Published on September 25, 2018 (Updated on September 25, 2018)

Escape From The Room [Puzzle] [Minigame]

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This map is okay i guess.
if u cant find the button just type /kill
to skip level
HORRIBLE. On the first level I had to DIG my way out and I STILL DIDN'T WIN! Never playing this again.
On level one you can dig under and outside of the level???
I don't like this map.
It's not even a puzzle map you just have to dig everything and hope to find somthing.
I don't mean to harm but it's my opinion.
1 star ?
Ok, quiet, they are tastes :-)
I can’t find the button in level one!
it is under the sand, digs more, or watch a video on YouTube where it finds the button, there are
It won’t let me play the map.
why does not it make you play? to others it works, the link is fully functional