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Published on August 22, 2020 (Updated on August 22, 2020)

Minecraft but Everything You Touch Is Gonna Turn Into Concrete (EYTIGTIC) (Function Pack)

This function pack will turn any blocks (not anything. But only basic blocks) into colorful concrete as the title say. So... where this idea come from? Its come from my brain xD. i share my idea because its cool and i want to share with other people :D

example photo

How to use?

First. of course download the add-ons first. (download the mcpack for easy install. or Download the zip one if you know what are you doing).

Second. Install addons to your world. or make new one. then activate the behavior pack like the image below

Third. If you done. Go open your world and type the command /function eytigtic Like image below and its automatically turn blocks within 15 blocks radius into concrete. ( /function eytigtic-help for help. )

Still Third!. You want automatic? No Problem!

First. Give yourself Command Block by typing /give @s command_block (You should know that!)


>> For All Player!

Type /execute @a ~~~ function eytigtic to apply effect to all player

>> For all entities (may lag)

Type /execute @e ~~~ function eytigtic to apply effect to all entities (I will may be lag)

>> For Specific Player

Type /execute PlayerName ~~~ function eytigtic to apply effect to that player with that name
Make Sure to make it always active and repeating like the image below 

Thats It. Go walk around and enjoy xD

! If you went too far and the command block goes off? Dont Worry! Follow this instruction !

Go to your command block and stand above your command block like the image below. and type /tickingarea add ~ ~-1 ~ ~ ~-1 ~ name and there you go. go far far away till you find the farland and the command will still on (Unless you do it wrong :/) 

If you found error or making suggestion. please comment below.

list block that will converted into concrete is grass block, dirt, leaves, logs, stone, lava, water, obsidian, sand, sandstone, gravel, sea grass, kelp, netherrack and magma. (Kelp and seagrass will turn into blue like water)


type /function eytigtic-help for help.

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My minecraft world laggy if i use this addon :)
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if you have suggestion what block and color should be added. Write it in the comment below.
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you mean fully automatic? no need command blocks? ok i will add it later
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