Escape The School 2: Herobrine

The sequel to #1 hit title Escape The School is here! Featuring brand-new gameplay and a new storyline, can you escape again? This horror map features a character feared by many - Herobrine, who is determined to put a stop to you!


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uh, I tried, and it's really cool and scary. But it's so annoying that the maze has no exit. Me and some friends tried it and we had to break the entire maze to find the exit turns out it was a waste of time trying to do the maze and breaking ( Btw We had to switch it to creative in order to break the maze)
( I'm so sorry for cheating ) and please fix it :)
Guest-4755113793 May 09, 2020 at 7:53 pm
Which one do we download
upper one i think........
Johnathan Bruhman July 16, 2019 at 2:19 am
Hello! I am a concerned parent who would like to leave a complaint about this map. After completion, while me and my son were exploring the map, we came across a disgusting racial slur hand-built into the ground. I would like to request you keep such language outside of this game.

Here is an image of the aforementioned slur:

We would like to apologise for the content you experienced in the map, however we can assure you we did not include this. The best explanation for what you experienced could be a fake modified version of the world not provided by us. To ensure you always get the pure, untampered version directly from us, never install the map if you got it from anywhere or anyone else, and always download it directly from our given links.

If you did indeed download the pure version, please contact our support desk at [email protected] We would consider your case extremely urgent, so please get in touch with us ASAP, so we can resolve this issue, and potentially fix the link if indeed it is broken.

Once again, we give you are deepest apologies for the content you saw, and we can reassure you that it was not included in the original, pure version (unless someone changed the link (unlikely)).
phil eggtree?
What command did you use to get the herobrine head ?
He used the resource pack to get the head. Commands had no skill to do that in Bedrock Edition
It was ok, but not as nearly as spoopy as advertised. The last part was quite a pain, but if you type /kill @e[type=arrow] every now and then, it clears the lag wonderfully. For all those stuck at that part, try emptying the dispensers of the arrows before continuing.
The map was ok except for the last room. It wasn't designed well and ended up being completely unfair and lazy. But besides that the map was ok.
Took down a star for 1 reason:
In the last part of the map, you to avoid getting knocked off to the lava by the arrows and zombies.
This was nearly impossible and you forgot 1 thing: When you try too much, it starts to get laggy due to the amount of arrows dropping down.
Very good! you inspired me to make one map by myself
it does not let me play. Its says there is a newer version
Hi and thanks for the comment. Make sure you are on 1.9+, and try downloading Texture Update Pack from the marketplace separately. If this did not resolve your issue, please contact us at [email protected] so we can further assist you. Sorry for the inconvenience.
The map was very fun but also short. I suggest you make it a little longer if your gonna make part 3.
Hi and thanks for the comment! Part 3 is definitely in consideration and we promise to make it longer!
This map was amazing but a little short. It was very fun to play and very hard to beat the last level.
Hi and thanks for the comment! We will look into and possibly simplify the final room, and Part 3 will definitely be longer!
This map is even better than part 1! Please continue the series!
You fake you ain't real you weirdo herobrine is also fake he does not exist
Hi and thanks for this feedback! We will definitely be continuing the series as it has been so popular amongst MCPEDL users like you! Stay tuned for Part 3 and while you wait, check out our other maps, all available from
Thanks for featuring my teleporting armor stand and time add command trick!
No problem and thank you for these commands which transformed Escape The School 2 into an amazing map! We definitely could not have done it without your assistance!
Dude does this come with a herobrine addon?