Fishing Gives You Random Item Mystic Edition Addon v2

Reckon soul gaming presents you another addon for Minecraft, "Minecraft, But Fishing Gives You Random Item Addon". Fishing is far better than real Game. You can get items easily with Mystic Blocks... That are traps and chaos..

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  • Updated to 1.20.81
  • New Items added
  • Bug fixed
  • Unobtainable Items added - enable Education Feature


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Hello, just wondering; does this give you 50 items (I'm using the Random 50 Items addon} all at once; or 50 different items per time you fish?
Its give you 50 random items everytime you fishing. 🤣😂
Thank you, I was wondering what I was doing wrong when I only fished up one item. Lmho, also: one of my addons I downloaded, made my character run super fast: so I had to delete every addon; including this one, I downloaded every addon back, except: this one, only the resource packs downloads; the behavior pack says "Failed to import 'Unknown Pack Name' See output log for more details" what do I do, how do I fix that? "Unable to parse pack manifest with stack: * Line 12, Column 3
Missing '}' or object member name
* Line 3, Column 2
Missing '}' or object member name"
That's what it says when I click on the more info.
Ahh, can you tell me which file did you downloaded?
Well no problem. I will update all of them.
Hello, I had tried both the 50 and the 25 which both gave me the same issue: I don't know if something happened on my end: or it's happening to everyone else: I just wanted to report it so you can keep getting more stars: also, sorry I'm late.