Published on September 13, 2021 (Updated on March 02, 2022)

EXIT - Horror Map (PE/BE)

Hey what's up guys! This is Elykk! This is the third map that I made, I call it "EXIT

Story: Your name is Doctor Kyle, You work in a Hospital called " New York Central Hospital" You were Poisoned by your co-worker, his name is Mike, and you accidentally negleckted your patient because you were "unconscious". However, your patient is already dead, but his Overpowered soul is so mad to you, and you need to get of that place

Objective: Your main goal is to find the Exit keycard in order to escape!

Take Note: This story is only a fiction!

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Minor Update

• I just updated the Download Link to Mediafire

Comment down below if you have any suggestions!


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This map looks cool
Edit:Cool map i got a good jumpscare in this map
Nice I enjoy horror maps cuz I'm weird thank u so much for making me forget about the worries of life for a while plz make more maps!
just asking if this map is multiplayer compatible?
No bro, This map is Singleplayer only
Cool dude, I hope you're gonna make more Horror maps👻
Hello, uhmm.. I'm just wanna ask, if the texture pack is available to download, 'cuz it looks really nice. Also the map is nice, the sounds are so good.
Sorry It's not available to download, it belongs only to the map and it only belongs to me
Nice job with the ambience, just wished that the antagonist could appear more often and pose more of a threat :) In the meantime though I’d like to see more of Specimen Zero lol
Thanks for ur Appreciation bruh, even though I'm not good at making maps🙂