Published on November 06, 2022 (Updated on February 05, 2023)

Fantasy Creatures Addon V2

Fantasy Creatures is an amazing addon that adds several mythological creatures to your Minecraft such as medusa, mermaids, goblins, ent, fairies, lhamacorn, Death Worms among others with generation around the world.

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-Fairy Arrow -New model for the Ents

-New model for the Earth Golem

-Modifications of the skin of the masusa

-New animation of the medusa

-New animation of the Death Worms -Deer has been added

-Skin of Yeti -Birthpiece of Yeti

-New temple of medusa

-New structure,Minotaur labyrinth

-Llamacorn horn

-Llamacorn sword

-Mermaid tails

-New model for mermaid

-Koi meat

-Ningyo has been added

-Death Worm skin

-Mermaid helmet

-Mermaid sword

-When You eat Fairy dust you will no longer have levitation but with triple jump and slow fall              



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incredible fantasy addon
is there a way to become a mermaid?
in legends there is this kind of being half octopus, as well as mermaids, this variation of Tail for the add-on would be very cool, I have never seen it in any addon
hello, in a next update, would you be able to bring an octopus tail to be equipped?
Great update i suggest you to work more on the yeti, minotaur model and texture like try to make it more nature and alive this will make it more better than the currently one's and also the deer and the ent try those 2 mobs more details and better model ,your work is good maybe one day you will become the best addon creator
Why is Medusa invisible
the addon must have bugged that's why she is invisible
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your add-ons to Netease My World?
I absolutely love this addon, I'd love to see more variants of friendly mobs or tameable mobs if possible. Like pegasus, or fairy's you can tame and have as friends. I love what you've done so far! Please keep updating!
Would there be a chance of adding sea sperents in the game?
Does Medusa here turn you into stone in eye contact? if not, please add that in the next update!