remove the original water texture, it looks weird. Thank you for an amazing shader.

  315. LinkSans2000 says:

    Beautiful. Best shader pack I’ve ever used.

  316. Thunder says:

    This is amazing. But there is one problem though. The water has waves but only when i move…. when i stay still it just has the reflection and no waves… PLEASE fix that this is the best shader pack please i want it better

  317. wildkxrd says:

    I’ve downloaded the pack on PC and it turns everything invisible. I’ve tried reinstalling and it still does the same thing. Does anyone have a fix?

  318. MrSlenderCV says:

    For Xbox, i need a zip rather than a mcpack, Unfortunately for me idk how to get it but, i hope i’ll find out.

  319. Jack says:

    Works great but waaaaaay too bright, makes it come off as tacky looking sometimes

  320. Chief says:

    Which file do I download for mobile?

  321. Obama says:

    The shader looks great and all but you seriously have a lot of issues to fix,one is on android (my phone is a Samsung galaxy a20) water is pure black and I can only see my hand in it,second is the extremely shutter moving grass,tree leaves,and water,its like it’s running on my old phone while it’s not laggy at all for me,and third is that your shader bugs out with ANY addon or resource pack so it’s basically useless to modify your world to act better. I’ll only come back to this shader if you fix all these problems on android…

  322. Sike says:

    Damn that’s the best shaders i’ve seen of all time.

  323. Brayden108 says:

    This Shader is amazing! I haven’t had a shader like this ever in Bedrock edition. I don’t know how you did it, but it is amazing!

  324. Zy says:

    It works for the original Xbox one
    Fri Aug 9

  325. Anonymous says:

    So far its crashing my game but i did manage to import it into my xbox smoothly

  326. Anonymous says:

    Xbox one s crashes my game.

  327. Meow says:

    This is the best shader pack I have ever seen, although I found 2 issues. Paintings appear very dark no matter if light is on them or not, and if you go underwater and look up when its night, it makes the sky appear like its day. If you would fix these things, that would be great!

  328. Anonymous says:

    This makes my Minecraft freeze and stuff

  329. Dango King says:

    If you could just make it so that the water connected seamlessly this shader would be perfect

  330. Deasktop says:

    Nice! Is it ok to do an adventure map with this?

  331. CherokeeNative says:

    Look good but the light need to be turn down just a bit

  332. Mr. Human says:

    This steals some code from Tint shaders 1.0.5 (Not the one on MCPEDL, the one with parallax occlusion), And most other midgets are stolen from Natural Mystic!

  333. MATZKATZ33 says:

    Best Shader for Windows 10!!! I’m really happy with it.

  334. pixelman546 says:

    Oh my goodness. I havent had a good, reliable Win10 shader to pair with my graphics card for years. This is very well crafted; Astounding job. Made my jaw drop XD

  335. NewSquirrel9176 says:

    New name: The Crash Your Game Shader.

  336. TheDarkTubby1234 says:

    Finally! Literally every shader I downloaded didn’t change the water! I’m so proud!

  337. Blocky Gamer says:

    Love this! Sooper good looking and bright and water looks amazing too but I lag super bad when I get near or into the water and I would say I have a decent Android device

  338. Alesscreeper says:

    It’s amazing, I’m on windows 10 and it works perfectly, I’ve never seen a shader for minecraft BE so good

  339. SCPfan313 says:

    I love it but how can I reduce the lag

  340. Jivk says:

    When using a shader, almost all the blocks turned black. Device: Redmi 5A, Android. Please fix this problem.

  341. Mcbe_Eringi says:

    Doesn’t works on some Android device…(like “natural mystic shader”does)
    sorry, I don’t know why

  342. Anonymous says:

    I love it this is a really good shaders, and it also works for xbox

  343. Herobrine9988 says:

    I Wished The Shader Worked For Me. Everything In The Screenshots Look Cool But When I Use It In Game The Whole Ground Is Pure Black! It’s Really Creepy! Could You Tell How To Fix This?

  344. SSB Beat says:

    This shader is epic 10/10

  345. toga says:

    Underwater looks pretty neat. Works on Iphone XS max.

  346. Nessa_xox says:

    It does not work for ios mcpe 🙁

  347. ATXL says:

    The lighting looks great so far I haven’t tested it yet

  348. LoAlCo says:

    The clouds are nice, love being underwater and the waves are what I’ve been trying to find in a shader. Works on Xbox btw. Even recommended it to a streamer and now he uses it while streaming. 10/10 Can’t wait to see future updates.

  349. Dog² says:

    Wasn’t able to save the file into a folder (downloading for xbox). Cant find any fixes

  350. Comphurtzone says:

    Finally! A shader pack that actually works for Xbox. I had no problem installing it and loaded up just fine. The sky looks jaw dropping at night and the sunrise gives me warm feeling that I haven’t felt in some time. Being under the ocean is very thrilling. Even with it being untested for console it runs smoothly for me. My only problem with it is on occasion you’ll see this break in the texture on the surface of the water as if it was misaligned. As for everything else it works just fine.

  351. Anonymous says:

    Love the shader by the way.

  352. 112--11 says:

    nice shader

  353. DemonicGamer145 says:

    This Shader is really good the underwater movement and lighting is Phenomenal, and it’s much brighter than your original you always surprise me – Xbox/console Player

    Este Shader es realmente bueno, el movimiento bajo el agua y la iluminación es fenomenal, y es mucho más brillante que tu original, siempre me sorprendes: Xbox / consola

    Note I’m not fluent in Spanish

  354. Unknow Man says:


  355. OceanRat says:

    Everything turns black when i use this shader, what should i do to fix this? My device is an LG Aristo 2. (it’s also quite laggy despite having 2 gb RAM)

  356. Elliot says:

    When you add it on pocket edition all the blocks go invisible and you can only see mobs

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