Escape Room: The Impossible

This map is the hardest Escape Room so far in MCPEDL! and the hardest escape room i've ever made! In this map it will take you 30 minutes to 2 hours to Escape! if you haven't still escaped the first room it will take you 1 day or months if you still don't know the way! In this map there are Secret Entrances, Doors, and Trapdoors! There are hardest rooms too like you will drain the couldron by just using fire on the stone! , Camouflaged Confusing Doors Maze, and you will guess the code or password for the lever to open the door! This map is mind blowing and it will leave your minds confused! 

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It doesn’t download
This looks like a great map! But when I try to import, it fails. I dunno why, but if possible, please fix
yea. im disappointed
Just use the zip, importing using that works
Works on multiplayer?
It won't work on either of the links