EVO Shader Mod V1.2.1

EVO Shader will bring your MCPE to “realistic looking” with realistic lighting, it’s had many improvements in graphic, also have directional lighting from sun,semi-3D Cloud without lag and many more,

I hope you all enjoyed it 🙂

BUG List : 

1.There’s compability issue on PowerVR G6200
2.Fix Adreno 5XX crash on game
3.Leaves is a big issue for performance
4.Rail 50% transparent for unknown reason
1. Fix flickering graphic for ios device
2. Fix lighting on ios device (now ios have same lighting as an android)
3. Optimize leaves
4. Remove POS_FIX option (because it’s useless)
5. Fix transparent cloud on other device

Additional Setting (Locate inside /games/resource_packs/myshader/shaders/glsl/settings.h) :
#define WAVY 1 //set this to 1 for enable wavy shader, and 0 for disable
Some Advice :
1.Please turn MCPE brightness to “0” to make sure there’s no lighting issue in-game
2.Adjust your phone brightness to good bright for good gameplay
Useful information :
1.Please wait for shader to load on your mcpe at least 1 minute from loading screen
(if not load that’s mean shader is not support on your device)
please contact me about that.
2.Please read “EVO Lisence.txt” inside the shader if you want do something with shader “copy/paste or etc”
3.If shader transparent means it’s not support for your device or maybe it’s have bug

ScreenShot :
System Requirements :
Check The Your Phone GFLOPS : CHECK
-if you can't find your gpu. search it on wiki according to your gpu.
System Requirement (Minimum) :
OS: Android/IOS
GFLOPS : 50-130
System Requirement (Recommend) :
OS: Android/IOS
GFLOPS : 130+

Changelog View more

1.Add realistic "static" lighting

2.Add realistic Fog on distance

3.Add realistic torch light color

4.Add "Filmic-Tonemap" for realistic looking

5.Add optimize color for the world

6.Add heat fog on nether

7.Add realistic condition on rain (fog,etc)

8.Add realistic atmosphere sun and moon

9.Add optimize semi-3D realistic smooth cloud

10.Add natural blue color and smooth water on distance

11.Add realistic in-room ambience

12.Add adaptive torch-light near shadow

13.Add smooh darkness on shadow

14.Add realistic day,sunrise/sunset,night lighting

15.Add adaptive brightness on outside when inside shadow

16.As Always " Find and search more :) "

1.Add realistic "static" lighting

2.Add realistic Fog on distance

3.Add realistic torch light color

4.Add "Filmic-Tonemap" for realistic looking

5.Add optimize color for the world

6.Add heat fog on nether

7.Add realistic condition on rain (fog,etc)

8.Add realistic atmosphere sun and moon

9.Add optimize semi-3D realistic smooth cloud

10.Add natural blue color and smooth water on distance

11.Add realistic in-room ambience

12.Add adaptive torch-light near shadow

13.Add smooh darkness on shadow

14.Add realistic day,sunrise/sunset,night lighting

15.Add adaptive brightness on outside when inside shadow

16.As Always " Find and search more :) "

1.Add realistic "static" lighting

2.Add realistic Fog on distance

3.Add realistic torch light color

4.Add "Filmic-Tonemap" for realistic looking

5.Add optimize color for the world

6.Add heat fog on nether

7.Add realistic condition on rain (fog,etc)

8.Add realistic atmosphere sun and moon

9.Add optimize semi-3D realistic smooth cloud

10.Add natural blue color and smooth water on distance

11.Add realistic in-room ambience

12.Add adaptive torch-light near shadow

13.Add smooh darkness on shadow

14.Add realistic day,sunrise/sunset,night lighting

15.Add adaptive brightness on outside when inside shadow

16.As Always " Find and search more :) "

1.Add realistic "static" lighting

2.Add realistic Fog on distance

3.Add realistic torch light color

4.Add "Filmic-Tonemap" for realistic looking

5.Add optimize color for the world

6.Add heat fog on nether

7.Add realistic condition on rain (fog,etc)

8.Add realistic atmosphere sun and moon

9.Add optimize semi-3D realistic smooth cloud

10.Add natural blue color and smooth water on distance

11.Add realistic in-room ambience

12.Add adaptive torch-light near shadow

13.Add smooh darkness on shadow

14.Add realistic day,sunrise/sunset,night lighting

15.Add adaptive brightness on outside when inside shadow

16.As Always " Find and search more :) "

1.Add realistic "static" lighting

2.Add realistic Fog on distance

3.Add realistic torch light color

4.Add "Filmic-Tonemap" for realistic looking

5.Add optimize color for the world

6.Add heat fog on nether

7.Add realistic condition on rain (fog,etc)

8.Add realistic atmosphere sun and moon

9.Add optimize semi-3D realistic smooth cloud

10.Add natural blue color and smooth water on distance

11.Add realistic in-room ambience

12.Add adaptive torch-light near shadow

13.Add smooh darkness on shadow

14.Add realistic day,sunrise/sunset,night lighting

15.Add adaptive brightness on outside when inside shadow

16.As Always " Find and search more :) "


How To Install Shader :

-Open file-explorer and click on .mcpack file, it will installed automatically on your mcpe.


Supported Minecraft versions




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Installation Guides

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417 Responses

3.68 / 5 (123 votes)
  1. OA_CMXCIX says:

    can i use this in my own pacck all credits will be in pack desc and yt showcase desc

  2. GibbsX says:

    Update the fvcking shader

  3. Mister Matehead says:


  4. Guest-9097882885 says:

    It made everything invisible when I used it. I don’t think it’s that good.

  5. Guest-2511341338 says:

    who else downloaded this thinking it was gonna do something

  6. FLARXXS says:

    Please correct this: at night, the water becomes clear. This is my favorite shader!

  7. Guest-8755155368 says:

    it litteraly doesnt change anything except reduce lag while using other shaders soooooooooooo

  8. Guest-1768398442 says:

    Is it working on XBOX ONE??? (Bedrock)

  9. Guest-1242259087 says:

    Add hlsl plz for win10

  10. Guest-3048071600 says:

    Hello! First of all, the shader is amazing. Although there is some problems. First the slabs are dark when placed. The torches and lamps are not vibrant during daytime. I would be happy if you fix it.

  11. Guest-8395274277 says:

    how to make shader pls

  12. Guest-8994769714 says:

    Reading the One Star Comments make me feel bad for the human race, Just read the desc. Before downloading like why? It literally says if it’s transparent it doesn’t work! Jesus not hating just saying ok? We ok bros?

  13. Brrrrrrra says:

    Why The leaves are not moving? Please answer or fix it.

  14. Mr.CrayFish says:

    Make for windows 10 pls

  15. oQ Hysteria Qo says:

    Will this ever come to windows 10 and is it still being updated?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Yo the shader doesn’t load on my iOS. Is there any way you can fix this. Thx

  17. Ethan says:

    this doesn’t even do anything. I downloaded this and turned my graphic settings all the way up and it did nothing. don’t download this, its a waste of time.

  18. HeroKiller says:

    Please add clouds 🙂

  19. JoeyDoesStuff says:

    I’ve always had an eye for this shader, the colors so vivid, as well as the fine lighting. Possibly swaying foliage or subtle waves could be added, but I really love this shader <3

  20. Semedicarota says:

    Please add the support for windows 10 edition and

  21. Creepa says:

    Could you make support for 1.13?

  22. MrSpammer3000 says:

    I just wish for dynamic shadows. Many developer have done it, that the block shadows are depending on what time it is in the game but they have their shader only on patreon so… please work on smth. like dat, if possible 😛

  23. Ironash says:


  24. dont worry about it says:

    Its not working….

  25. Mateus Lourenço says:

    Update for 1.14 (beta) please!!!

  26. The shaders look REALLY good, so far! I would’ve loved it if there were moving leaves, grass, and water: Just a little detail that makes Minecraft look better look better. ???

  27. Prototype says:

    it’s not working on android the gui gone invisible, if i open world the world become blank sorry brah i cant give you 5 stars

  28. carlos says:

    Le doy dos estrellas por que no esta para windows

  29. TRXDev says:

    I’am sorry if I not reply to some of you in here.
    Currently I working for iOS bugfix.
    please note the shader isn’t work for xbox one or windows 10 yet.

  30. weaboo says:

    its 36kb on android!!!! 36 kbs!!!!!!!!

  31. BombErik says:

    Windows 10 not working 🙁

  32. Zame20102 gaming says:

    It’s So cool

  33. Jakob #2 says:

    Are you still working on this to be more optimized? I haven’t tried this yet but I don’t wanna risk having really bad lag.

  34. Anonymous says:

    hello so it works on mine my minecraft is 1.2.0, the only problem with the shader is that when i swim in the water its all black soooo its ok i guess

  35. Jakob says:

    Downloaded this shader for xbox one x and crashes every time without fail, it is so disappointing. Is this shader not for xbox one? Plz respond

  36. Jakob says:

    Let me guess….. dosen’t work on xbox one?

  37. Yax-Kin says:

    Please!!!! 🙂 Updated, and Windows 10!!!!! :))))))))))

  38. Raid area 51 says:

    Does it add a player shadow?

  39. LeaderMCPEDL says:

    Please EVO shaders on Minecraft Windows 10 edition

  40. fish n sticks says:

    This is an amazing Shader! It’s extremely pleasing to the eye. But I suggest fixing the Leafs, when they are exposed to the sun they start glitching a bit. And it isn’t very pleasing. I love this shader and I’ll continue using it but I hope you fix this.

  41. Anonymous says:

    The water is light blue and has no texture please help

  42. Nantano says:

    Can you make light sources like the torch a couple more blocks brighter. This will make it easier for me to play

  43. Nantano says:

    How do you disable the shader clouds. I would like!e to use the vanilla blocky clouds

  44. Anonymous says:

    does this work with windows ten edition?

  45. Builder says:

    Wow Second showcase build, super cool… Sunfury I beleive… credit maybe?

  46. Anonymous says:

    What map did you use to showcase this?

  47. yoooo says:

    A version without leaves shaders?

  48. Hussein Ahmed says:

    Does ot work. The textrures are not loading and all I see is the flame from the torches.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Please make a Zip download link.

  50. T-bag says:

    A btw i think the shader got a bug in water if i swimming its got invicible i can’t see the water but i can see the animal when i drowned

  51. Wish says:

    This shader is great, but for me, the leaves are a bit glitchy, please fix

  52. X Man 3o5 says:

    For Windows 10, use IOS download link.

  53. Micheal says:

    Why every lightsource excluding sun generates orange light? Even sealantern and beacon. Please fix this.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to have this on windows ten at any point in the future

  55. Tristan says:

    Hey i only get the resours pack not behavior

  56. ItzMeimei1127 says:

    It doesn’t work on my Minecraft 1.11 much worse I can’t open it wth

  57. Morgan turner says:

    dear creator I hope you add this to windows10 1.14 or higher I loved using this wen I had my ios

  58. Morgan says:

    Dear creator I always wanted a shader pack when I got my first android I found this addon now at the time this game was at it’s early release state so very glichy I loved it tho but 1 year later a fool destroyed my android and I was with my mac/pc I read your description and only for android/ios wich realy made me sad so can you pls add to windows 10 1.14 or higher sorry I just now come to sey it but I was youg so I did not know what to do my mom got me it eather way pls add it for windows 10

  59. Craftmen says:

    The shader that not working in mcpe 1.11?

  60. Your says:

    It works ok on iPhone XR but the leaves are a bit glitchy

  61. Anonymous says:

    Shaders load perfectly fine on an iPhone 7 but still with in-game bugs.
    – Leaf blocks appear to be glitchy, keeps flashing, disappearing and reappearing.
    – Shadows are very intense, inaccurate light dynamics.
    – Certain mobs appear to be very dark even in broad daylight i.e Villagers.
    – Sun seems to be glitchy, viewable in certain angles and disappears or blurs randomly.
    Overall, not satisfied by the results although forgiven due to it being a free resource, but I assume it will be improved overtime.

  62. Patrick says:

    When i put the shader it stuck at loading screen can you fix it
    My phone is redmi note 7
    4gb ram

  63. Anonymous says:

    I have an iPhone X, I’ve downloaded the shaders using chrome, and put the shader file into the resource pack folder using the files app. I’ve also waited 5 minutes in loading screen, but every time I create a world with the shader pack on it, everything is invisible, does this mean my phone isn’t compatible?

  64. Synko says:

    guys if ur on win 10 just use android it works the same cuz it downloads as a mcpack

  65. Anonymous says:

    This is really beautiful shader pack

  66. PickledDog says:

    I really love this mod, this make my world more beautiful and my Minecraft still 60 fps 😉

  67. Anonymous says:

    can you please import it to windows 10

  68. Dew says:

    The shader looks too bright

  69. Tameron says:

    Nice but lagg

  70. Exo says:

    For me at the moment the best shader current. The shadows could be a little smoother. The shader is a bit too bright for me but otherwise very good work!

  71. Runny says:

    If its possible make it not lag intensely around trees during day, please.

  72. Nezerakk says:

    What is the map used throughout all these pictures?

  73. pinkmira356 says:

    this texture pack is beautiful, but it is a bit glitchy. the leaves are all messed up, and the torches dont actually light things up, so the inside of my house is very dark

  74. Adrian Ares Romero says:

    It was great but the only problem is that the leaves flicker continually over and over and it won’t stop. Please fix this it is a complete distraction and if I am going through a forest it hurts my eyes.

  75. Anonymous says:

    broken link DO NOT CLICK malicious sites

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a good shader but the leaves keep flickering over and over again. The torches also dont emit any light. Please fix these issues. Besides that, the texture pack is pretty good.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Did is clickbait

  77. Anonymous says:

    DO NOT USE! Download link leads to malicious website! DO NOT USE!!!

  78. GAME MEX says:

    Please ad windows 10! this shader looks so cool but i cant download it! please ad windows 10! Thanks!

  79. Jose Hernandez says:

    It’s amazing! The rain, night time, and day are awesome. The only issues that I have observed is the flickering leaves on iOS (mentioned in the bug fix list) and a lighting glitch that has something to do with slabs (I place I few slabs in a build, leave the world, then the slab lighting glitch occurs where it doesn’t light up the slabs and the blocks touching said slabs) The IOS device that I tried to make the shader functional is the iPad 5th generation. It exceeds the goal of 130+ GFLOPs. I just want to see the slab lighting glitch fixed. I really appreciate this shader and thank you for taking your time in reading this.

    • Jose Hernandez says:

      Note: The slab glitch occurs when I place slabs, leave the world, THEN I join back and the glitch is present. I wasn’t exactly clear in the previous comment 😛

  80. GreatKKD15YT says:

    I can’t see yhe capcha in this page!!! Where is it?

  81. NightWolf0 says:

    SRTFlie link not working, verify captcha and nothing

  82. AloneAlpaca says:

    The shader is cool and all but the download process is complete shit, the first couple of times I tried to download on iOS it just took me to a different site with a whole bunch of ads, so I had to forcefully yeet myself directly to the link only for it to not load at all so I had to transfer the link to google chrome before I could download it, smh.

  83. Geonic says:

    Its too different. The pictures i saw here are nicer than mine, it’s ugly and too dark and no fog. I’m using iphone 7. Is there a problem?

  84. Anonymous says:

    the download link is too confusing please just give us a mirror

  85. Anonymous says:

    Idk how to download this, I says verify that you’re not a robot, but I can see a download button

  86. TCR(TheCoolRageYT) says:

    Hey dude Do 1 thing make a new update shader like this name it the same name EVO and V2 in front of it I am gonna surely gonna download it …..!

  87. Anonymous says:

    How is it you install it? I have it downloaded, but now what? I can never get this to work and I can’t find information that actually works. Do I need to put it in a folder or what? I’m on an Galaxy A7 if that helps 😛

  88. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    Great shader! But I want to report bugs.
    When the trees move they flash and if people with epilepsy had it they would have an epileptic fit.
    Why are the villagers they’re old skins?
    Please add creativity to the water live waves and the sun reflects on it and see light in the ocean.
    If you are reading this please fix these bugs.

  89. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    Guys. It’s not broken. I’m on IOS and ik how to download it so when it tells you to download it go back on to the site where you got link then it says download and there.

  90. Anonymous says:

    The link for android just gives me popup ads :/

  91. EntityDestroy says:

    It wants me to download a vpn, please make a direct link

  92. LoneWolf18YT says:

    The leaves flicker and shadows are at places with nothing above them and I’m using a iPhone X on iOS beta 12.3 beta 2

  93. HelpMeh says:

    Hi! Can you fix the leaves? Its like glitching

  94. Reeeeeeee says:

    Fix the flickering leaves problem pls

  95. NightWolf0 says:

    Great! Unfortunately it lags a lot even though I have a device that has 180 Gflops. Guess it’s just a game problem because these recent updates have been poor on optimization for Android.

  96. N11ck says:

    Hey, I installed your shader pack on my iOS device. I have the Minecraft 1.10 version. I did everything you said regarding the download (I waited 3 minutes on the main menu after the installation). As I open the new world I created with the shader applied, it takes a little while and then it finally loads up. The beautiful graphics are all right (except for the flickering leaves, but I’m not complaining). As soon as I move my head or jump or move left or right the game freezes and crashes.

    Can you help me fix that, please? I’m ready to recommend this to my friends as soon as this is fixed!

  97. Is thi# used to scam people says:

    Why did it ask for my email and all my passwords on download ?????

  98. Ty says:

    I think you should definitely fix the leafs but on the other hand everything else is great

  99. John says:

    please make a windows 10 version

  100. Sandcake1 says:

    Compared to the other shaders I’ve seen on Minecraft bedrock edition, it’s one of the better ones. It seems like every single Minecraft bedrock edition shader is either super bright, or super dark, and makes everything look orange (like you’re using an extreme eye comfort filter on your screen). This shader pack is no different. I have yet to see a shader pack for Minecraft bedrock edition that actually looks good.

  101. RageWestAction says:

    Can u update this to let Win10 Players to get this Texture Pack? I am on Win10 but I can’t downloaded it COMPLETELY at all

  102. Asher says:

    I really need this to work for Win10 Please guys? Can you guys make a Win10 version it would mean alot to use Win10 players!!

  103. Seasick says:

    Wow it’s just like old times when pe shaders had quality instead of looking the same

  104. CommandIsLife10 says:

    Can you make in mcpe beta please for Android and IOS

  105. Stavinair says:

    Would be nice if you bloody included in the description of HOW one finds out how many Gflops a certain device can put out. Searched google for 30 minutes, found nothing.

  106. DarkGhost202 says:

    Can I download this and use this on xbox one s?

  107. Rascally says:

    Where do I got after I hit the link for IOS?

  108. Ugo Donado says:

    Make MediaFire download please!

  109. Idrean says:

    I am not sure if this is on my end, or on the websites end, but the download for android does not seem to be working. I have tried using my tablet and my phone to start the download but nothing happens, even after multiple attempts at a download. Can anyone else confirm if this is the case? Or just a fluke for the time being. Thankyou!

  110. SteveGaming152 says:

    Please make for windows10 edition

  111. axolotl-chan says:

    its not a bad resource pack. it nice! but on ios devices, the leaves have an odd flickering texture and i personally think that the insides of building, especially ones made with dark oak, are too low-lighted. other than that, nice work!

  112. Alexandra Kempen says:

    really great shader, but its incredibly dark under water and terrainbonly loads a few blocks far. what can I do?

  113. Manusia says:

    Pls help me. I use this shader on my mcpe 1.10.3. Everytime im opened mcpe its always force close at the loading screen. I have an survival world:'(

  114. Anonymous says:

    The shaders look very nice, but the lights aren’t working properly. Torches, glowstone, lava. It’s not working. I’ve tried changing POS_FIX 0 to 1 but it’s not doing anything. May you please fix this or advise me with any solution? Thank you.

    Device: OnePlus 5T 64GB 6G

  115. FlameWolf8 says:

    Please fix the download link!

  116. I Hate Adfly says:

    I do indeed love this resource pack, but I dislike the flickering on the leaves (I’m on iOS), so hopefully that can be fixed. Other than that, I see a lot of features that are just top notch.

  117. Ritz says:

    Leaves flicker on iOS plz fix

  118. Alesscreeper says:

    Pls for Windows 10

  119. Anon says:

    This shader is stunning, really, and I can see the effort put into this. However, for me (I have an iPhone 8) the leaves are buggy, as in they have a weird effect and after a while the wave animation lags and stops. Could you fix this?

  120. AnimeDroid_Chan says:

    TRX, please update your shaders for support MC 1.10.x

  121. JKMagzPH says:

    My Minecraft isn’t responding if I play a world with this Shader… Is this a sign that this Shader is not compatible with my device?

    Device: Huawei Y6 2018/Huawei ATU-L22

    • TRXDev says:

      try to wait this shader, if you see a crash or something like exit or wait, please just click wait (if 2x attempt not working, that’s mean this shader isn’t supported to your device).

      i will try to fix it later.

  122. iRaynolmodding says:

    Please, Windows 10!!!!!:(

  123. Anonymous says:

    Can you make it compatible for Moto e4

    • TRXDev says:

      i already test this shader in MALI T720 MP2 and work, not sure for this

      but :
      try to wait this shader, if you see a crash or something like exit or wait, please just click wait (if 2x attempt not working, that’s mean this shader isn’t supported to your device).

      i will try to fix it later.

  124. WebHEROX says:

    Can you make this shader compatible for Motorola Moto E(4)pls

  125. Anonymous says:

    It takes me to something called ew something and I can’t figure out how to download it

  126. Galang says:

    It is not support for samsung galaxy j2 prime

    • TRXDev says:

      i already test this shader in MALI T720 MP2 and work, not sure for this

      but :
      try to wait this shader, if you see a crash or something like exit or wait, please just click wait (if 2x attempt not working, that’s mean this shader isn’t supported to your device).

      i will try to fix it later.

  127. Adeadlyfart says:

    It’s working on my device but a little bit laggy

  128. aleksxxs says:

    where is the windows 10 download?

  129. Wakz says:

    Please make it for Windows 10 as well! <3 This is amazing!

  130. XxKILLERPRO950xX says:

    Erm the leaves have a weird lighting glitch
    (I’m using iPad Air 2

  131. TRXDev says:

    This shader isn’t working anymore in newest the mcpe. please be patient
    don’t forget to check @TRXDev for newest info.


  132. SonicStephen says:

    It crashes my Minecraft every time I load a world with it on!
    V. Annoying

  133. LegoAidan10155 says:

    This shader looks absolutely amazing, I’m really disappointed that it doesn’t work any more.
    I really hope you update it soon!

  134. Ertan says:

    I use an iPad but when I’m equipping it it crashes

  135. DurpMasterPlayz says:

    Everytime I opened this shader the water is black but everything else works fine. I am using Minecraft PE 1.6.1. Is it the Minecraft version or my device or the shader doing this?

  136. Javier Arevalo says:

    Oye perdona por molestarte pero el agua no me carga el shader podrias poor favor ayudarme

  137. CreeperAtipa says:

    For me, back then the water in these shaders was pretty clean, but now it is more opaque please fix this (Actually It might an add-on i am using but still).

  138. TheGoldenGappleYT says:

    does this work for win 10

  139. Moosecraft says:

    I already have this pack why should i have one

  140. RedAchers75 says:

    Why the leaves animated but bug

  141. Anonymous says:

    Texture is too dark! I can’t see any thing in the end without light!

  142. Some says:

    Pretty good but the leaves don’t move D:

  143. Tacobell says:

    I love this shader but the lighting Is to dark and overall it’s the best:)

  144. Kameron says:

    Does this work for windows 10 yet…

  145. Unsatisfied Sirblockhead says:

    Doesn’t even work :p

  146. ThisShaderIsBadForMe says:

    The shaders work but……the shade under blocks looks a bit blue and the water is far to dark, only real thing I like about this shader is the cool leaves! The swish in the wind like in pc!

  147. Ashton says:

    Can you fix the studdery animatoons for the agriculture? Also add animations to the rest of the plants in minecraft. If you could, you deserve a cookie :3

  148. Minecraftdog767 says:

    This might not be possible but can you make a lite version that’s less laggy because I’m only limited to an iPhone 5 and it lags a lot

  149. Visitor 303 says:

    Whats the map editor?

  150. Joel_creeper says:

    Bug on water from a distance, appears to be like a static tv, or similar at least.
    But other than that, good shader

  151. Ivan says:

    Really Really laggy. Like wow

  152. Sam says:

    What map did you use? It looks great! Also I love the shaders, good job.

  153. Mr cow says:

    Workes for me in ios

  154. GentaNx says:

    Is it compatible with windows 10 ed.?

  155. VoidX says:

    Works on Win10 Ed?

  156. A kid says:

    Yes thanks for the new IOS compatible I really wanted this shader ever since I saw this website. It’s looks nice but some stuff like glow stone aren’t that bright. Water looks sorta realistic. I like the shading in entities. Also in the first and second photos what maps are those?

  157. Brenden says:

    The water is really dark for some reason.

  158. SkiClad says:

    Eyy, the old shaders makes a return. nice!

  159. Razzbery YT says:

    Map? Am I the only one who wants to know what the map is?

  160. MarySays says:

    Fantastic job on this shaders, it adds a subtle change to the world and makes it more vibrant and realistic. I love the water/lava textures. Just a quick question- what map was used in these photos?

  161. AdvDreemurrFr says:

    Waiting for it to work on windows 10

  162. MackDaPooh says:

    This so far (downloading it and equiping it as a texture) has been a success but the only problem I have is that this doesn’t look like it makes ANY difference from no shaders like in regular Minecraft. It doesn’t seem to do anything when equiped, apart from that though, its downloading was really smooth. No flaws there. Please tell me why it doesn’t make a difference.

  163. Ck says:

    I mean the maker of this shaders ???

  164. Ck says:

    Editor your the best thanks for making this website I like this shaders so much and thanks creator

  165. Emma says:

    Hi I just Wanna Ask A Question 1st Does It Work In 1.0.8? & 2nd Question Is Does It Saty With You Forever Or For just One Day? Please Answer And Thank You??

  166. Emperor69 says:

    What map is used in the second picture? (the one with the ship)

  167. Dane malaki says:

    What is wrong with it? I have an air 2 ipad so ultra should work right? But when I put it on global and I click the X it just freezes? Whats wrong??

  168. Ace says:

    Well i downloaded it and it crashed my minecraft game like all it shows is white

  169. Oneye says:

    I’ve encountered many flaws in this, like for some reason, end rods and sea lanterns glow with an orange tint, wooden trapdoors flow like leaves for some reason, every leave block except acacia and dark oak don’t flow with the “wind” or they’re just not animated. Theres probably even more than just what i said.

  170. Usman says:

    I play Minecraft in my Moto X Play. It has the system requirements. But when I play using even the standard version, the game stutters. When I remove the beautiful skies and fancy graphics, there’s no lag. Why?

  171. Jake says:

    Guys it will work for iOS just turn fancy graphics on or off each time u enter the world

  172. XxKILLERPRO950xX says:

    It ain’t working! ☹️?????

  173. Hoveshavetoes2 says:

    This Shaders are the worst don’t even try it’s a useless

  174. ItzVesper says:

    It doesn’t work on windows 10 either

  175. JackAfrica says:

    Excuse me how do you get rid of a minecraft shader? Please reply

  176. Hà Tấn Phát says:

    I can t load my world with this shader
    I could beford but not any more
    Can you show me how to fix please
    I realy like this shader ( i on ipad 4 ios 8 )

  177. Axefauz says:

    I know how to fix. Update to the enter update. Worked for me

  178. BlueT says:

    Can you fix links please? Thy keep showing up as virus for me

  179. Rigel says:

    (ios) I tried to download the three of them but it didn’t work. my mcpe is 1.16.2

  180. KCK says:

    This is so cool I always relied on this website to give my the shaders I wanted. I’m iOS.

  181. KenKaneki112 says:

    I downloaded all 3 because they didn’t work on my iPad and I put all 3 on at once in global resources not on any. World but in home screen settings and closed minecraft now no ,after what it says the white Mona got screen and crashes

  182. oliver8282 says:

    please support ios systems more!
    I want to try this shader, it looks beautiful.

  183. RogelioMinecrafter says:

    This Shaders have only download it on Mcpe Quickly without Computer. Is this work on 0.16.2? 0.16.1 and 0.16.0? I’m on .16.2. Does this will work again? I tried on 0.16.0 but it didn’t work first time then it crash all the time, I redownload it then does this work now on 0.16.2?

    • RogelioMinecrafter says:

      Also there is one File called JDUPN.jdk3.zip File that I never know, and it wasn’t part on Resorce_pack either. By the way, I didn’t download the Minecraft from App Store on IOS, it came from on the other Store without any certificate Thing makes my MCPE shut downs. So what’s the JDUPN.jdk3.zip file? My MCPE cannot work this 3 Files though. Also tell me that this work also in 0.16.2???

  184. Farlander670 says:

    Wouldn’t work and when I put it in global resources, mcpe crashed and wouldn’t let me back in

  185. Zombie says:

    It doesn’t work on iOS when I restart minecraft at the Mojang it Crashes than I load it up again it keeps crashing so you have to delete minecraft the redownlode it

  186. Reboot581 says:

    I know how to fix mcpe ,download ifunbox on computer ,plug in your iOS device go to my device and open apps, then click the folder next to the mcpe logo, enter games,com.mojang,then reasouce packs find the Evo shaders mod hilight it and press delete it should work

  187. MrWolfz says:

    My iPad Air is Magic!

  188. Youwillnevernow says:

    This looks so BEAUTIFUL I love it??

  189. UAreATryHard says:

    Will it work for iOS 0.16.2?

  190. PopsicleNinja1 says:

    I tried putting the shaders on minecraft but once I did, minecraft crashed and I can’t get on anymore… Can I please get help? If I try to get on, it gets stuck in the Mojang screen and freezes, then it crashes again. Can you please help me? Also I’m on IOS

  191. Kkkkk I'm here says:

    The lite version works on iOS 🙂

  192. Terminator says:

    I don’t gets it I installed the shader and I’m on iOS and it works great and well I love this shader mod

  193. Just_epic says:

    I don’t know why, but when I install it and I put it in my world, it shows the sky and all entities (e.g. Mine carts and boats) and some half blocks (e.g. Slabs) but everything else is invisible! What do I do!

  194. Roger says:

    Mine works for iOS but it lags a lot and the only one that works for me is lite

  195. Anonymous says:

    Will this work at 0.16x ?

  196. Alex says:

    It works for iOS but It crashes me now a can’t enter it ?

  197. TheKhakiMastaa says:

    Hey man! I’ve been wanting this shader and maybe u can fix it?! Hope u can bro!
    P.S responding to my reply will notify me!!

  198. J35690 says:

    When you say it may not work on iOS, it would be nice if you could specify that it makes it so you can’t even play the game. I’ve downloaded this and now my game crashes on startup everytime and I can’t play.

    Can I fix this without deleting my game?

    • Editor says:

      It’s just that it has been reported to work on some iOS devices.

      Yes, you can fix it. You need to locate it need to locate the resource_packs folder in /games/com.mojang/ (basically the files folder for Minecraft PE) and then delete everything you find in resource_packs

  199. Mark says:

    The ultra and standard work on iOS but you can’t see anything like the world is loading in how do I fix this?

  200. Miles Bland says:

    can someone pls make a fluid shader that works smoothly for everyone 🙁

  201. Axefaux says:

    Please fix it now you know the problem

  202. Danny says:

    When ever I download the lite, standard or ultra it just crashes my game and then won’t let me back in so I have to delete minecraft

  203. Noone says:

    Hii the problem for iOS users in this shader pack is the renderchunk.fragment which located in the shaders folder after extracting the zip it caused the game to get stuck
    After i deleted this file the game started to work good but the shaders went missing
    So please fix this file so we be able to play the game

  204. Axefaux says:

    I paid six dollars for mcpe now I can’t enter it because of this shader.if I delete it and re download it will still crash AND I will lose my worlds!editor DO something.i am on 0.16.1

  205. Noone says:

    The renderchunk.fragment is the file that makes the game crash even on other shader packs … But without this file u wont have the full version of the shaders i dunno why is this problem is there with ios I tested it out on android and it works fine

  206. xxxAMIROVxxx says:

    Does this work on mcpe 0.16.1? :3 bcz i downloaded it and mcpe just wont open, it stay at mojang logo and crash. ;-;

  207. Iamsua says:

    Answer me please, when I installed the shader it didn’t work the first time. So I exited the app, double tapped the home screen and swiped up minecraft. I tried to enter it but it showed the mojang logo for 15 seconds, then it crashed. I can’t play minecraft on my phone anymore, I’m running version 0.16.1 Can you please help at least..?

  208. Zachary says:

    Hi I really want to use this pack so I download it tune it on in global resources and then I go into a world it works fine but whenever I close mc and try to open it again it crashes at mojang sign and it’s not just this texture pack all of mine do so can you please help I’ve tryed lite standard and ULTRA and I know it’s not my iPad becouse it’s plenty powerful enough to use any of those so if you could help that would be amazing couse I really want to use texture packs again thx bye

  209. CoolNarwhal says:

    I have a question.Why does it crash my game when I reopen it ? I saw a lot of iOS users on YouTube use the addon but it won’t work for me and my device has all the system requirements:|.

  210. ItsInsaneSoup says:

    I downloaded the addon and put the addon in global settings, but now my game keeps crashing each time I open the game. I’m on iOS btw

    • WreckitRey says:

      Try using only the packs you either purchased using MCPE (i.e; Fantasy, plastic, etc…) or only the basic pack for Global Resources. Then go to your world and select Resource packs and add only one to it. So it should show Global resources with this pack on the top.

  211. Elijah says:

    When I download any shader on my IPad mini 4, It won’t let me open minecraft ever again until I delete minecraft…

    • Chinwilla says:

      Same here, I had to open iTunes on my laptop, go to apps->Minecraft->games, scroll down, save to desktop, take the resource file out of the games folder from the desktop, then place the desktop file back into iTunes and select replace. Long story short, it saved my worlds and everything, but the resource pack will most likely not work. It did not work for any of the 3.

  212. Airabella says:

    Can you please make it compatible with Windows 10?
    This is the only shader, that I’ve seen, that is updated.

  213. ViciousBolt says:


  214. 777 says:

    Does this work in 0.16.1, IPad Air 2?

  215. Pocketenderman says:

    I have a question
    By “close the game” do you mean kill Minecraft PE or just press the home button

  216. PURPLE PENGUIN says:

    When I join a world it’s dosent load the blocks it white and u can only see mobs and drops

  217. Elijah says:

    Dang :/ I’m on an iPhone 6+ and all the different packs don’t work. I had to delete minecraft and all my addons went with it. Even the lite version crashes. If I put it in global resources hen restart the app the app crashes when I reopen it. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 X(

  218. MCPExpert says:

    dude the zip file is screenshots in there not packs

  219. Andrew says:

    I tried lite and went into minecraft and it showed the mojang logo for 30 seconds and then crashed.can you help?

  220. lumza says:

    Give us an update if this is working with 0.14.3 thanks! Btw does this ( http://mcpedl.com/reality-revolx/)
    work with 0.14.3?

  221. Justice says:

    How do i use this file. And ho to “enable” it

  222. Anonymous says:

    Why it always said that the texture packs doesn’t load or it is unable. Please tell me how to solve this.

  223. Anonymous says:

    Yes because certain devices cant open certain files, such as .bin. so in order to fix that you rename the file to .zip, extract it into your downloads folder, and it should work.

  224. Acesnick says:

    When I download the texture I see it want to my downloads, but when I try to apply it, it’s not in my downloads folder, it’s not a .zip so is that a problem, it’s a .bin

  225. Jack1567 says:

    Why this shader not work on 0.14.0?
    Pls update it this only one my favorite shader.

  226. Nrdwm24 says:

    Does this shader work for 0.14.0 ?

  227. Mica says:

    Hi, it dosen’t work to me why? What can i do?

  228. FaZeWolf says:

    Question, does this work for 13.0? I tried and all of the blocks in my inventory hotbar are black as well as the animals. Wondering if you could fix this and/or add 13.0 support, because I would love to use this texture pack.

  229. Zeres says:

    The file is .bin but i don’t know how to change it in bin.I tried Es file explorer but it shows me .bin.zip.
    Please help!

  230. Rayx2401 says:

    Is this suitable for 0.13?

  231. Skri11 says:

    Please update it for mcpe 0.13.0

  232. ArKh4n says:

    How i can install it on my ios

  233. Dayne says:

    cool and awsome!

  234. Archiedroid says:

    It says can’t open file! Pls help me download this! I want this shaders! Please! I’m using v.0.12.3

  235. David says:

    🙂 ;3

  236. armored says:

    I hope you put an update on this Shader Pack this is a the best Shader pack I have seen in my life but have you ever thought of putting light effects when equipping the torch?

    It would be great if you would hear me out.

  237. ヽ( ¬ ﹏ ¬ )ノ says:

    When I installed the texture pack, Blocklauncher exits and when I opened it again, it exit as always. I use all the texture packs from lite to ultra but it doesn’t work, help…

  238. Adrian says:

    Sorry but I load my texture and after I select it it pops on on the menu that’s says exract to original and select and on the .zip it says up down and remove but up and down is faded so I can’t select it and after I’m done with it I go back into Minecraft and the texture is not loaded

  239. Clark1234567 says:

    my mcpe is 12.1 and i got the latest blocklauncher and when i tried to load the texturepack the screen stays black for too long until it wont respond my device is samsung gt n5100

  240. TRXDev says:

    Please Read This : My shader have bug in opengl es2.0 so if you have phone with gles 2.0 it will black screen.
    please wait and if you want more info, go to twitter

    Thank You 🙂

  241. Edward says:

    its just black screen.. frome core.. to lite.. to standard.. to ultra.. im using tegra note 7 and used 0.12.1 build 13 and 0.12.2

    please help

  242. maladroit says:

    after I imported the (lite) texture pack, only a blank, black screen appears (along with the wrench) and BlockLauncher no longer responds. I am using version 0.12.2. what am I doing wrong? I really want to use the texture pack 🙁

  243. lopo says:

    The texture doesn’t apply its just normal on my blocklauncher or mcpe pls help ?

  244. 2nddeadpoll says:

    I’m not getting the zip file all I’m getting is NDNfNDE3MzRf-2.bin what is that and what do I do???

  245. Angel says:

    The only thing I dont like is the extreme orange of the light sources. Other than that this is a really good shader.

  246. Diego says:

    I have the dowloads but how do u able it to minecraft and is it posslible in ios

  247. Trolllololol says:

    My blocklauncher black doesn’t show anything help please

  248. MrSchnuffel says:

    I have the problem if I apply the shades pack, then go back to main Screen if BlockLauncher, it’s crashes, if I reopen, Crash until I take off the shaders.
    I have MCPE v.0.12.1
    HTC Desire 626g Plus
    And I have tested all versions, from light to ultra

    Plz help, I realy enjoy the pictures of the shader <3

  249. anthony says:

    The file is .bin not .zip can help me?

  250. AJ says:

    So, im using a samsung galaxy tab 3 8.0 and whenever i apply the texture it crashes my entire device, making me have to uninstall and reinstall blocklauncher. I have tried all four alterniteves but none of them seem to work. What happens in blocklauncher is after i apply the texture all that is on screen is the little wrench, and the rest is just black. Please help me i think ur shader looks amazing and i want to try it out

  251. silverdead says:

    Really good shader :3

  252. NandaTheMiners says:

    Awesome shader but,this shader for mcpe 0.12.x ???

  253. Nurwan says:

    Where the download button?

  254. fauzan says:

    please make this to .apk file

  255. ilman says:

    well the texture is great I like it

  256. ilman says:

    Sorry but texture not working on my phone

  257. ExtremeWendylle says:

    Its too laggy and crashed

  258. wofulmoss says:

    i dont know why, when I download it (im on android and have es file explorer) it says cannot open file.

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