Published on October 14, 2021 (Updated on October 20, 2021)

Slendrina The Forest Horror (PE/BE) (

Slendrina The Forest was originally developed by DVloper since March 2, 2017 and was ported to Minecraft Bedrock by "Elykk". This is my 4th Map by the way, okay let's start by reading the Main Description. 

Main Description

Slendrina The Forest is a puzzle Horror Game, which you have to collect all 7 keys in order to open the "Coffin" of Slendrina's Husband.


There's a little difference mechanics in this map from the original Slendrina The Forest Game. Collect all 7 Keys in order to get the "Coffin Key" and you'll be able to open the coffin.

Objective (MUST READ!)

Collect all 7 keys and then go to the "Key Checker House" you can find it somewhere in this map, once you found it click all the "7 buttons" in order to get the "Coffin Key"

Game Rules (Must Read)

Game Images

Map Provided in the game

Watch Trailer Here

Special Thanks to these people

Lil Craft YT - Nosfetaru Addon Creator

Gabriel Paixao - Dynamic Light Addon Creator

LukasPAH - Render Distance Limiter Addon Creator
his YouTube Channel

anuGrahbodi123 - Invisible Item Frame Addon Creator

Disclaimer: Some Addons in this map are not composed by me.
All rights reserved to the respective owners.

Special Thanks and Big Credits to these people🙂

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•OBJECTIVE Description is Updated

Please leave a comment if you found some mistakes or bugs... Thank You!



How to install?

(How to install .mcworld)

•Simply Click the file "Slendrina The Forest.mcworld and it'll automatically play!

(How to install .zip)

•Install " Zarchiver and open it, then find "Slendrina The tap and hold the file then click " Extract to ./<Archive Name>/. Once you're done extracting the file, tap and hold the folder "Slendrina The Forest" then click Copy/Cut, and paste it to games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds

Take note: This map is for (Bedrock Edition) and above only!

And that's how you install the map!

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Nice work! I realy like it! Keep going ! :)
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wow man thanks for the multiplayer i was able to sleep tonight cuz im very scared in one player horror games thanks bro u are the best 💕💕
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You're welcome bro, and Thanks for the appreciation🙂
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It's a great map Will this map be updated with new chapters in the future
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