Evil Parkour 2

The sequel to the map which Unspeakable played is finally here! Let's see how he manages this one - as the other one was "the easiest parkour map ever". Before playing, be warned - this is not for beginners, or even intermediate players. Only experts of parkour will be able to even pass the first level, let alone the six levels there are in total. Do you think you have what it takes? Try the map and test out your skills!


Yes, we watched the video like everyone else, and we were indeed shocked to find out how easy it was. Unspeakable requested a sequel, and we've made it! It was extremely useful to receive this constructive criticism from such a parkour professional.


As mentioned above, most people don't even make it past the first level. If you think this map is not for you, why not try Evil Parkour 1 first?


  • Do not change the world settings or use commands!
  • If you can't do a level, just take a break and come back later. The key to winning is having a clear mind.
  • Play in singleplayer or multiplayer (however buttons in-game apply to all users).
  • Play Evil Parkour 1 first! Link below!


  • Built and programmed by The Sonic Master, with assistance from Death Foxy.
  • Tested by white_tiger52.
  • Part 1 played by Unspeakable (he also played ES2).
  • Resource packs made by The Sonic Master.
  • The Sonic Master is the gaming division of SupDroid Studio
  • Check out all our content from here.

Click here to play Evil Parkour 1.


Moving Objects

Lava Chasing

Troll Levels

Invisible Blocks


And all of those things put together

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Fixed the download link (it downloaded Evil Parkour 1 before!


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it wont allow me to play please fix it thanks
Tooooooooo Easy
My phone of 10 maps
This is way too easy dude. Make a harder version, with moving ladders and that crazy stuff. I finished most levels in two tries!
Doesn't let me open it?! It's downloaded but I can't get in it just says "a newer version of the game has saved this level. It cannot be loaded" Please help me.
The link doesn't work. Think you need to fix that.
Hi and thanks for the feedback. We apologise that the download link is not functioning as intended. Here is a mirror link to Mediafire: http://bit.ly/EvilParkour2. Don't hesitate to reply if you run into any more issues, or feel free to contact us at [email protected]