Published on August 13, 2021 (Updated on August 12, 2021)

CS: De_Dust (Bedrock Edition)

Hey guys! This is Elykk!This is my 2nd MapRemember Counter Strike that we usually play when we're just a little kid?I present to you this map "Counter Strike"Counter Strike was developed by "Valve" back on year 2000And I decided to port it to "Minecraft" 

How To Play This Game?

There are 2 different Team that you can choose, Counter Terrorist Force and Terrorist Force

Once you join a Team, you will get a free 15 pieces of "Iron_Ingot" which serves as a money to buy weapons

How to Fire up guns?
Simply Tap and hold the screen to fire them up!

How to reload guns?
Hold the magazine in your hand then tap and hold the screen to reload it


•This map is playable up to 5-10 Players if you turn thid server to SMP

•3D Guns

•Reloading Animation is Same just like the Counter Strike Game

•Your score will count at the sidebar (Kills)


Many bugs are found in this map bcoz this is not the full version, It's just a Beta

Take Note!

This map is for (Bedrock Edition)  and above!

Special Thanks To

MishaAlpaGK (Addon Creator)
Subscribe him:

Watch The Gameplay here

Disclaimer: The addon that I imported into this map (3D Guns) is not mine! It is property of "MishaAlpaGK"
All rights reserved to the respective owner

Select version for changelog:


Featured Image updated

I just fix my mistake

Thank you for understanding...



How to install this map?

(How to install .zip file)

•Extract the file (CS De_Dust by Elykk) using Zarchiver to games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/

(How to install .mcworld file)

•Simply click the file and click "open as" And many apps will appear below then click "Minecraft" and it'll run automatically.

Again This map is for (Bedrock Edition) and above!

And before i forget, Make sure to subscribe to My Youtube Channel "Elykk" Thank you!


  • CS_De_Dust_by_Elykk.mcworld (4.4 MB)
  • (4.4 MB)

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3 / 5 (8 votes)
Awesome! I should tell my friends about this and play together❤️
This guy should be a marketplace creator💙
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This is a great map created by a small creator😊

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Great map but I wish you add bots so you can play if you don't have friends to play with
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Best map and add-on made by the best!
Don't listen to jealous people like the ones with dinosaur profiles 😂
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How you gonna call yourself an honest CS player when you don't know this is a zombie grenade 🤡
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Zombie grenade your a$$
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This has a good misleading title but your map doesnt even deserve a star.
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This map so good it make me cry
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From an honest CS Player and a CS Map Maker, this is nothing but a disgrace. I seriously don't know what you were thinking when you're making this map and claiming it's reload animations similar to CS.

The reloads look NOTHING like CS,
The accuracy of the guns are NOTHING like CS,
The models of the guns are NOTHING like CS,
The map itself, is barely anything like CS at all.

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Sorry bro, I'm not a professional map maker, but I'll give it a try to update this map:
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I'm your fan, I know you for making Actual Guns in Minecraft, I'm sorry because I'm not good at making maps, I'm also not like you who is good at making addons, Sorry😞
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Thanksss I appreciate you bro, Even my map is not that good at all🙂
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