Published on September 30, 2021 (Updated on January 24, 2022)

Every Mob is Giant v3 New

Interested in an unusual game of Minecraft?, here you go "Every Mob is Giant" will quench your thirst, it is already clear with the title that in this map every mob is giant, be it spider, skeleton, witch, creeper or even cow, sheep etc.  This map will provide you with a different experience of Minecraft never experienced before.

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Bug Fixed

Mob Behavior is fixed

You can Now enjoy this with 5 Random Loots as they are giant....


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Hello, this is great add-on but can you please fix the following:
1. Parrot goes crazy and never stops flying, making it hard to tame and settle down.
2. Seating position on horse, donkey, and mules do not look right.
3. Mobs like Axolotls, Mooshrooms, and I think foxes, should also be made giants too.
Great pack though.
Thanks. For the review. We will fix these on next update soon..
Can you add a feature in this where the loot number changes as they are big
Yes, thanks for new update idea...😁
next update for this mod can you make it too where the player is also a giant?