Published on April 19, 2022 (Updated on October 17, 2022)

Mine Little Pony Addon V2

Are you looking for an addon with ponies, this addon can help him add ponies, unicorns, pegasus and alicorns, this addon will still have updates with each one better than the other.

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New Ponies:Sugarbell,Marble Pie,Chrysalis,Discord,spike,Twilight corrupted,Rose luck and modification of some textures in braeburn,Trixie.


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after downloading there was a missing (Missing dependency with ID '038dd87b-cd0e-4c11-8ef7-7955a8247f22' and version '0.0.1'.)
Could you please make it to where you can tame them and also when you do that that they will follow and you are able to make them sit or be able to tie them up where they are the way it is now it's impossible to play and also when you ride them you can't actually see where you're going because right now all you see is the back of their head please
Or I'm sorry for the bugs, I promise that in the next version of the addon I'll fix it.
you think you can make it like the java mod where even your skin turns into a pony? if you can’t maybe you should add morphs or smt
My intention is not to create the same as the mod, not because I put the name similar to a copy of the mod, I just created it my way.
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your add-ons to Netease My World?
Hello I like it but now here's a new issue. Unlike the previous V4 version, the characters no longer follow you around after you tame them, they will wander off to where they want and no longer come back to follow you. The teleportation effect no longer works like cats, wolves, and parrots. They are now like horses; they wander off even after you tame them. Can you please look into this issue and fix it? That'll be great, thank you.
well I put this new function because they kept following and I couldn't put them to sit, and then you can mount them and take them wherever you want and to be able to control them better you have to tame them
Well you can always get them to not follow you if you are tired of it by using a lead then tying it to a fence. They can't teleport when tied to a lead and fence. That fixes the problem rather then removing it entirely, because now if they wander off too you won't be able to find them. I will no longer need this as long as the following feature is removed.
This is a much better solution then removing that feature entirely. Just use a lead and fence to make them stay.
Also for the young fillies and colts, can you add the following characters for that group for the next update:

1. Scootaloo
2. Sweetie Belle
3. Apple Bloom
4. Diamond Tiara
5. Silver Spoon
6. Pickle Barrel
7. Barley Barrel
8. Princess Flurry Heart

Other OCs (Standard sized ponies)

1. Pearl Shine
2. Windbreaker
3. Watermelana

That's all I have.

Updated list:

Some bugs reported:

1. The cutie marks per pony show up on one side only and not the other.
2. Some Accessories like Applejack's hat and Braeburn's hat and vest are missing.

Nice addon
This add-on is nice. Can you add more characters like Cloud Kicker, Peachy Sweet, Princess Cadance, hippogriff characters like Silverstream, Princess Skystar, and Queen Novo, and other background characters in the next update?
Even though hippogriffs may be sized differently than average ponies, they are the same size in Pony Town.
Although this add-on doesn't turn players into a pony themselves like on PC, it's still enjoyable. With more characters in the next update, MLP will be more enjoyable in Minecraft as it is while watching the show and creating fanart.
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hey! hey you! yeah you! you want to violently murder ponies! yeah! download this addon!
RickAstleyMLPfans June 03, 2022 at 2:33 am
Never gonna give you up