Published on July 30, 2019 (Updated on April 03, 2022)

Fast-O Miner New'est

Fast-O Miner Addon.

Add's Tree capitator and a Vein Miner to your worlds and more!

You can chop down tree's and break ores in one hit!

But, How does it actually work?

You have to use an axe and sneak to break wood all at once



But if you dont sneak when breaking you can still break normally

if you dont use an axe itll not work



This also works on ores

Break ores all at once by sneaking

To break them normally dont sneak when breaking



The pictures are from 1.16 and under versions. but the addon only works in 1.17.X/1.18.X



And also works on gravel and clay!!

if you dont use a shovel itll not work!



You can also gather crimson and warped logs also break nether ore's too. (images will update soon)

You can gather Nether tree leaves by using a "hoe" 

There is also an Easter Egg in this addon

You can ride horses and striders with two players ^^


I Also added some recipes 


flint only works in normal furnaces because it would be too op if ı add it to blast furnace


You can cook "Rotten Flesh" and gather "leather" in "furnaces and even camp fires"



Wooden axe's ability to break logs at the same time has removed. it was too op



Note: You dont need Experimental Gameplay to use this addon!

Use English (UK) language

You're Not Allowed to Edit the Addon!

if you're going to share the addon use my links.

for those who wants to look to my code, ı didnt encoded my addon.

that way some people may learn how to make addons for themselfs rather than stealing


Here is a Trailer of the addon



And here is a better video that explains the addon fully

thanks to Calyx for reviewing my addon :D

Select version for changelog:


Nothing new added just updated the download site to make it look good


For Xbox players you need to download the zip file and unzip the addon to minecraft's behavior folder.

For pc/mobile players you just have to click to addon when download is finished and it should open it in game.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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For anyone on Xbox having trouble installing this add on:
Download the MCPack and then extract it. Then copy the entire extracted folder into your behavior_packs folder in my files explorer on Xbox. There is no resource pack for this add on. After that just load up the game and activate the add-on under Behavior Packs in the create a world screen.
Hi! Your addon is amazing! And i want to use this on my yt channel (soo) if you don't mind! You can contact me on my twitter if you like hehe
I Love This Add-on Very Much
I Love This Add-on Very Much
Bloody Glazed Terracotta March 17, 2022 at 9:59 am
Is it compatible with moded axe/pickaxe?
I love this addon but i have a problem with this version, don't know why but the vein miner function doesn't work, while the tree capitator does, there's something i can do to make it work?
Likes Minecraft Add-ons January 16, 2022 at 1:39 pm
Can you add farming like wheat melon carrot pumpkin etc.
Addon works great. Little confused about why you're using an outdated player.json version, but thankfully it's compatible with the current bedrock version. Thank you for this.

I would like, as someone else has said, to see just the Tree Chopper addon as a stand alone.

5 Stars from me.
It doesn't work for me, I bend over and talo or pick and nothing.
is this use player.json?
Can you use other type like linkvertize or ect cos adfly trys downloading malware
It's a great add-on for Realm.
Hey, sorry to bother I just want to tell I found a bug(idk if its really a bug) but like When you break gravel, ores after breaking them 1 time if you go near them with the pickaxe or shovel in hand and you sneek they break automatic(sorry if my english its not so good😅)
thanks for telling me. sadly there is no way for me to fix that. minecraft bedrock is very limited. that was the best i can do xd
i love this addon, but why does it only work in english veinminer?
i need to write the names of the ores in the other language for it to work. so i only made english languge.
no voy a dejar una clasificación porque todavía no probe el complemento, pero espero que funcione!
No olvides cambiar el idioma del juego a inglés.