Escape The Mansion

For as long as you can remmeber you have been living in a humble village. Recently there was an illager raid, and you have been captured. The illagers have taken you as hostage and imprisoned you in a prison cell of their dank, gloomy mansion. Do you have what it takes to escape? This map contains some puzzle, some PvE and other assorted challenges.

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  • Fixed a bug where user was unable to walk through the open gate before the elevator.


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yo this is epic now I will also enable fire spread >:)
Guest-5854970971 May 02, 2020 at 4:53 pm
Los mapas me gustam estan chidos pero me gustaria q estuvieran en español para entenderles un poco mas sobre lobq ay q aser gracias
Why is this not multiplayer? I wanted to play this with my Minecraft friend
The map is not optimised, nor designed for multiplayer, and has not been tested (there will most likely be problems), therefore, it was a development choice to disallow it from settings. We have no future plans to make it multiplayer compatible.
Why is this not multiplayer? I wanted to play this with my friend
The bug regarding the cobblestone wall just before the elevator has been addressed and resolved in the latest release (1.0.1). Thank you all for cooperating and we apologise for the inconvenience. Simply download the updated version of the map.
NOTE: We can confirm that this is a real comment sent by us (The Sonic Master). The fact that the name says "Anonymous" was not intentional :).
Cool map it was fun playing short mini-games
finished it about 10 mins
It's good, but I get stuck on the bit before the elevator, since there is no way to check other rooms with the cobblestone wall in the way.
You have to find the elevator key, and also find a button which will open the cobblestone gate in the lava flooded bedroom :).
We will try to address this bug ASAP. Thanks for pointing it out :). May need to temporarily switch to creative to get past it for now...